What Are Dangerous Warts and What Will Happen If They Are Not Removed?

Most pathologies other than aesthetic deformity do not pose a serious threat, but warts with some virus strains are dangerous, causing their reproduction and generating malignant tumors. HPV is infected with a large part of the population, its presence in the body for a long time may not manifest. The factors that can be prevented are often the impetus for development.

Causes of warts

There is a myth that if you touch a frog, then a wart will grow, but this is fiction. The infection is transmitted only between people. Infection with a virus occurs in the following cases:

  • Skin contact;
  • sharing of hygiene items;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Exposure to household detergents.

Everyone should know about the ways of infection and strive to exclude influencing factors.

What warts can be dangerous to humans

Today, more than 60 types of HPV have been studied in detail, and they are classified into oncogenic and safe viruses. Warts located on the mucous membrane are more susceptible to tissue degeneration. When identifying this type of observation is necessary specialist.

Common types of warts:

  1. Ordinary (vulgar) – usually develop on the arms or legs. The accretions practically merge with the skin color. In rare cases, these warts are brown or gray. They are difficult to treat, but not dangerous and can disappear themselves.
  2. Plantar – are where the foot takes most of the weight. Warts are compressed, which leads to compaction of the tissues around them. The scaling increases pain when moving as a result of a large load on the nerve endings located in the foot. They can not always be cured by medical methods, and often surgery is required to remove them.
  3. Genital (condyloma) – appear on a warm and moist surface. Their presence on the genitals serves as a signal for an urgent request for medical care. The number of skin defects is constantly increasing, and if their growth does not stop in time, then the colonies can become too large. Reproducing in a favorable environment, they affect the internal organs, pose a serious danger to human health.
  4. Filamentary (acrochords) – located in the armpits, on the face, neck. They have an elongated shape. After removal can grow back, so the futility of self-control with them is obvious. Doctors, before prescribing treatment, determine the virus strain, remove growths under sterile conditions. They recommend that patients undergo a course of therapy in order to avoid their repeated reproduction.
  5. Senile (keratoma) – are formed in the elderly. This is the only kind of warts of non-viral origin. They can be located on the back, arms, chest, neck, face, but never settle on the feet or in intimate places. Benign warts do not hurt, do not cause cancer, but if desired, they can be removed if they cause aesthetic or physical inconvenience.


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Many people try to destroy warts at home, using a variety of drugs. The products often contain strong acids, alkalis, and the skin gets a powerful chemical burn. Some brave men cut off warts or drag them with a thread. It threatens with bleeding, scarring, ulceration and the transformation of tissues into cancer tumors. Before removing warts, especially those located on the mucous membranes, it is necessary to determine the type of HPV, whether it is oncogenic or not. If there are certain indications, a histological examination is carried out, which is impossible to do with self-treatment.

Do I need to remove warts

Experts say that many warts are harmless and most of them belong to benign growths. Papillomas that appear as a result of a temporary decrease in immunity, unexpected stress, are not necessary to remove, they usually disappear themselves and do not reappear if the person is healthy. Anxiety should cause warts, the growth of which becomes aggressive, their increase can cause cancer or cause pain. Genital and plantar warts are more vulnerable, they are best removed immediately after detection, contacting the health facility.


Self-medication often leads to the opposite effect and creates an additional risk of dangerous symptoms. Before the destruction of warts, it is better to be examined to eliminate the risk of complications. It is necessary to get rid of them only in specialized institutions where the doctor will precisely determine the desired method of treatment.

You can get rid of warts if they are located on visible areas of the body and spoil the appearance of the skin. Genital defects require careful examination. Creating a threat to internal organs, the disease can lead to female infertility, cancer. They, like plantar seals, can hurt, cause itching.

What signs can not be ignored

There are some signs that should be alarming. After their detection, you should immediately contact a dermatologist. In the event of a suspicious formation:

  • Itching, burning, pain;
  • bleeding;
  • Suppurations;
  • Sudden increase in size;
  • Changes in the structure and shape of the wart.


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Such deviations occur after frequent damage to the build-up or illiterate exposure to pharmacological or home remedies. An extremely dangerous symptom, when a person experiences excessive weakness, requires immediate medical intervention. An increase in temperature, an increase in the lymph nodes around the skin lesions indicates that the virus has become maximally active.

An outgrowth similar to a normal callus or a birthmark often becomes a serious problem for a person, and if the wart is not removed, it can turn into a cancer disease from a benign defect. You can not ignore their appearance on your body. The tragedy lies in the fact that other forms of malignant tumors can be stopped with the help of drugs, chemotherapy, then for skin cancer the only way is to recognize a dangerous tumor and get rid of it in time. At the advanced stage, the patient cannot be helped by anything.

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