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Warts and papillomas are benign manifestations caused by the human papillomavirus. The reason for the formation of the latter in the body is almost always associated with a weakening of the protective function of the body. If the immune system does not work well, both women and men are at risk of HPV infection.

If in the very first hours after the virus enters the human body, the immune system cannot deal with it on its own, then the papilloma can remain in the body for a very long time. In order to cure this ailment, doctors prescribe special papilloma tablets to the patient.

The use of medications

It is worth noting that the removal of papillomas is not such a simple process. Although at first glance the growths we are considering on the skin are completely harmless, getting rid of warts by simply removing them with a blade or razor will not work.

After such a procedure, the situation will simply worsen significantly, and the virus will “attack” other parts of the body that are not yet infected. As a result, drug treatment will be delayed and may not give the desired result due to excessive damage to the skin.Papilloma pills

For this reason, you need to remember that the best way to remove the papilloma is to contact the doctor in time for diagnosis and consultation.

After assessing your condition and passing all the necessary tests, you will be assigned one of the following micropreparations:

  • Isoprinosine.
  • Dermavit.
  • Ferezol.
  • Superchistotel.

With these tools you can very quickly get rid of papillomas. However, you need to choose them wisely to get a positive result, not a complication. It is always better to trust this procedure to your doctor, even if the lesions appear in a delicate place after sexual intercourse.

The drug "Isoprinosine" is one of the most popular on the market. A distinctive feature of this tool is that it does not kill the virus directly, but stimulates the immune system, which allows the body to get rid of infection. For this reason, this medicine can be used to remove benign papillomas in other cases when the problem can be solved only by an immunostimulant and with an antiviral effect.

No less demanded in the market is also “Dermavit”. Its key advantage is that it helps to quickly solve the problem and does not cause discomfort at all. According to patient reviews, this drug actually acts very quickly and, importantly, after it, you can forget about the likelihood of relapse.

However, when using the product, extreme caution must be exercised, applying it exclusively to affected areas of the skin. To do this, the areas around the papilloma can be sealed with a band-aid. At the same time, despite the fact that Dermavit is a very good version of a drug, you should still consult your doctor before buying it to rule out the possibility of any unpleasant consequences.

Dosages and duration of administration of drugs

All funds for the treatment of papilloma virus should be taken strictly according to a prescription or a doctor’s prescription. Dosages suggested by the manufacturer for these medications are shown in the table below.

Medicine Dose and Duration
Isoprinosine The product must be drunk after meals three times a day. The standard dosage is two tablets, and the duration of treatment is prescribed by a doctor. Among the drugs to remove papillomas that need to be taken orally, Isoprinosine is one of the most effective.
Polyxidonium This tool is available in several dosage forms at once – tablets, suppositories and powder. The latter is necessary for the preparation of a solution, which can then be injected. With HPV, suppositories can be used vaginally or rectally (one course of 20 suppositories; the first three days one at a time, and then every other day). Tolerance to the drug is very good in any of the forms presented.
Dermavit Apply the cream in small portions only to the affected areas until the growths completely disappear. However, due to the special sensitivity of the skin in the armpits and mammary glands, it is prohibited to use this product on them. In this case, it is better to choose some other drug that works from the inside.
Ferezol Among the drugs for papillomas, moles and warts, Ferezol occupies one of the leading positions. Excellent reviews about this oily liquid allow you to safely buy it for treatment. You need to apply the product on infected skin, carefully avoiding healthy areas. Lubrication should be carried out continuously for 10-45 minutes. The exact time depends on the size of the papilloma. As for the number of sessions, there can be no more than five, but it is better to make the repetition of the procedure minimal or not at all.
Verrucacid If it is more convenient for you to treat papillomas with a drop-shaped remedy, then Verrucacid will be an excellent choice. Included with it is an applicator for more accurate and convenient application. This tool is relatively new, therefore, relevant developments have been applied in it. For use, drip the drug pointwise on infected areas. For small papillomas, the procedure needs to be performed only once, and larger formations can be processed 3-4 times. Thanks to the active substance metacresol, Verrucacid effectively acts on tumors, cauterizing them and destroying a viral infection.
Kondilin Another popular drop of plant origin. The tool provides cauterizing, drying and antitumor effects on the affected skin. Apply Condilin to the papilloma for 3-4 days in the morning and in the evening. Then a break of 4-5 days follows and the course is repeated. Its total duration should not be more than 5 weeks. It is worth noting that the effect of the drug is quite aggressive, so it should be used in moderation and avoid contact with healthy skin.
Super pure The tool must be applied in a small amount to the affected areas. This drug from papillomas causes exfoliation of the skin, so you need to protect its parts that are not affected by neoplasms. Use the product for about a week. The exact timing depends on the speed of disappearance of papillomas.

Super celandine from papillomas

Especially effective is the medicine listed last. From the numerous reviews of real patients, it can be judged that it is better than most drugs on the market. This statement is not unfounded, "Superchistotel" in 100% of laboratory tests gave a positive result. In addition, in folk recipes, people often use celandine juice directly against papillomas.

Other treatment methods

All of the listed drugs for the removal of warts do an excellent job with benign formations. However, besides them, today there are also a huge number of other methods for treatment. In particular, options for removing papillomas at home using folk remedies are very popular. Among the most common solutions can be distinguished celandine juice, usually used in combination with acetic acid.Folk remedies for papillomas

These folk remedies can provide a good result in the treatment of papillomas, however, the specialized medications listed above cope with the problem in the best way. It is strictly forbidden to choose them yourself, because depending on the strain, the presence or absence of concomitant diseases, as well as individual intolerance to the components, the appointment of the attending physician can be completely different.

Before using, it is possible and necessary to check the selected product on a small area of ​​the skin in order to assess its reaction. At the same time, it will also be possible to understand how benign education itself reacts to drugs from the human papillomavirus. If after such a test there are no problems, you can proceed to complete the procedures.

Using a lap pencil

Now in any pharmacy you can see such a popular tool as a lapis pencil. The effectiveness of this product has been repeatedly proven by real patients who used a pencil on papillomas. This tool is intended for local exposure to neoplasms.

A lapis pencil has several features that you need to consider:

  1. Leaves traces. Because of this nuance, patients often refuse this product. However, a pencil can simply be used at night, and then it does not interfere with everyday life.
  2. Causes a burning sensation. Although this is an unpleasant nuance, it will not cause discomfort. Burning from the pencil is insignificant, so it will not interfere with ordinary activities or sleep if you decide to apply the product overnight. But due to the powerful effect, care must be taken, and apply the product exclusively on the affected areas, and not on healthy skin.Lapis pencil from papillomas

According to the reviews of those who used the pencil, its action is very quick and painless (if you exclude a slight burning sensation). At the same time, the cost of this tool is very low, and its independent use against papillomas does not pose any danger.

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