What will happen if the wart is torn off and what if it has already happened?


Warts are benign formations that can appear on almost any part of the body. They often cause discomfort, because it is simultaneously ugly, and even uncomfortable, because there are cases when they appear on the neck, arms, armpits, which leads to periodic damage.

But what will happen if the wart is torn off completely or simply severely damaged? Of course, in such cases you should not panic or vice versa – do not pay attention, you just need to visit a specialist who will solve this problem.

What should I do if I have a wart?

In the event of a complete or partial breakdown of the wart, under no circumstances should you remove the remaining parts yourself. First of all, this applies to cases when it has come off completely, you need to find a torn piece of the growth and place it in salt water (a teaspoon of salt in 1 liter of clean water) so that the doctor can conduct all the relevant tests when the patient gets to him. It is also worth disinfecting the area near it, and protect the wound from getting any infections there.Damaged wart

Often when warts are torn off, inflammatory processes can begin, as well as many other troubles, but you do not need to remain alone with them, it is better to go to the doctor as soon as possible.

If a person tore off a wart, then you should expect the following unpleasant moments in the first time:

  • When the growth is not completely torn off or just badly damaged, it can change color and swell;
  • The skin around it turns red and inflamed;
  • The damaged area may burn and itch;
  • There is a possibility of purulent discharge;
  • Sometimes growths change their shape.

When such a nuisance occurs, you do not need to pick, tear off and perform other manipulations with the growth, since even a simple wart can degenerate into a malignant formation. Contacting a dermatologist is the right decision.

Is it possible to cut a wart with improvised tools?

Those who find themselves in a situation where the growth is damaged, ask, what will happen if you remove the wart and then cut it off completely, provided that a small fragment remains in place? Will this be considered a complete removal of it? We can say with confidence that it is not, since these formations have a root that cannot be removed with simple scissors or forceps.

Such a procedure can lead to the fact that new warts will grow near the remote growth, or an infection will be introduced there.

Moreover, do not think about how to pick up a wart that is not completely torn off. Any such actions will lead to inflammation and more serious problems. In addition, we must not forget that these formations may well develop into malignant tumors. Therefore, if you suddenly tear off the wart, you do not need to think for a long time what to do, it is better to consult a doctor as quickly as possible.

Possible consequences of self-removal of the wart

If the wart is damaged, some come up with a brilliant idea – to tear it out completely. But even if such decisions are made, then you need to know about the consequences that almost always await lovers of self-treatment. What happens if you cut the wart yourself?Damaged wart on the arm

Here is what awaits those who have done such a rash act:

  • Severe bleeding. Since there are many capillaries in the neoplasm, with its damage, and even more so with inept removal, severe bleeding begins. In addition, stopping the blood can sometimes be difficult;
  • If blood from a plucked wart reaches healthy areas of the skin (and the root of the growth remains in the wound), it is possible that a relapse will occur on previously clean skin, new formations may appear. And if a wart has grown, immediately after the old wreck, quite next to it – this is a direct signal of infection and a relapse of the disease;
  • Getting into the wound of an external infection, which leads to severe inflammation, purulent accumulations and the appearance of other secretions with an unpleasant odor;
  • The appearance of highly visible scars;
  • It is possible to start an infectious process, which can lead to death;
  • Sometimes the body temperature rises.

That is why you can not remove the warts yourself, regardless of whether it is partially damaged or almost completely torn off. Only a specialist should cut it, besides using professional equipment.

Modern methods for removing warts

If it happened that the future patient tore off the wart, in almost any case, an operation to remove it will be waiting for him, even if the root just remains there. When the growth comes off, it must be completely removed, and this can be done in several ways:

  • Surgical removal method. In this case, the doctor simply cuts the growth with a scalpel, and although the wounds heal after such an operation for a long time, the method is often used. Not everyone can afford or tolerate other removal methods;
  • Cryodestruction. A fairly popular way to remove warts, which is based on the use of liquid nitrogen to destroy growth cells;
  • Laser removal. This is the best way to remove the wart with the root, since the laser evaporates the tumor cells, leaving only the crust in that place. It does not need to be torn off, the exfoliation process must go through the natural path;
  • Electrocoagulation. The method is based on the direct effect of a current of a certain force on the nozzle, which heats up and kills the growth cells. It’s a rather painful method, because the patient must be injected with an anesthetic;
  • Radio wave method. This procedure will allow you to cut warts without direct contact with the tool. Radio waves will dissect the outgrowth in the distance.

In order not to see the consequences after an accidental wart breakdown, you need to have it completely removed by a professional, using one of the above methods. The appointment of a specific procedure will be carried out depending on a number of factors, since each organism is individual and some features of each removal method may not be suitable for the patient. By the way, in addition to surgery, doctors very often prescribe an additional intake of immunostimulating drugs or vitamins.Laser Wart Removal


If a wart comes off, it can under no circumstances be cut off at home. In almost 100% of cases this will lead to infection of the wound, and possibly to an outbreak of the disease, which will entail the formation of new warts.

First aid for wart damage

To know exactly what to do if you accidentally manage to break a wart, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of first aid for yourself.

You need to perform the following series of actions:

  • Disinfection of such wounds should only occur with the use of hydrogen peroxide. If bleeding that does not stop is observed, it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab with peroxide and apply it to the damaged area;
  • Only when the blood stops flowing can iodine or zelenka be poured into the wound;
  • In the absence of the above antiseptic agents, you can dilute alcohol or vodka in water by treating the wound with them;
  • When the area at the breakdown of the wart dries, it must be sealed with a bactericidal adhesive;
  • If possible, save a fragment of a torn wart;
  • Do not strip off the remnants of the growth, it is better to get to the doctor as quickly as possible.

These basic rules will help to avoid unnecessary trouble. Even if the wart grows again, and special inflammatory processes do not occur, it is still necessary to visit a specialist.

Home Treatment Options

It is immediately worth noting that this is the most risky and unreasonable decision that can only be made. If you pull out the remnants of the wart or begin treatment of its remaining fragment, then you can use some drugs from the pharmacy for such purposes.

The same "Kolomak" or "Ferezol" will make it possible to remove the damaged wart, but be aware that they almost all burn out the tumor cells, and with the slightest damage to the growth, this can lead to severe burns, wounds, infection and much more.

Some advise to treat areas with celandine warts, even if it is a torn wart, or use various recipes from traditional medicine. Be that as it may, there is no need to talk much about this, since it is a question of the potential development of cancer, and you should not think about any self-medication here.Bandaged hand

Neither pharmacy products, nor folk recipes, nor even the independent removal of warts, will not do anything good if you do not first consult with a doctor.


Having decided what to do if wart damage has occurred, the development of more serious diseases can be prevented. In this case, it is important to quickly take measures to disinfect the affected area, try to maintain the torn growth and visit the doctor on the same day. In this situation, it is quite possible to avoid serious surgery and expensive treatment.

If you didn’t succeed in visiting the doctor on time, you don’t need to panic, if the wart breaks, if you follow all the recommendations for disinfecting the damaged area, the person will have more than enough time to visit a specialist. The latter, in turn, will prescribe the most effective treatment and, most likely, supplement it with drugs that enhance immunity, as warts appear on the skin of people whose organisms are weakened.

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