The best remedies for herpes


Having found a skin growth on the sole, you should not run to the pharmacy and buy the first medicine that comes across. After all, for effective treatment it is important to choose the best remedy for herpes, and not the most expensive or vice versa very cheap.

To do this, you need to visit a dermatologist, as well as get acquainted with the medicinal properties of various in form, composition and mode of action of drugs. This will help to understand the advantages of some drugs, the disadvantages of others and choose the most suitable medication.


Cauterizing pharmacy drugs are considered very effective medicines for herds. One of them is Verrucacid solution. It is used only externally, has pronounced necrotizing properties.Verrucacid fence before application

The composition of the drug includes two active substances – metacresol and phenol. They are poisonous. Destroying abnormal cells of the shipitsa, part of the solution is absorbed into the blood and adversely affects the nervous system. The use of the drug strictly in accordance with the instructions will help reduce its toxic effect.

To quickly and efficiently remove the fennel using Verrucacid solution:

  1. Pre-soften the skin growth. To do this, it is recommended that a day before the planned procedure, stick the salipod keratolytic patch on the wart or spread Wartox cream;
  2. Prepare the neoplasm for the procedure. To do this, keratinized layers are cut as much as possible with nail scissors, the problem area is washed with soap and water, wiped thoroughly;
  3. Immediately prior to treatment, coat the surrounding tongues with zinc paste. This will help prevent skin damage if the cauterizing solution gets on healthy areas of the epidermis;
  4. Moisten the applicator on the cap in the solution, remove excess fluid;
  5. Apply a drop of cauterizing agent directly to the skin formation;
  6. Wait a few minutes until the drug dries, repeat the manipulation;
  7. Depending on the size of the growth, perform up to seven treatments in a row, pausing;
  8. After drying the last drop of the drug, wipe off the zinc paste with cotton.

About ten minutes after the end of the procedure, a slight burning sensation will be felt, and the skin will acquire a reddish tint. This is considered an indicator of the correctness and effectiveness of the procedure performed.

Verrucacid is an improved version of the almost complete analogue of Feresol. However, unlike its predecessor, it has a lower concentration of active substances. This reduces the intensity of burns, minimizes the likelihood of scarring and scars on the treated areas of the skin.


High effectiveness in the fight against herpes has drugs that have interferon in their composition. One of them is Viferon – a special ointment that resists the reproduction of the human papillomavirus.

Treatment of plantar skin growths with its help is characterized by:

  • Absolute painlessness;
  • Lack of scars;
  • Speed;
  • Simplicity.

To remove the tongs, ointment should be applied to the problem area four times a day. The term of use of the drug is individual. According to reviews of some patients with plantar warts, they manage to say goodbye in a week, while others get rid of skin formation within a month.

If after thirty days the results are not observed, then you should contact a dermatologist to adjust the method of treatment of the anomaly.

In people sensitive to the components of the drug, the use of Viferon can cause negative skin reactions. If any rashes or redness occurs, the use of the medication should be discontinued.Ointment


In the absence of hypersensitivity to the composition of the ointment, the medicine is absolutely safe for health. It can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as remove tongues in small children!


A convenient and simple remedy for growths on the soles is a special medical pencil containing silver nitrate. He is able to cauterize the tongs and have a parallel bactericidal effect on the tissue.

Using Lapis is very simple:

  • It is moistened in cold water;
  • The problematic tubercle on the skin is treated once or twice a day.

The tool is very well absorbed, so it is not necessary to wash it off the epidermis.

Lapis pencil has some contraindications. The main one is an increased sensitivity of the body to silver ions.

Among the side effects caused by the medication, skin allergies in the form of rashes are observed. Such reactions do not require action on the part of the patient and pass on their own.

Doctors do not recommend using Lapis simultaneously with drugs made from organic substances. As a result of their interaction, chemical reactions can occur, leading to a loss of effectiveness of the active substances of the medical pencil.Using a lap pencil


Freezing pharmacy drugs help get rid of shipiches. CryoPharma is the most popular among them. The refrigerants contained in it destroy the structure of the abnormal growth. This causes the death of the treated tissues and leads to the disappearance of the problematic formation.

The drug KrioFarama has many advantages. Chief among them are:

  • Simplicity and speed of use;
  • Price availability;
  • Minimum age restrictions (allowed to use by all except children under four years old).

However, a medication has a number of disadvantages:

  • Exceeding the exposure time can lead to scarring at the treatment site;
  • Gentle freezing may not kill the virus itself, which lies in the layers of the epidermis. Because of this, a new growth or even their conglomerate may appear at the site of the removed tenon.

Processing a problematic place on the foot takes 40 seconds. Time must be kept very accurate. This is especially noted in the instructions for the drug.

Exposure to refrigerants is carried out using an applicator sold with the drug. It is applied to the tongue and held for the specified time. During processing, tingling or burning sensation may be felt. Skin color should turn white.

After a while, the tubercle turns red. A blister forms over it that protects the formation of new healthy skin.

Two weeks later, the spitz falls off. If this does not happen, then the problem area should be reprocessed.Shipitsa after processing

To remove the same tongue, Cryopharm is allowed to apply no more than three times. The interval between treatments should be equal to fourteen days.

Twelve applicators are included with the spray can. One package of the drug is enough to remove seven growths.


A good result when getting rid of wart formations on the soles is given by special plasters treated with salicylic acid. The most common and cheapest of them is Salipod. It helps to soften the tissue of the wart, which begin to tear away in layers. This leads to a complete cleansing of the skin.

The use of the patch has some contraindications.

These include:

  • Any damage to the skin, moles, dermatitis;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Renal dysfunction;
  • Allergy to salicylic acid;
  • Childhood.

