Papillomas in the mouth. How to treat and whom to contact?


A considerable number of viral infections have been in a person for years in the body, not showing any signs of their existence at all. One of these viruses is HPV, and if on the body such neoplasms can sometimes be expressed in very small forms that do not cause inconvenience, then they are often found in the mouth in such an environment as to cause damage and inflammation of the papilloma.
It is advisable for every person to know what a papilloma looks like in the mouth, because if you find it on time and take appropriate measures, you can save yourself from many troubles.

Sizes of papillomas and how they look

The development of papillomas of the oral mucosa can occur in a different manner. First of all, the infected person should know how the growth can look and what characteristic dimensions it has.

Characteristics of oral papillomas can represent the following series of points:

  • Very rarely, such neoplasms are more than 1 cm;
  • Their surface is tuberous, and the color can sometimes differ from the standard color of the oral cavity, expressed in brighter or whitish shades;
  • The base of the papilloma can be wide or on a thin stalk;
  • When feeling the growth, its softness and elasticity are felt;
  • They do not cause pain, only discomfort due to their presence.

View of papillomas in the mouth

If a papilloma is found on the mucous membrane, or if it is not a papilloma on the mucosa, but a formation on the gum or lip, you should not panic, because it is not a cancerous tumor, there is such a chance, but still, therefore, you just need to undergo an examination. It is not necessary to treat papillomas in the mouth on the advice of newspapers or questionable Internet resources, if these are not professional projects of specialists.

Papillomavirus infection methods

This virus is one of the most common on the planet, and although many believe that its transmission is carried out only through sexual contact, the reality looks completely different, since not only adults, but also children are at risk of it.

At present, several ways of transmitting HPV are known:

  • Through personal hygiene products, such as toothbrushes or towels;
  • Poor chemical processing of dishes, both at home and in food establishments;
  • Virus carriers can transmit it through kisses;
  • Unprotected sex, including oral sex;
  • The child runs the risk of contracting from the mother during childbirth.

In such cases, not only a growth on the body may appear, but also a localized papilloma on the inside of the mouth, which is one of the most unpleasant and potentially dangerous, I will introduce the features of the microflora of the oral cavity. It is worth noting that the disease can manifest itself on any surface of the mouth, it can be a gum or palate – in any case, you should consult a doctor if it is detected.

Causes of the disease

No matter how terrible it may sound, but about 80% of the world's population is the carrier of this virus. However, its manifestations often occur in old age, because for many years you may not know that the body is infected with it.

Both papilloma of the oral mucosa, and its other manifestations, have their own strains, but only specialists are involved in their determination. An ordinary person needs to protect himself, trying to avoid the basic wrong actions that can trigger the development of papillomas.

The reasons for its appearance may be:

  • Weakened immunity;
  • Reception of too hot food, burning the mucous membrane of the mouth;
  • Bad habits;
  • Various types of periodic injuries of the oral cavity;
  • Hormonal disruptions;
  • Taking medications like antibiotics or hormones
  • Neglect of hygiene;
  • Unprotected sex;
  • Any chronic inflammatory processes in the mouth;
  • Stress.

Papilloma on the gum

In addition, papilloma in the oral cavity can manifest itself in various forms, but be that as it may, in the initial stages of development – this is a benign formation that can be treated. For this reason, it is better to consult a doctor immediately after its discovery.

Localization and types of papillomas in the mouth

Due to the fact that its appearance, the future patient, depends on the place of formation of the papilloma, it can clarify for itself some information in order to be calmer. In this case, of course, do not even think about an independent solution to the problem.

