Treatment of anogenital warts


Genital warts are caused by infection with papillomavirus. This disease is one of the most common among sexually transmitted infections. It has been proven that HPV can cause malignant processes in the human body, therefore, when anogenital genital warts are detected, an immediate course of treatment is required. It is impossible to completely remove the virus from the body, but it is really possible to suppress its activity with the help of medications.

Anogenital Condylomatosis

Benign tumors of the pointed type usually appear in the genital area, sometimes in the internal genital organs. Their appearance indicates the activity of the human papillomavirus, which carries a real threat to human health and life.Anogenital warts in women


Genital warts that form in the genital area have a high level of oncogenicity, which means they can cause the degeneration of healthy tissues into a cancerous tumor.

A person can be a carrier of this disease for a long time and not be aware of it. The formation of anogenital warts occurs when favorable conditions for the activation and multiplication of the virus occur. This disease is very contagious, a person during an exacerbation is a source of viral infection. For this reason, it is important to maintain good hygiene and avoid close contact with other people.

Symptoms of pathology

In most cases, genital warts appear in women, men get sick less often, but can be carriers of the virus.

Signs of condylomatosis:

  1. Itching and burning in the labia, anus;
  2. The appearance of small single or multiple growths having a lobed apex and thin base;
  3. Constant sensation of moisture in intimate places;
  4. Bad smell and discomfort.
  5. Difficulties and pain during bowel movements, urination.

Often there is mechanical damage to large warts. As a result of this, they bleed, get wet, their growth and quantity intensifies. There is a favorable environment for the attachment of the inflammatory process, since there is a high risk of getting the pathogenic flora. In this case, weakness, fever, headache may be added to the main symptoms. There is a risk of dermatitis due to constant humidity.

It is important to know what genital warts look like, so as not to confuse them with something else. To do this, you can carefully consider them in the photo.

Who gets infected more often

It is most likely to catch the human papillomavirus through unprotected sexual contact with an infected partner. It is also possible infection through the household, through the personal belongings of the patient, but this happens much less often. And with a strong immune response, this is completely excluded.Condylomas

There are several risk factors that increase the chances of undergoing a pathology:

  • Pregnancy, since immunity is weakened during this period;
  • Illegibility in sexual relations;
  • The presence in the body of sexually transmitted infections;
  • Avitaminosis;
  • Immunodeficiency;
  • Tendency to depression, frequent stressful situations;
  • Early sexual experience.

Pathology Diagnostics

At the slightest suspicion of condylomatosis, you must consult a doctor. Diagnosis is an examination of the anogenital area, history taking, smear analysis. A digital examination of the rectum is also performed, which allows to establish the presence or absence of genital warts in this area.

To exclude the tendency to degenerate into a cancerous tumor, a histological examination of pathological tissues is carried out. All patients with genital warts need to be tested for syphilis and HIV infection. It is also advisable to conduct PCR diagnostics.

How to treat anogenital warts

The sooner you seek medical help, the faster and easier the treatment process will be. A neglect of condylomatosis will entail many adverse health effects.

The main methods of treatment for genital genital warts:

  • Surgical or hardware removal of neoplasms;
  • Cauterization with special chemical compounds;
  • The use of alternative medicine methods;
  • Receiving antiviral and immunostimulating drugs.

It is advisable to combine all these types of therapy in order to defeat the disease for sure. Condylomas rarely go away on their own, so almost all patients are shown to remove them or cauterize.


One of the most popular ways to remove warts is through exposure to liquid nitrogen, as a result of which the growth freezes and disappears. The advantages of this procedure are painlessness, reasonably affordable price and quick result. But there are contraindications to cryodestruction, for example, a tendency to form keloid scars, an allergy to cold, or a violation of blood flow in the treated area.

Surgical removal

Recently, this method has been resorted to very rarely, since excision of neoplasms with a surgical scalpel is quite painful and leaves deep scars after itself.

Laser therapy

Hardware removal of genital warts has been used for a long time and successfully. Laser operations are fast and lack blood, performed under local anesthesia. Under the influence of the laser, the complete destruction of pathological cells occurs, while healthy tissues are not affected. The disadvantages include only pain during the conduct, as well as the likelihood of scarring.Removal of genital warts


Electric shock burning with genital warts is a bit outdated, but many doctors still use it. During this procedure, wart growths are destroyed using a special electrosurgical device. The advantages of such operations include accessibility, the ability to use on any part of the body, including the anogenital area, effectiveness and short recovery time. Electrocoagulation should not be used in the presence of multiple growths, prone to fusion with each other.


Radiosurgical knife is a modern device for eliminating genital warts and papillomas. This is the most popular and popular method, since it has much more advantages compared to other means. During one procedure, you can get rid of several growths at once, as a result only pathological tissue suffers, healthy skin is not injured at all. After exposure to radio waves, no scars remain on the surface of the skin or mucosa. Contraindications include diabetes mellitus, malignant processes, heart failure, as well as pregnancy and lactation.

Drugs for local treatment

Condylomas can be cauterized with special solutions containing chemical substances. But such funds are undesirable to use at home, it is better to consult a doctor for help to prevent the medicine from getting into healthy areas of the skin or mucous membrane.

The most effective solutions:

  • Solcoderm;
  • Superchistel;
  • Condylinum;
  • Ferezol;
  • Solkovagin and others


Various ointments and gels are also used, for example, oxolinic ointment, viferon, salicylic, Bonafton ointment, Epigen spray, Panavir in the form of a gel, Imiquimod, Aldara and others. The choice of the most suitable remedy depends on the neglect of the disease, on the number of warts and their size.


To suppress the virus, doctors recommend taking antiviral drugs, as well as immunomodulators. Often, Likopid, Cycloferon, Acyclovir, Isoprinosine, Galavit tablets are prescribed.

You can also drink vitamin complexes that help strengthen immunity and saturate the body with essential substances.

Folk methods

Methods from traditional medicine can be used to treat condylomatosis, but only after consulting a doctor. The most effective remedy is celandine juice, which needs to be lubricated with warts to get rid of them. You can alternate this method with applications of garlic, with the application of onion juice.

Only under the condition of an integrated approach to treatment, it is possible to completely get rid of genital warts and suppress the human papillomavirus, to prevent the re-development of the disease.

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