Before the first use of the adhesive plaster, it is recommended to steam the leg and wipe it well. After that, the medicine is glued to the problem area.

The tape in the package is not attached in its entirety. Only the desired piece is cut from Salipod. The patch should match the size of the tubercle on the skin. On top, it is recommended to stick a regular larger adhesive tape.


The patch changes at least once every two days. Before the second and subsequent treatments, the leg does not need to be steamed!

The term of use of Salipoda depends on the size of the tongue and its depth. Processing is repeated until the tubercle disappears completely.


In the fight against shipitsa, antiviral agents have been successfully used, which simultaneously strengthen the immune system. These include cycloferon – a drug made on the basis of acridonoacetic acid.

The medicine is available in various forms. For the treatment of shipitsa it is recommended to take pills.

Once inside, the drug begins to stimulate the body's production of interferons. These are proteins whose main function is the fight against viruses.

Cycloferon activates bone marrow stem cells. They make the body synthesize white blood cells faster. This leads to an increase in its protective functions.

The dosage regimen is strictly individual. It is prescribed by a doctor and is not subject to independent adjustment.

You can not use cycloferon for the treatment of:

  • Pregnant and lactating women;
  • Children up to four years old;
  • People who have an increased susceptibility to the composition of the drug;
  • Patients with cirrhosis of the liver, gastrointestinal ulcer.

The drug is good because it acts on the problem from the inside. It kills the human papillomavirus, helping to destroy the very cause of the shipitsa.

A huge minus of the means is that because of the high price, the medication is often not available for people with limited financial capabilities.

Vishnevsky ointment

For the removal of tenons, external pharmaceutical agents having a wide spectrum of action are used. These include the liniment of Vishnevsky.

Ointment has the following properties:

  • Disinfect;
  • Remove inflammation;
  • To have an irritating effect, causing blood flow and stimulation of the immune system;
  • To heal.

The drug should not be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is forbidden to remove the fennel with the help of Vishnevsky ointment and for those who are allergic to the ingredients of the drug (in particular phenol).

To get rid of plantar growth, liniment is smeared three times a day. A dressing is applied on top of the treated area. It is changed in two to three days. The procedure is repeated until the formation disappears.


Doctors recommend not using Vishnevsky ointment in parallel with other external means for herpes. Any combination of drugs can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Super pure

Effective pharmacy remedies can be very cheap. These drugs include Superchistotel – a solution consisting of various chemical derivatives of sodium. The effect of the drug is based on burning of shipigi.

Processing the problem area is as follows:

  • The skin around the abnormal formation is smeared with a baby cream;
  • A drop of the drug is applied directly to the tubercle.

Manipulations are repeated once a day for five days.

If Superchistel gets on healthy tissue, it must be washed off immediately with running water. The cleansing process should last at least ten minutes. After that, the skin is treated with a five percent solution of citric or acetic acid.

If any skin reactions occur during treatment, the manipulation should be stopped immediately. Such individual sensitivity to the drug is the reason for its withdrawal.

After the procedure, the tongue will gradually turn black. This is a sign of her death.

When the growth on the sole disappears, a small wound should appear in its place. She heals in two to three weeks.Packaging


After applying Superchistotel, small scars may remain. Most often, they resolve in a few months!

Doctor Wei Speckle Killer

Very popular is the Chinese herbal remedy. It is called Doctor Wei Speckle Killer.

The drug consists of two bubbles:

  • The first (glass) contains a composition for removing skin formation;
  • In the second (plastic) – a means for tissue regeneration.

Before starting treatment, the vials should be shaken well. Then, a toothpick is dipped into the suspension and the therapeutic composition is applied to the growth.

After getting funds for education, severe pain should occur. The wart itself may turn red. Such a reaction indicates that the remedy is acting.

If there are no discomfort, then the medicine should be wiped and applied again. If pain does not appear, then the use of a second vesicle is not necessary. There will be no result.

If unpleasant sensations have arisen, then you should tolerate two to three minutes, and then spread the composition from the second bottle. Regenerating treatment must be carried out up to five times a day.

When removing small growths, restoration procedures are repeated for three days, large ones – up to ten.

Mountain celandine

An effective and inexpensive balm made on the basis of medicinal herbs is very popular. It is called Mountain Celandine, it has a very pungent smell.

In addition to the plant that gave the drug the name, the composition of the medicine includes:

  • Kakaliya;
  • Rhododendron;
  • Gentian.

Manufacturers recommend strictly monitoring so that the product does not get into the eyes and mucous membranes. It should be kept out of the reach of children.

Before the procedure, the outgrowth on the sole must be steamed in hot water. After this, the keratinized layers of the epidermis should be removed as much as possible.

Mountain celandine is applied to the wild with a match or a plastic stick. It must be ensured that the surface area of ​​the treated area is larger than the contacting applicator.

The application lasts twelve minutes. During manipulations, the stick is constantly dipped into the medicinal composition.

The procedure should be repeated twice a day. The course of treatment can last up to ten days.


It is impossible to carry out the removal of flesh Mountain celandine in pregnant and lactating women. Absorption of the drug into the blood can harm the fetus or infant!

Before choosing a drug, you should definitely see a dermatologist. The doctor should examine the formation on the skin and establish its nature. If the suspicions are justified and it is the doggock that arose on the skin, then the specialist will evaluate its size, depth, and degree of tightness and will help you choose the best medication.

In severe cases, complex treatment of the formation or the use of outpatient methods for its removal may be necessary. However, in general, outgrowths on the sole are successfully treated at home using various means of drug therapy.

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