Removal of papillomas by the radio wave method


One of the effective and safe options for removing papillomas of any complexity is radio wave destruction. In this case, the safety of the technique is explained by the fact that during the operation the instrument does not touch the surface of the epithelium.

This method of combating the manifestation of papillomavirus is used in many cosmetic and medical centers, and the low cost of the procedure makes it affordable for everyone.

Remote operation is not a myth!

They have been struggling with the HPV problem since ancient times, but recently, due to the rapid development of technology, removing papillomas is no longer a difficult task. When using radio destruction, a high-frequency and low-temperature radio beam is used instead of a surgical scalpel.Removal of papillomas by the radio wave method

With its help, the papilloma is cut off at the very base, and microorganisms accidentally entering the wound die instantly. You can use radio waves to remove both large growths and group small tumors.

The benefits of radio destruction

There are a lot of positive qualities of using the radio wave method of removing papillomas and the main ones include:

  • low cost of a cosmetology procedure;
  • sterility of the operation;
  • the speed of removal of growths;
  • lack of postoperative scars;
  • the possibility of use in hard-to-reach areas of the body.


The use of a radio wave laser in the fight against HPV has several contraindications:

  • oncology;
  • pregnancy;
  • infectious inflammation of the skin;
  • menstruation;
  • period of exacerbation of chronic diseases.


The use of a radio knife in the presence of one of the contraindications can cause great harm to health! Neglecting the advice of a doctor in this case is unacceptable.

Before visiting a cosmetology office, you must consult a dermatologist who will prescribe a number of necessary tests and laboratory diagnostics. Only after receiving the results of the study will it be known whether it is possible to use radio wave removal of papillomas in a particular case.

How is the operation

Any operation on the skin is a serious process that, if improperly performed, can leave scars or cause tissue infection. Removal of papillomas by the radio wave method is performed only in the horizontal position of the patient with mandatory local anesthesia.Removal of papillomas by the radio wave method

In modern cosmetology, one of three types of anesthesia can be used:

  • applying a depriving cream to the papilloma and the area of ​​the skin around it;
  • the introduction of an injection of anesthetic substance under the base of the growth;
  • spraying the source of infection with a special freezing aerosol.

The operation itself does not take much time and usually lasts no more than half an hour. In the process of papilloma removal, the radio wave laser passes through the epithelium to the required depth and performs an incision of blood vessels at the very base of the growth.

Small wounds remain at the site of the neoplasm, which are a normal postoperative phenomenon. Over time, they heal, and there is no trace of papilloma on the skin.

Removal of genital warts by radio destruction

Condylomas are often benign neoplasms that appear in the genital area and are a type of HPV. Using a radio wave technique, you can also get rid of these unpleasant growths on the genitals.

The process of removal of genital warts is performed in the same way as in the case of tumors in other parts of the body. After laser surgery, the patient may experience a slight pulling pain in the lower abdomen, and to eliminate pain, it is allowed to drink a tablet of Nurofen.

After radiocoagulation, women experience slight bleeding from the vagina, and with the appearance of such postoperative consequences, do not worry. Usually, the discharge lasts up to two weeks.


In the presence of abundant and foul-smelling discharge, you need to visit a gynecologist. This may indicate the ingress of infection into the genitourinary system.

Recommendations for patients who have had condylomas removed:

  • forbidden to have sex for three weeks after surgery;
  • Do not visit the bathhouse or sauna;
  • heavy physical exertion should be avoided;
  • with the appearance of herpes or suppuration in the genital area, self-medication is strictly contraindicated.

Postoperative period

After successful removal of the papillomas by the radio wave method, the patient can return to their previous lives and regular visits to the surgeon in this case are not required. The most important thing is to follow the recommendations of the cosmetologist:

  • it is necessary to carefully wash the postoperative wound with clean water and treat it with an antiseptic;
  • in the first week, you should refuse to use cosmetics, which can cause irritation in the damaged area;
  • change the protective bandage at least twice a day for three days;
  • under the bandage you need to apply a medicinal ointment with an antibiotic;
  • It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight and visiting the solarium in every possible way.
  • it is forbidden to scratch the wound and treat it with shampoo or soap.

These tips will help speed up the regenerative process and protect the postoperative wound from possible damage.Removal of papillomas by the radio wave method

Taking additional antiviral drugs

Despite the effectiveness of the radio wave laser, it is impossible to radically solve the problem of human papillomavirus. As a complex treatment, additional drugs can be prescribed that will fight HPV from the inside.

Basically, doctors prescribe vitamins for this, but sometimes it may require the use of more effective drugs:

  • Allokin alpha;
  • Viferon;
  • Lycopid.


The list of drugs is presented for informational purposes, and only the specialist will prescribe the necessary antiviral medicine.

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