Where can a wart be removed?


Warts are the most unpleasant cosmetic defect that can appear on any part of the body and not only spoil the appearance, but also cause discomfort and the development of oncology.

Therefore, it must be removed immediately and many people are increasingly turning to specialized institutions for help, refusing self-treatment with drugs and traditional medicine.

Dermatovenerologic Dispensary

The reason for the development of warts is papillomavirus, which belongs to the list of infectious diseases. In case of severe illness, the patient can be referred to the state center for the treatment of skin and venereal diseases, where he will be examined by one of the highly specialized doctors:

  • a dermatologist;
  • venereologist;
  • infectious disease specialist.

Toe wart examination

Also, the need for a course of treatment in HPC may be required to diagnose the papillomavirus of the larynx, trachea and bronchi in young children. This is due to the high risk of airway blockage due to the growth of a benign neoplasm and it is therefore very important that the child is closely monitored by medical staff.

Dermatovenerologic dispensary provides the patient with the opportunity to undergo laboratory diagnostics and pass the necessary histological tests, on the basis of which subsequent treatment will be based. Only after that the doctor will be able to determine whether it is necessary to be treated permanently or whether it is possible to get rid of papillomavirus at home.


Inpatient treatment is a voluntary decision by the patient. Therefore, he may refuse hospitalization, but then the doctors will not be responsible for his health.

To date, the patient has a choice: contact the state department of internal affairs or undergo treatment in a private clinic. In the first case, a person runs the risk of encountering a lack of modern equipment and inexperienced specialists, which will cause a poor-quality medical process. When contacting a private medical center, the patient can get the necessary professional advice and use paid methods to remove warts of any complexity. The only drawback of this option is the high prices for the diagnosis of the disease, cosmetic procedures and medical advice.

Treatment of warts with compulsory medical insurance

Compulsory health insurance policy is a special system of protection of citizens in the field of health. With its help, you can get free treatment in a hospital, if it meets the conditions of a social program.

Unfortunately, the removal of warts is not included in the insurance policy, since this process is a cosmetology procedure that the patient must pay for himself. In this case, a person can only rely on a free consultation of a dermatologist and free of charge the necessary laboratory tests. The acquisition of drugs, as well as the removal of growths, is carried out at the expense of the patient.

Surgical removal of cancerous growth

If under the influence of adverse factors the wart turned into a cancerous tumor, then its removal is performed in a private center for the removal of malignant neoplasms, in the oncology department of a district or city hospital. There are several ways to remove such a wart outgrowth:

  • scalpel cutting;
  • radiation therapy.

The price of the procedure depends on which institution will be selected for the operation – a private clinic or a public hospital.Sole removal of a wart

Private Medical Center

Any major medical center has all the necessary equipment to remove various warts, so they receive good reviews from patients. The advantage of visiting such an institution was:

  • wide selection of techniques;
  • the professionalism of doctors;
  • attentive staff;
  • operation safety;
  • sterility of the instrument.

Also, at the request of the client, local anesthesia or general anesthesia can be done to relieve him of any discomfort.


Consultation with a specialist is often not included in the cost of removing the growth. Therefore, it is very important to know the rates for the services provided in advance.

After talking with a dermatologist, the patient will be able to get rid of the wart with:

  • cauterization with liquid nitrogen;
  • laser surgery;
  • radio wave destruction;
  • electrocoagulation.

The reason for the refusal of medical personnel from the operation may be:

  • alcohol or drug intoxication;
  • pronounced violation of the patient's psyche (conflict, aggressive behavior);
  • lack of prior appointment of the patient;
  • requirements incompatible with the safe conduct of the procedure (requests to expedite the operation, the requirement for an injection of painkillers above the permissible norm, etc.).

Beauty Salons

Beauty salons are not professional medical facilities where warts are treated safely. This is especially true for dubious private cosmetology rooms offering one or two ways to combat neoplasms.

Specialists do not recommend visiting such institutions for the reason that, due to insufficient experience of the staff, the patient risks getting blood poisoning and damage to the wart. According to statistics, the appearance of skin cancer is very often a consequence of visits to beauty salons.

In addition, such institutions do not provide the opportunity for preliminary tests and they do not have qualified doctors who can examine the patient. Despite this peculiarity, the cost of their services for removing papillomas is on the same level as the price of procedures in large clinics.

Pregnant Wart Treatment

Pregnancy is a dangerous period for the health of any woman and her unborn child, since when the fetus is born, the immune system is significantly weakened, which allows any infections to multiply freely inside the body. Therefore, papillomavirus is one of the most common diseases that pregnant women encounter.

Warts and papillomas appear not only on the skin, but also on the genitals and cervix. In this case, not all methods of removing growths are suitable, since some of them can leave scars on the walls of the uterus, which will not allow it to open normally and complicate the upcoming birth.Pregnant wart treatment

In order for the course of treatment to be safe for the expectant mother and not cause any complications, the woman is sent to the gynecological department of the district hospital at the place of registration or to the city medical center.

There, the gynecologist will examine the patient and prescribe a number of necessary studies:

  • cytological smear;
  • histological analysis;
  • PCR diagnostics;
  • colposcopy;
  • biopsy of the affected area of ​​the cervix.

Next, a woman should undergo a special course of treatment under the supervision of a doctor, which includes not only taking antiviral drugs, but also the destruction of existing neoplasms with the help of surgical intervention.

In this case, monitoring the condition of the pregnant woman is an important event and therefore she needs to be in hospital treatment until complete recovery. Only after the doctor decides that all the health risks of the baby are behind, the expectant mother will be allowed to go home.

Removal of warts in children

Treatment of the external signs of papillomavirus in children begins with a visit to the children's clinic, after which the pediatrician sends the parents with the child to a dermatologist, who gives a referral for tests in the district hospital. Based on the results of the examination of the baby, the doctor draws up the necessary treatment and often sends the small patient home.

Hospitalization of the child is necessary only in emergency cases:

  • with suspected malignancy of the neoplasm;
  • if large papillomas are found in the trachea or bronchi;
  • in case of blockage of the growth of the nasal cavity.

To quickly remove papillomas, a child needs urgent surgeon help and an operation that can be done in a district or city clinic.

If the growth is not of great danger, then the doctor allows you to remove the wart on your own or go to some private clinic, where it will be removed by cryodestruction or radio wave surgery.

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