Papillomas in the groin and perineum. Why do they appear and how to treat them?


When papillomas appear on the surface of the skin, a person always encounters discomfort even when performing everyday tasks that are familiar to him. Most often, benign neoplasms on the skin make women nervous, as their HPV affects more often.
However, much in this disease also depends on the place of formation of the growth. So warts on the face or neck are usually harmful only visually, but rarely cause real inconvenience. But the papillomas in the inguinal region and near the anus are constantly hidden under clothes, not affecting the appearance of a person, but they cause a lot of discomfort.

Why do papillomas appear in the perineum and groin?

Skin growths may appear after a person has been infected with the human papillomavirus. However, this may not happen immediately, because in the case of a sufficiently strong immunity, HPV does not manifest itself for a long time. In case of problems with the protective function of the body, as well as a lack of vitamins and hormonal imbalances, the virus can get the necessary conditions for development.Papilloma in the groin

As for the cause of HPV in the body, it is almost always caused by intimate and even household contact with the carrier of the virus. In addition, the latter can also be transmitted through objects of general use, such as washcloths, dishes, toothbrushes and more. From other microorganisms, the human papillomavirus has some unique features:

  1. In the external environment, his survival is very poor, and after a short period of time he dies. However, the warm and humid environment of the method to prolong its activity, it is for this reason that infection often occurs through common bath accessories.
  2. The duration of the incubation period depends solely on the functioning of the immune system. Usually, the active phase begins 2-4 months after the HPV enters the body, but it is quite possible that the virus will not be able to manifest itself in any way for several years.
  3. After penetration into the epithelial cells, HPV causes them to behave in an uncharacteristic way for them. As a result, rapid division occurs, leading to the formation of growths on the skin. The appearance, size, shade and nature of the latter directly depends on the strain of the virus that infected the patient.


Sensitivity in the genitals is very large. For this reason, if you are sexually intimate with infected people, you will almost certainly become infected with HPV. In the same way, the probability of infection through the mucous membranes of the baby's vagina during childbirth is very high.

Features of the localization of papillomas in the inguinal region

Papillomas usually appear between the legs in some standard places. However, much depends on the gender and even the age of the patient. So papillomas in the groin and intimate zone as a whole appear most often in adults. Children from such neoplasms suffer rather rarely, because in almost 90% of cases, their appearance is preceded by sexual intercourse.

The following situations are also possible:

  • the appearance of papillomas in men on the fold between the trunk and leg, as well as on the scrotum, near the urinary canal and on the head of the penis;
  • the formation in the groin of women with benign tumors that affect mainly the labia minora and labia minora, as well as the cervix;
  • for both sexes, papillomas can appear not only in the groin, but also near the anus and even inside the anus, which makes it harder to cure.

Papilloma in the groin

What will happen if you do not remove papillomas for a long time

If the growths are not removed in time by the will of the genitals, then a person can face serious troubles. The following three situations that can make benign tumors caused by HPV are quite a problem:

  1. The appearance of child papillomas. Most often, the spread of tumors contributes to damage to one or more of them. Even an improperly harvested growth becomes the cause of the spread of the virus to healthy tissues;
  2. Papillomavirus infection. Also, the cause of the appearance of new warts on the skin can be an infection of existing ones. In this case, inflammation contributes not only to the spread of papillomas, but also the formation of purulent wounds and the creation of other problems;
  3. Conversion to malignant tumors. If the papilloma is not timely removed, then it can cause genital cancer. At the same time, the most common genital papillomas in the groin in men and women are distinguished by extremely high oncogenicity.

Papillomas in intimate places

However, do not try to fix the problem on your own, because this can only lead to more serious problems. Only an experienced doctor can tell you how to get rid of papillomas. Most often, growths on the skin near the genital organs are caused by strains 6, 11, 16 and 18.

They regularly lead to the development of cancer. However, modern medicine knows more than two dozen HPV genotypes that can lead to growths, and choosing the wrong remedy can help them parasitize in healthy areas.

What can be papilloma on the inner side of the thigh, as well as in the groin and perineum

The perineal growths can be of different types, and they differ not only in their nature and the strain of the virus that causes them, but also in appearance. So most often in the groin requires treatment for genital and filiform condylomas.

Visually, they are determined very easily, and in most cases this can be done without the help of a doctor. But, despite this, only a qualified doctor removes the growths in any case.

Features of genital growths

Of all the varieties of papillomas, it is the genital papillomas that are most often converted into malignant tumors. For this reason, it is important to contact the doctor as soon as possible for advice and the appointment of a treatment plan. Such papillomas can be determined by the appearance and nature of the manifestation on the body:

  • A conical growth of a pink hue.
  • The value is within a few millimeters.
  • Appears after intimacy with a carrier of HPV (not only after classic sex, but also after anal and oral).
  • Thickets are located on the labia minora, on the glans penis and near the anus.
  • The specific location of the neoplasm causes the patient to itch, bleed and other problems.

Characteristics of filiform condylomas

Visually, such tumors look like a bundle of threads, which is why they got this name. However, it is possible to consider such a feature of the growth only with a strong increase. They also differ in such features:

  • Size from one to 6 millimeters. Such papillomas grow mainly in length, because of which they cause significant discomfort to the patient;
  • To the touch, such a papilloma on the thigh is very soft. The growth is elastic, and is most often found among the female, and not among the male population of the earth;
  • Most often, such benign tumors can be found near the fold between the leg and body and on the pubic bone;
  • On the genitals in both sexes, filiform growths do not occur, but they can affect other parts of the body in parallel with the inguinal region.

Treatment of filiform warts should be carried out as quickly as possible. If this is not done, then their injury is very likely, which is caused by the features of the growth: a thin and rather fragile leg. Warts of this type can be rubbed with clothing, and then inflamed and bleed.

Treatment and removal of papillomas in the groin

To find out how to remove the growth on the body, you need to contact a dermatologist and venereologist. In case of blackening or inflammation of the papilloma, you should also visit an oncologist, because the development of a cancerous tumor is possible. Papillomas

After the examination, the doctor will prescribe you a cream or ointment against papillomas, and also prescribe medication. For more serious problems, surgery or additional procedures may be required.

Many patients try to get rid of papillomas on their own, but doing this is extremely undesirable. Most importantly, never try to get rid of papillomas in the groin or perineum with a thread bandage.
Even on other, less delicate areas of the skin, this procedure requires a special approach and is not recommended by doctors. You also do not need to try to remove the growth at home with a knife or razor, especially when it comes to large and blackened formations.

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