Removal of genital warts by the radio wave method: Surgitron apparatus


Condylomas are external manifestations of papillomavirus infection. They appear on the inner walls of the vagina and rectum, as well as on the labia, around the anus, on the penis and perineum. There are many ways to combat this ailment, ranging from drug treatment to expensive cosmetic surgeries and surgical intervention. Among all existing methods of getting rid of genital warts, it is necessary to single out radio wave destruction, which has only positive reviews from doctors and has no adverse effects.

What is radiocoagulation?

Radiocoagulation is the removal of genital warts using special equipment – Surgitron. The principle of operation of this device is to convert electric current into thermal rays, which are collected at the top of the electrode (radio knife). It performs the function of a guiding element and its size is selected depending on the diameter of the growth. Under the influence of thermal energy, condyloma cells dry out and burn out.Removal of growths by radio waves

Radio wave destruction refers to a number of gentle procedures that effectively eliminate growths up to 5 mm without affecting healthy tissues. During the operation, the patient does not feel discomfort, and a small wound remaining after removal of the condyloma heals in a matter of days.

How the removal of warts by radio waves can be seen in the video at the end of the article.

The difference between laser therapy and radio destruction

Excision of genital warts with a laser beam is no less effective technique compared to radiocoagulation. It is also very often prescribed for getting rid of genital growths, however, it has several disadvantages:

  • there is a slight risk of relapse;
  • the need for the use of pain medications;
  • a large number of contraindications.

The main difference between laser surgery and radiocoagulation was the price. Laser cutting of genital warts costs about 500 rubles. for one unit of growth. In turn, the price of the radio wave destruction procedure ranges from 100 to 450 rubles. depending on the size of the neoplasm.

The benefits of radio wave surgery

Unlike other cosmetic methods for the destruction of genital warts, radiocoagulation has several advantages. Its advantages include:

  • sterility (equipment does not come into contact with the patient’s body);
  • painless operation;
  • lack of scars and scars at the site of condyloma removal;
  • the ability to send parts of the neoplasm for laboratory diagnosis;
  • short rehabilitation period (5-6 days);
  • low cost of one operation;
  • relapse prevention;
  • lack of bleeding;
  • speed of the procedure (about 15-20 minutes per one growth);
  • the possibility of removal of genital warts on the cervix in women who have not yet given birth.


Fast healing of the postoperative wound is possible only in the absence of diseases of the genital organs. Otherwise, the recovery period may drag on for several weeks.

Tumor removal

Contraindications to the use of the device Surgitron

Despite the many advantages, the removal of genital warts with the help of radio waves is not suitable if the patient has:

  • any acute infectious disease;
  • diabetes mellitus, which is in the stage of decompensation;
  • pacemaker;
  • hepatitis or heart failure.

In the presence of one of the listed contraindications, the radio wave technique cannot be used. It is replaced by another procedure at the discretion of the attending physician.

Recovery period

After removal of genital warts with Surgitron, dead cells do not remain on the tissues, which are the main condition for the life of pathogenic microorganisms, therefore the appearance of pus in the area of ​​growth removal is a rather rare phenomenon. However, this does not mean that you can ignore the rules of intimate hygiene. Genital cleanliness is the key to a quick recovery and a guarantee of protection against repeated relapse.

The rules of intimate hygiene

First of all, you need to know that when removing papillomas on the walls of the vagina or cervix, douching is prohibited. Also, you can not wash your genitals with ordinary soap. Instead, it is necessary to use special gels for intimate hygiene. After using them, thoroughly rinse the genital area and wipe it with a clean towel. If condylomas were removed in the area of ​​the anus, then the gel is replaced with antibacterial soap.

It is necessary to wash after each visit to the toilet for one week after the removal of genital warts. This will protect the unhealed wound from the entry of pathogenic bacteria.Hygiene

Adhere to the rules of intimate hygiene not only during the entire rehabilitation period, but also after its completion.

General recommendations

At the end of the procedure for removal of genital warts by the radio wave method, the doctor is obliged to give the patient basic recommendations that must be strictly observed throughout the entire period of postoperative recovery. These include the following:

  • it is necessary to regularly test the wound and monitor its condition;
  • the place of removal of the neoplasm should not be subjected to mechanical damage, so you need to abandon the use of tampons, as well as choose for yourself comfortable underwear made of cotton fabric;
  • you can not strip off a thin crust that forms on top of a postoperative wound;
  • it is forbidden to use talcum powder and lubricate the genital area with cosmetics;
  • during the rehabilitation period, you must refuse to visit the pools, baths, saunas, beaches.

Postoperative drug treatment

After removal of genital warts by the radio wave method, doctors prescribe a course of drug therapy to the patient, which includes taking antiviral drugs and using topical drugs.

Additional treatment with immunomodulators and agents for external use will suppress the activity of papillomavirus and protect a person from the recurrence of genital warts.


The selection of medicines should only be done by a specialist who will be guided by the results of the analyzes and will take into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body. Self-medication may not bring any result and even harm health.

Pregnancy and removal of genital warts by radio waves

Condylomas in pregnant women are a common phenomenon, since when a woman carries a child, the woman’s immune system is significantly weakened. Due to the decrease in the protective functions of the body, the human papillomavirus activates, and growths can appear not only in the genital area and on the walls of the vagina, but throughout the body.

Removal of genital warts in expectant mothers is carried out only when the benefits of the procedure outweigh the risk to the development of the fetus. To do this, it is customary to use a radio wave technique, since it does not harm either the baby or the pregnant woman.

Cutting a condyloma with the Surgitron device is used only if large growths have formed on the walls of the vagina or cervix, which in the future will prevent the normal passage of the baby through the birth canal. If a woman has found extensive group neoplasms, the diameter of which exceeds 4-5 mm, then she is given a cesarean section, since the radiosurgical technique will not be able to help.Treatment of genital warts in pregnant women

When condylomas appear on the labia, perineum or in the anus, a pregnant woman is not prescribed any cosmetic procedures. Removal of growths can be performed after childbirth, although very often the symptoms of papillomavirus infection disappear on their own after some time from the moment the baby is born.

Testimonials from patients and doctors

Veronica, 34 years old.

I had several nodular growths on the labia and near the anus. They did not cause any discomfort to me, but the very fact of their existence drove me disheartened. I turned to the gynecologist who prescribed me laser therapy. After reading reviews about the removal of genital warts with a laser, I realized that it would hurt me. I shared my experiences with the doctor, and he sent me to radio wave coagulation. The doctor said that this procedure is completely painless and lasts several minutes. The operation was quick, I did not even have time to feel anything. The wounds quickly healed, and again I feel great.

Milena, proctologist.

During my work, many patients came to me, among whom were both men and women. They complained of incomprehensible pimples near the anus, which caused them discomfort and pain during bowel movements. Many of them confused these growths with external hemorrhoids, but in fact they were ordinary genital warts. I advise everyone to remove genital warts using radiosurgery, as well as prescribe a course of drug treatment. Why do I recommend radio destruction? Because this is the most gentle and inexpensive way to get rid of the symptoms of papillomavirus infection, which has practically no contraindications.

Marina, 40 years old.

I was bothered by condylomas on the cervix. The doctor advised me on radiocoagulation, explaining this by the fact that this method is absolutely safe and the most effective in my case. The procedure went without problems, no complications arose. I am very pleased with the operation and the speed of its implementation. In addition, I was surprised by its price, which is much lower than the cost of laser therapy.

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