You can divide papillomas into the following types:

  • Papillomas on the tongue. Specialists call this disease epithelial hyperplasia. From themselves they are small growths that have a red tint;
  • Papillomas in the sky. They are called both simple and vulgar. Their shape is like a bump, and the base is flat. They form on the soft part of the palate;
  • Papilloma on the gum is called flat. By color, they are very similar to the mucosa, but the granular surface and bulge make it easy to understand what kind of growth;
  • Filamentous papillomas, based on their name, are determined most easily in their form. They are most susceptible to damage;
  • Genital warts are considered the largest, they merge into one large tumor, while having a surface with tubercles. This type of papilloma appears precisely because of sexual infection.

There are also papillomas on the larynx, tongue and tonsils, which indicates the possibility of their occurrence in almost any part of the mouth. As can be seen from the list, papilloma on the oral mucosa can have different forms, and accordingly a different degree of damage. Of course, you can also find it on the cheek, because the cheeks are an attractive place for their development.

Do not get rid of them, or rather, make attempts to clean them yourself, for example, folk remedies, because any of them can eventually develop into a malignant tumor.

Symptoms and unpleasant moments

By themselves, the formations that appeared in the mouth – this is a symptom of the presence of a virus in the body. Nevertheless, from the main inconveniences faced by the future patient, a number of the most unpleasant can be distinguished. First of all, which directly depends on the location of the papilloma, a person can feel difficulties while chewing food, eating hot food, talking and more.

Sometimes the lesions are damaged, bleeding and the like begin. In order not to bring the situation to complications, getting into the wounds of other microorganisms, it is worth examining as soon as possible. To do this, you need to know which doctor to contact, which will be discussed further.Unpleasant symptoms

Papilloma treatment

Different doctors can deal with this issue, since the localization, which was discussed above, is very different. To determine which doctor will deal with the treatment in a particular case, you just need to look at where the papilloma is located. If it is lips, then a dermatologist will help, if tonsils – an otolaryngologist. In general, oncologists, ENT, dentists and many other specialists are involved in the treatment procedure, since this is a rather serious issue.

There are several ways to solve the problem:

  • The doctor removes papillomas surgically;
  • Medication is prescribed;
  • Antiviral therapy is carried out.

It is worth noting that often all three ways are used in one complex, for the most effective treatment. And all because the virus itself is in the blood, and papillomatosis is its symptom. Each event described above has its own characteristics. If we consider everything in more detail, then the process will be as follows:

  • Medication for papillomas in the mouth includes several procedures. Initially, doctors restore parts of the mouth where there are concomitant diseases. They treat teeth and gums, including the removal of tartar and the slightest inflammation. After the end of this stage, the active maintenance of the oral cavity in proper condition begins. To do this, brush your teeth several times a day, use a special floss to remove food residues between your teeth, and rinse your mouth with prepared solutions. Additionally, antiviral ointments are used;
  • Of course, one of the most basic procedures is surgical removal of papillomas in the mouth. When papillomas enlarge, they are removed in several modern ways: burning with liquid nitrogen, surgical excision (suturing is done), laser removal, exposure to electric current, radio wave or ultrasonic coagulation. The method of removal will depend on the appointment of the doctor and equipment owned by the clinic;
  • Carrying out antiviral therapy. You can get rid of this disease, in combination with other measures, through drugs. It is worth noting that without this therapy, everything else is useless. It is antiviral therapy that makes it possible to cure HPV inside the body, that is, to affect it in the blood. This also adds funds that increase the patient's immunity.

Specialist treatment

It is necessary to mention that the removal of papillomas of the mucous membrane cannot occur using strong chemicals, since this will lead to one effect – the formation of a malignant tumor. For this reason, papilloma in the mouth, the treatment of which must be carried out only in professional clinics, is a problem that cannot be solved by folk remedies.

Comprehensive solution to the problem

Regardless of age and gender, it will really be possible to remove the papilloma only using a specialized integrated approach, which is simply impossible to independently provide. I will introduce the fact that the membranes of the oral cavity are easily damaged, and in general this is a rather dangerous area for "experiments", it is best to undergo a general examination, pass all the tests and solve the problem with the doctors. Get rid of the virus once and for all, without encountering this problem in the future.

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