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Warts, papillomas, condylomas and keratomas are common formations on the skin and mucous membranes of a person. They grow under the influence of the human papillomavirus (abbreviated HPV), which is present in the body of 80% of all people. It is activated under certain conditions, and growths cause a lot of inconvenience.

Even when humanity was not aware of the causes of papillomas, folk methods were widely used to eliminate them. One of the tools that help to destroy growths is ordinary baking soda, which is available in almost every kitchen.

Soda against papillomas and HPV

Baking soda has long been used in home medicine for a variety of diseases. Among them, various skin lesions – burns, acne, fungal infections, corns and corns. Papillomas are no exception.Skin Neoplasm

The main feature of sodium bicarbonate is the ability of this compound to alkalize an acidic medium. This helps to strengthen immunity, remove toxins from the body, create adverse conditions for the multiplication of bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. All this inhibits the viruses (including HPV) that are in the body.

Soda has an antiseptic and disinfecting effect, which can also be of value in the treatment of papillomas. Among other things, it softens the tissues, eliminating the unpleasant symptoms of the manifestations of the HPV virus in the form of warts with a hard crust.


At the moment, the virus cannot be completely destroyed. Medications, as well as alternative methods, contribute only to a decrease in its activity in the body.

Before starting to use sodium bicarbonate against a particular disease, as well as to eliminate any of its symptoms, it is necessary to consult with the appropriate doctor. The most effective treatment for papilloma soda in combination with medications with the right therapy prescribed by a specialist.

Internal use of soda

Sodium bicarbonate is taken in the form of a solution for oral administration or inhalation. Both methods contribute to the overall strengthening of the body and improve metabolism, due to the normalization of acid-base balance. This helps the body cope with the virus. With a decrease in HPV activity, papillomas can decrease in size or disappear with time. Measures to increase immunity in general reduce the risk of new growths.Soda solution

Oral solutions

To prepare the solution, you need to mix 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water. Take the drug twice a day between meals. It is important that the stomach is empty. The use of a solution can reduce the growth of papillomas on the body and reduce existing ones.

According to some beliefs, using sodium bicarbonate, you can stop the process of conversion of papillomas into a cancerous tumor (this can happen with mechanical damage to the growth, exposure to ultraviolet radiation or due to burns). When foci of such changes begin on the skin, it is recommended to take a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of soda mixed with 1 glass of milk. Milk must first be boiled and cooled slightly (to a comfortable temperature). The tool is consumed 3 times a day, with each intake slightly increasing the concentration of soda, until it reaches 1 tablespoon per glass of milk.


The method is not suitable for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Although many consider this issue controversial, sodium bicarbonate with frequent use can increase the acidity in the stomach and aggravate the course of the disease.


This is a more gentle method for the stomach. But it also contributes to the body's fight against papillomavirus, strengthening immunity.

The procedure is carried out as follows:

  1. Boil 1 liter of water;
  2. Immediately add 3 teaspoons of baking soda to boiling water and mix;
  3. Bend over the container with the solution and cover with a cloth so that the steam does not come out;
  4. Breathe in fumes while the water is hot.


Such treatment should be carried out 2 to 3 times a day for 5 days.

Folk recipes with local soda

The most common sodium bicarbonate in the fight against papillomas in the form of lotions and local solutions. It is used both independently and in combination with other ingredients.

Recipes for removing papilloma soda at home:

  • With water. Add a little water to the soda to get a thick mass. Apply the product to the papilloma and wait for it to dry. Remove mixture without rinsing. Repeat 2 times a day.
  • With castor oil and hydrogen peroxide. To prepare the mixture you need 1 tbsp. spoon of castor oil, 1 tbsp. teaspoon of peroxide and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. The components are mixed and applied to the growths using a cotton pad daily.
  • With aloe. The leaves of the plant must be crushed to a mushy consistency. For 2 teaspoons of aloe, take 1 teaspoon of soda. Mix. Apply to the papilloma and rub gently. Perform the procedure three times a day.
  • With onion peel. The husk needs to be soaked in vinegar for 2 weeks. Remove it from vinegar and dry. Using a soda solution, glue to the growth in several layers. Tie with a cloth, bandage or adhesive tape. Leave the compress overnight, then treat with a fat cream.
  • With laundry soap. You can make baths by dissolving an equal amount of soda and soap in water. This method is suitable if papillomas grow on the legs or arms.


If any of the methods does not help, you can try others. Each organism reacts individually to treatment. Soda in the absence of contraindications is absolutely harmless.

Iodine and soda from papillomas and keratomas

Keratomas are dark keratinized warts. They are formed due to age-related changes, lack of vitamins and minerals, as well as a genetic predisposition. They, like papillomas, can be removed using soda and iodine.

Method for removing papillomas and keratomas using sodium bicarbonate and iodine:

  1. Spread the skin around the growth with cream to prevent burns;
  2. Mix soda with water until a concentrated solution is obtained;
  3. Using a cotton swab, burn papilloma or keratic iodine;
  4. Apply soda solution;
  5. Repeat 4 more times;
  6. The last should be iodine cauterization.

It is necessary to treat growths in this way every day until they disappear completely. This usually takes no more than 2 weeks.

Soda Treatment Reviews

Folk methods using soda are used for a long time and in most do not lose their popularity. It should be noted that such treatment does not always help. If the spread of HPV is too high, soda is likely to be powerless.

However, judging by the reviews of people treated for papilloma soda at home, there are frequent cases of successful removal of growths. This is due more to the fact that this substance strengthens the immune system, while it cannot affect the virus itself, and even more so, cure it.

Currently, baking soda from papillomas is not used too much, since there are more powerful and effective remedies. But she has many useful qualities that can contribute to recovery. If you combine it with other products and medications, soda will certainly enhance their action and speed up the process of getting rid of papillomas.

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