Treatment of papillomavirus with folk remedies


Traditional medicine has not lost its popularity for many thousands of years. It includes a huge number of effective recipes for preparing medicines against any ailments, including the human papillomavirus.

Unfortunately, this disease cannot be cured completely, but with the help of "grandmother's" means to suppress the activity of infection is quite real. In addition, non-traditional methods of treatment can not only muffle HPV in the body, but also get rid of its external manifestations – papillomas.

Benefits of Traditional Medicine

The conditions of modern life do not allow residents of large cities to get everything they need from nature. Any health problems are solved by taking synthetic drugs, which, although they help to part with ailments, but at the same time they poison the body with chemicals and also cause liver damage. In view of this, more and more people are inclined to use traditional medicine, which does not recognize the effectiveness of pharmacological products and offers only proven products consisting of natural ingredients.Garlic, honey and lemon

Alternative treatments and papillomavirus

Many doctors are skeptical of the use of drugs for the treatment of papillomavirus infection, prepared independently. However, most doctors still respond positively to this technique, but to increase the effectiveness of such therapy, it is recommended to combine it with taking immunomodulating drugs.

According to experts, getting rid of HPV with the help of traditional medicine is possible. The only thing to consider in this case is a rather lengthy recovery process. Pharmacy products quickly suppress the activity of infection, but this is where their advantages over alternative treatment methods end.

Alternative methods for treating human papillomavirus

The solution to the problem with papillomavirus consists of several stages:

  • decreased activity of infection;
  • removal of external manifestations of the disease (growths on the skin);
  • strengthening the immune system.

For each treatment point, there are certain recipes, the choice of which is based on the personal preferences of the patient and on the individual characteristics of his body.


In order to be completely sure of the correctness of the independent drawing up of a scheme for combating the disease, it is necessary to first pass tests and consult a dermatologist.

Antiviral Medication Options

The composition of drugs against papillomavirus, prepared at home, includes such ingredients as:

  • garlic;
  • eucalyptus;
  • bow;

Onion and garlic

Some of them can be consumed in pure form, and some of them are suitable for the preparation of decoctions or tinctures.

Garlic Ginger Broth with Lemon

To create an antiviral decoction for the treatment of HPV, it is necessary to peel two heads of garlic from the husk and crush them with the help of garlic gum. Next, chop the small ginger root or take already 30-40 g. finished powder. All components are mixed, poured with a liter of water and brought to a boil over low heat. After, finely chopped lemon with peel is added to the boiling broth.

After 5 minutes, the drink is removed from the stove and infused for two hours. The finished medicine is filtered and poured into a dark container, which is tightly clogged.

You need to drink a decoction in half a glass three times a day for three weeks. Together with a decrease in the activity of papillomavirus, this remedy will significantly strengthen the protective functions of the body, as well as protect against colds.

Garlic-ginger drink initially has an unpleasant aftertaste. To improve its taste, you can add a little sugar or natural honey to it.

Onion tincture

To make this tincture you need to take two large onions with husk, rinse thoroughly and cut them into several parts. Next, place the cut tubers of the plant in a glass container and pour 500 ml of vodka or medical alcohol diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 3.

The medicine is infused in a cool dark place for one week. Shake the container thoroughly every day. You do not need to open it.

After 7 days, the tincture is filtered through a triple folded gauze and drunk 20 g. three times a day with meals. It will be necessary to treat the disease in this way from three to five weeks, depending on the neglect of human papillomavirus infection.

If for any reason the patient is contraindicated in the use of onions, then it can be replaced with eucalyptus leaves. To prepare tinctures against HPV, you need 150 gr. dry raw materials per 500 ml of vodka.

Folk methods for removing papillomas

Sometimes after completing the full course of treatment, the immune system begins to fight papillomas on its own and the growths on the body disappear without additional help. But this happens very rarely and in most cases it will be necessary to use auxiliaries for external use, which will contribute to the death and disappearance of tumors. It can be:

  • solutions;
  • ointments;
  • compresses.

Almost all of them are based on the use of acetic acid. Vinegar quickly destroys infected skin cells and effectively copes with growths of any shape, however, it is worth remembering that this technique is not suitable for the treatment of pregnant women and young children.

Celandine solution

To prepare a solution for papillomas, you need to take two tablespoons of chopped leaves and stalks of celandine (both a fresh plant and a pharmacy ready collection are suitable) and half a glass of vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 2. The cut grass is placed in a glass or ceramic dish and poured diluted vinegar essence. Then it is insisted for an hour, after which it is filtered.Celandine solution

The finished liquid is smeared with a cotton swab at the site of localization of the papilloma twice a day. It is very important that it does not get on healthy parts of the body, as this will provoke the appearance of redness, and sometimes even a chemical burn.


Celandine is a strong allergen! Therefore, it is very important to first verify the absence of intolerance to this plant, and only then use it to get rid of the external manifestations of HPV.

Vinegar ointment

The pharmacy sells dozens of ointments designed to quickly remove growths on the skin, but it is not necessary to buy them. You can prepare a similar product for external use at home. To do this, you need to take:

  • vinegar;
  • one whole fresh egg;
  • flour.

The egg is washed thoroughly, placed in a glass jar and filled with acetic acid. Next, the container is placed in a dark, cool place until the shell is completely dissolved. After obtaining a uniform mass, a shell-like film is removed from the can and a small amount of flour is added to the mixture. It is necessary for thickening. The flour is thoroughly stirred until a creamy slurry is obtained, which must be spread on the growth several times a day until it dies completely.

Potato compresses

Potato compress is the easiest and safest method to remove papillomas. Everyone can use it without exception. To prepare it, you will need to grate fresh potato on a fine grater with the skin, after which it is wrapped in two layers of gauze and attached with a medical adhesive plaster to the location of the neoplasm.

To enhance the properties of potatoes, doctors recommend lubricating the growth with iodine. It will additionally disinfect the skin and contribute to a more rapid destruction of the structure of papillomas.

Immunity strengthening

Treatment of HPV with folk remedies and the fight against its external symptoms is not all. Along with this, it is very important to take care of strengthening the immune system. Strong protective functions of the body will not only prevent the recurrence of the disease, but also prevent other infectious diseases.

You can increase the level of immunity with the regular use of decoctions or teas from various medicinal herbs. The following plants are considered the most effective in this case:

  • Aralia Manchurian (roots);
  • Rhodiola rosea;
  • chaga;
  • Chernobyl
  • rosehip;
  • mint;


  • licorice (root).

In addition to these herbs, doctors recommend drinking herbal tea with purple coneflower more often. It contains a large list of vitamins and not only favorably affects the state of the protective functions of the body, but also allows the prevention of various inflammatory diseases.

To make tea from Echinacea, it is enough to take 2 teaspoons of chopped leaves of the plant and pour them with hot water. The drink is infused for 10 minutes, after which it is drunk hot.

Drinking tea cold is not advisable, since when cooling, most of its useful properties are lost. To improve the healing qualities, along with the drink you need to eat a handful of walnut kernels or dried apricots.

The benefits of wormwood with HPV

Professor Ogulov Alexander Timofeevich proposed a unique way to get rid of human papillomavirus infection with wormwood, which quickly gained good reviews from his colleagues. He conducted a series of studies, and they helped to identify a number of positive features of the plant that can strengthen immunity and cope with HPV in a short time.

To prepare a decoction of wormwood, you need to take one teaspoon of chopped leaves of grass and pour 500 ml of water into them. Next, the broth is boiled for 10 minutes, filtered and drunk twice during the day. The duration of treatment with this method is from two weeks to a month.

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