Treatment of flat papillomas on the body


Flat neoplasms that look somewhat like moles can suddenly be found on the face. Such a find throws many into shock. After all, any changes in the epithelium can become a symptom of the development of an oncological disease. However, flat papillomas signal another thing – the spread of the human papillomavirus (HPV) in the body.

These growths of the epithelium are distinguished into a separate subspecies of benign skin lesions. According to the ICD (International Classification of Diseases), such papillomas are marked with code B 97.7.

What is the reason for the appearance of squamous papilloma?

The appearance of flat papillomas on the body indicates that the human papillomavirus (HPV) has passed into the active stage and begins to spread throughout the body. The root cause of flat papillomas on the body is the 3rd and 10th papillomovirus strain. Damaged skin can become a gateway for the virus to enter the body.

The virus passes through contact with an infected person – it is transmitted through a handshake, a kiss. Non-observance of personal hygiene rules – the use of common towels, toothbrushes, unwashed hands after public transport, visiting crowded places, can also be a "pass" into the body for HPV.Flat papillomas on the body. How to get rid of them

A characteristic feature of flat papillomas is their commitment to patients of a young age. He is diagnosed at routine examinations in almost every tenth baby.


Squamous cell papilloma of the skin does not degenerate into cancer, but it is evidence of disturbances in the functioning of the body!

After entering the body, the virus may be in a state of "sleep" for a long time. The failure of protective forces – immunity due to an infectious disease, mental and mental stress can wake him from hibernation and make him actively proliferate. Being in the active phase, papillomovirus attacks more and more new epithelial cells. As a result, flat papillomas form on the surface of smooth skin.

An attempt to remove papillomas at home or permanent injury can contribute to the spread of the disease. An example of such permanent trauma to growths is combing and scraping of acne by a baby. Such behavior of the child must be suppressed, gradually weaning him from a bad habit. A good way to prevent further combing of growths is a visual demonstration of photographs of overgrown sections of flat papillomas.

Morphology or appearance of flat papillomas

Flat papilloma has a number of characteristic features that make it possible to distinguish it from all neoplasms of the epithelium. Slightly towering above the skin, it consists of small nodules that are not distinguishable by a superficial examination. It has a dense structure and small size (up to 8 mm).

The shape of such a growth varies from round to irregular. The surface is shiny, has no folds, is not associated with hyperkeratosis (the surface does not have keratinized or flaky particles). This is due to the fact that flat papilloma cells are not susceptible to keratinization.

The hue of the neoplasm often coincides with the color of the skin, occasionally it can be lighter or darker by one tone.

Localization (location) of flat tumors

Favorite places for the manifestation of this strain of the virus are the shoulders, the back of the hands, lower leg and, most unpleasant, face. In the event that the growths are injured, itching and burning occurs. Just do not diagnose yourself. In addition to the examination, any doctor will prescribe the patient a list of necessary studies, and only then will issue a verdict.

If in doubt, the dermatologist will send part of the tissue excised after removal of flat tissue papillomas for histological examination. This will help confirm or refute the initial diagnosis in the cell structure.Flat papillomas on the body. How to get rid of them

Localization of papillomas has its own characteristics:

  • For children and adolescents, local foci of infection are characteristic;
  • In adults, papillomas form at the site of contact with the virus carrier;
  • For elderly patients, cases of extensive damage to the skin are not uncommon. This is due to a decrease in the rate of metabolic processes and a deterioration in the protective capabilities of the body.

It should be noted that stress or increased physical activity contributes to the spread of rashes in large areas of the skin.

Causes of the disease

Everyone remembers a horror story from childhood – take a frog in your hands, cover yourself with growths. Of course, this is not true. There are a number of external factors – environmental pollution, unbalanced nutrition, constant nervous and physical stress, leading to a decrease in immunity and activation of papillomovirus. And frogs among them are not observed.

Risk group

To be afraid of infection and the active development of the HPV strain of flat papillomas is:

  • “To lovers hotter” – fans of saunas, baths and public pools;
  • "Polygamous individuals" – sexual one of the ways of infection with HPV;
  • “Wishing to be pampered" – the presence of bad habits like a magnet attracts viruses;
  • A history of chronic gastrointestinal diseases.


The main age group at risk of spreading flat papillomas are people from 28 to 45 years old.

Flat papillomas on the body. How to get rid of them

Infection pathways

The third and tenth HPV strain, causing rashes on the skin in the form of squamous papillomas, is transmitted:

  1. Sexually
  2. Domestic or tactile way;
  3. From mother to child (applies to expectant mothers who have common blood flow with the baby and lactating women).

Treatment of flat papillomas

Immediately after an unpleasant discovery that a growth in the form of a flat papilloma has settled on the skin, the question arises of getting rid of papillomas at home or trusting a specialist.

How to remove flat warts and papillomas at home?

I want to immediately stop the adherents of the treatment of flat papillomas on their own. Do not self-medicate! To make a clinically correct diagnosis, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the course of the disease, and therefore to determine how to treat flat papillomas only a doctor can.

The very structure of flat papilloma, which slightly rises above the epithelium, its localization – most often attack the skin of the face, gives doubtful chances for effective treatment at home.

Particularly initiative "healers", armed with rules and tips for getting rid of papillomas at home, found on the Internet, can expect such unpleasant complications of the procedure. For example, severe bleeding, blood infection, a chemical burn of the skin, as well as the expansion of the papilloma dislocation zone, their growth.

How to get rid of flat papillomas with medical help?

So, with the method of treatment, we decided – no amateur! We go to the doctor. And we don’t delay it – after all, it is much easier to cure only emerging growths, faster and cheaper.

An experienced dermatologist will definitely highlight such moments:

  • The number of neoplasms and their localization;
  • Morphology and size of papillomas;
  • The age of the sick person;
  • The duration of the course of the disease;
  • Is the disease accompanied by burning.

To defeat the disease in the form of flat papillomas, a destructive effect and immunostimulating therapy are combined. Whether to use the surgical method to remove flat growths, the doctor decides. Today it is possible to choose a method that will help to remove the papilloma without a trace.


  1. A laser is a painless, quick way to burn out a growth. Does not leave scars and scars;
  2. Cryodestruction – freezing the affected area with liquid nitrogen. It does not require pain relief, but relapses are possible;
  3. Plasma coagulation is the evaporation of a tumor by the ozone stream. The safest way;
  4. Electrocoagulation – cuts off the growth using high-frequency current. Effective with a large area of ​​infection.

Fortunately, not all cases require a radical way to remove papillomas. To cure the disease, the use of medications and local ointments is often enough.

Any method of destructive treatment is accompanied by HPV therapy and the use of immunomodulators. An integrated approach to the treatment of flat papillomas is the key to strengthening the body's defenses and preventing the recurrence of neoplasms.

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