Papillomaplasty patch. Does it help?


Reviews about the patch from papillomas, freely sold in the pharmacy, you can hear various. They range from gratitude, when patients completely got rid of problems with growths on the skin, to negative ones that report the ineffectiveness of a medical device.

To understand the reasons for the effectiveness and inefficiency of the drug, it is worth considering: how does the patch affect the structure of papillomas and the most common mistakes of patients during treatment.

Treatment features

An inexpensive patch for removing papillomas can be purchased on the pharmacy network without a prescription. Most often, pharmacists will offer "Salipod", but other names of the drug are also possible.
Almost all anti-papilloma drugs have the same composition and, depending on the name and manufacturer, only a small proportion of the active components change.Papilloma remover patch

Medical tape to eliminate skin growths contains:

  • Salicylic acid. Active active ingredient, which is 30-70% of the place of application on the skin (for plantar warts it is necessary to use to eliminate plantar formations, but to combat formations on the neck or in other sensitive places, it is recommended to use medical tape with a minimum content of salicylic acid) . Salicylic acid helps soften tissues affected by the papillomatosis virus and their rejection by healthy skin cells.
  • Sulfur. This element begins to act after the softening of the structure of the growth has occurred. Under the influence of sulfur, the softened wart is slightly dried, which allows its removal to be more complete and painless. In addition to drying, sulfur has an antimicrobial and antiseptic property, preventing the ingress of pathogenic microorganisms in case of accidental damage to the skin.

Some patients prefer to use not a patch, but an ointment from papillomas containing sulfur and salicylic acid. The method of treatment with ointments is no less effective, but, according to most patients, the patch is more convenient and provides a long-term effect on the affected area.

Use of adhesive tape is unacceptable only with the localization of warts on any part of the face.

Rules for using the drug

First of all, it should be noted that the adhesive tape for removing papillomas is intended only to eliminate single neoplasms on the skin. Multiple papillomatosis is not allowed to be treated independently – the treatment of the disease should be carried out under strict medical supervision. According to the form of release, the tool differs:

  • Patch. Available in the form of rectangles of various sizes with adhesive, impregnated with medicinal substances, the base.
  • Duct tape. Outwardly similar to ordinary adhesive tape, but also has a medicinal impregnation.

The method of application is the same for both forms of release and includes the following steps:

  • Cleaning and, if possible, steaming the skin. If the neoplasm is located on the hand or feet, then the limb is recommended to hold for 10-15 minutes in hot water. Steaming will provide a more complete penetration of salicylic acid into the structure of the papilloma;
  • Drying. Excess moisture will not only reduce the effectiveness of the active components, but also make adhesion of the patch difficult;
  • Size selection. A piece cut from a strip should cover only the affected area and not affect other parts of the skin. If salicylic acid enters the intact skin, this can provoke the formation of wounds;
  • Additional fixation. A piece of the medical patch is small and can easily peel off under the influence of sweat or rubbing with clothing, to avoid this, it is recommended to fix it additionally with a simple medical tape.Papilloma sticking

To obtain the desired effect, the dressing needs to be changed 1-2 times a day. Treatment lasts until the softened papilloma on its own detaches from the skin and is removed along with the adhesive tape. If partial removal of the skin growth has occurred, then the treatment course is recommended to be repeated again after 1-2 weeks.

The treatment process takes up to 3 weeks and is contraindicated to mechanically remove softened tissues to accelerate treatment. With mechanical damage, you can damage healthy skin and provoke infection of the wound.

The main causes of inefficiency

There are several reasons why a patch or masking tape from papillomas helps poorly or are completely ineffective. The most common include:

  • Expiration date
  • Improper use;
  • Incomplete treatment course;
  • Neoplasms are not caused by papillomatosis.

Expiration date

Pharmacists in pharmacies strictly monitor the expiration dates of drugs, but expired funds can be found on street pharmacy stalls.

An expired medical tape will not cause harm to the body, but the use of this drug will have a weak therapeutic effect.

You should not buy drugs if 1-2 months are left before the expiration date – in this case, the activity of the main active components will also be reduced.

Improper use

The main mistakes of patients when using a medical tape include:

  • Non-observance of hygiene rules. The application of a therapeutic agent to previously uncleaned skin will not only impede the penetration of salicylic acid into the structure of the growth, but can also cause secondary infection of the skin.
  • Long wear. The bandage needs to be changed often, wearing the patch without replacement for several days will not provide the necessary softening of the wart.

To obtain a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of use specified in the instructions for the drug.Incorrect treatment

Incomplete treatment course

With chronic overgrown warts, complete removal after the first treatment course is very rare. To completely eliminate the problem, it is necessary, after a short break, to re-treat. Some patients neglect this recommendation and a relapse occurs.

Papilloma is not caused by the papillomatosis virus

It is recommended to stop using adhesive tape against papillomas and consult a dermatologist if, subject to all the rules of treatment, the following is noted:

  • The appearance of itching;
  • The absence of signs of softening of the skin growth when changing the bandage (the skin under the influence of the drug should look a little loose, with an intensified skin pattern);
  • Strengthening the proliferation of tumors.

This reaction to the action of salicylic acid indicates that the wart did not occur due to the papillomatosis virus, but for a different reason.

If you follow the instructions for using the drug, using a patch to remove papillomas, you can get rid of ugly formations that cause discomfort. If there is no desire to be treated for a long time, then you can visit the beauty salon, where skin growths will be removed with a laser in 1 session.

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