Laser removal of the tongue. All the subtleties of the process


Of all types of growths on the skin, a third are plantar warts, or tongues. She got the name from the word "spike", due to sensations similar to pain from a splinter or spike. The reason for the appearance is the human papillomavirus, which enters the body in a contact way.

Places of dislocation of the wart – feet and palms. First, the tenon is a blister that does not cause pain. Later it acquires a yellowish tint, becomes rough. Discomfort and pain appear, especially when walking. There is a high risk of injury to the tongs, which entails additional problems.

When to seek help

Often people try to get rid of the growth by folk methods. For example, they try to remove a wart by applying celandine to it. And only when attempts fail, go to the clinic. Medical assistance will be needed if:

  • Shipitsa causes discomfort, it becomes painful to walk;
  • The wart increases in size, or their number grows.

A lot of tongues on the foot

How to get rid of tongs with a laser

There are many ways to remove growths: electrocoagulation, cryosurgical, radio wave. The most convenient and painless way is laser removal of the tongue.

Advantages of the laser technique

Laser removal of the tongue has several advantages. These include:

  • Safe and sterile removal;
  • Full control of the depth of penetration of laser beams;
  • Fast wound healing
  • Clean skin, without scars and scars;
  • Complete removal of the tongue with a single application of the method.


Wart destruction can be carried out only after consultation with a specialist doctor: dermatologist or cosmetologist.


The material is sent for histological examination, to study for the purity or malignancy of the removed growth. Only after receiving a response is the date of the procedure assigned.

A laser unit is used to remove the growth. The principle of operation is based on the evaporation of liquid from the tongue, consisting of ¾ of water.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser systems

Today, several types of devices are used for treatment:

  1. With2 laser: with the help of infrared radiation, the wavelength of which is 10600 mn, liquid is evaporated, the tongue is destroyed. The disadvantage of this method is that damage to the skin and the formation of scars are possible.
  2. Impulsive laser: acts on oxyhemoglobin, destroying the wart's capillaries. The procedure is the least painful, there are practically no scars.
  3. Erbium laser: the destruction of the tongue is carried out by infrared rays, but their length, in comparison with the installation of 1 type, is shorter and is about 2500 mn.


Since the growth has a root, laser removal of the tongue is carried out after preliminary anesthesia. A beam is used to cauterize a wart, in which blockage of blood vessels occurs. A crust remains at the cauterization site, which itself disappears after 14 days. This method is indicated for sponges on the hands, since after treatment with other methods, scars may remain.

How is laser hair removal performed?

Burning a wart is carried out as follows: the growth is treated with an antiseptic, then an anesthetic is administered (or treated with a special cream). After that, the doctor manipulates with a laser, removing the wart. At the end of the wound, formed at the site of the growth, is again treated with an antiseptic drug.Forceps removal

The laser apparatus acts more accurately than a scalpel or nitrogen, so there is no bleeding during the procedure, after which the skin at the cauterization site heals faster. Itching may occur at the site of exposure, but this is a reaction of the healing skin, and does not carry a danger in itself.

Postoperative measures

The doctor who performed the operation to remove the spine herpes gives recommendations for care. The main requirement is not to injure the skin, do not remove the self-formed crust. You can not wet the wounds, visit saunas and pools, apply various healing ointments and creams. The foot at the moxibustion site should heal without patient intervention.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal

Laser cauterization has a number of advantages, which include:

  • Removal occurs without bleeding;
  • The laser beam does not touch the damaged area, removal occurs at a distance;
  • The treatment is almost painless;
  • For a complete cure, one session is enough;
  • With a single procedure, several growths can be removed simultaneously.

The advantages of the method include its low cost. So, the price in Moscow is from 150 to 500 rubles, in St. Petersburg – from 400 rubles, in Vladivostok – up to 600 rubles. The highest cost is in Rostov. Here she is 1000 rubles.

The disadvantage of this method is its inaccessibility for residents of distant areas from large cities, since medical facilities are not equipped with laser systems.


Despite the simplicity and safety of the laser method of hair removal, it has certain contraindications, which include:

  • Acute respiratory infections, flu;
  • Hypertonic disease;
  • Herpes in the acute stage;
  • Inflamed skin around the wart, the presence of tumors;
  • Allergic reactions to photo exposure;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

If these factors are not taken into account, the consequence of treatment will be negative.


If the dog has appeared in a woman during pregnancy, it is better to wait with her removal and solve the problem after childbirth.

A special question: is it possible to remove the tongue with a laser to children. This procedure can be carried out at any age, since removal of the growth by a laser is considered one of the most sparing methods. After the procedure, it is necessary to ensure that the child does not tear off the crust. For this, the leg at the cauterization site must be covered with a band-aid.

Important! Self-removal of the spitz can lead to injury, infection of the wound. In addition, it is not always possible to completely get rid of the growth. As a result, there will be a further spread of the disease, the appearance of multiple warts.


Laser removal is considered the most effective method. Despite this, after the procedure, the following consequences are possible:Wound after laser removal

  • Prolonged healing of the wound, if the technology of its treatment was disrupted;
  • The appearance of dark spots on the place of the tongue, due to a violation of pigmentation;
  • Infection and inflammation, with non-compliance with sanitary rules;
  • Burns, with improper adjustment of the device, or with delicate skin;
  • An allergic reaction to drugs used in anesthesia;
  • Scar formation.

Which is better: cryodestruction or laser removal

Plantar warts are removed only with a laser. No less popular way is to destroy them with liquid nitrogen. Cryodestruction is performed within 30 seconds, in severe forms – the duration of the procedure increases to a minute. But this technique is not always effective, sometimes it has to be carried out 2 or 3 times in order to achieve complete removal of the growth. After cryodestruction, the skin on the foot begins to peel off, which causes discomfort and discomfort. In addition, after removal of the wart with liquid nitrogen, scars often remain on the body.

The cost of the procedures is different from each other. Laser removal is more expensive, but the effect is much better. Therefore, the choice of the better to remove the fennel – with a laser or nitrogen – is up to the patient.


I suffered for a long time with a wart on my foot. I tried to bring it out myself by celandine, but it didn’t work out very well. I had to turn to a dermatologist. Spent a laser removal. I was very afraid and worried, but, as it turned out, in vain. Everything went quickly, not painful. Then the wound itched a little. And after 2 days the crust disappeared, and no scars!

Elena, 32 years old, Moscow.

For about a year I suffered from sponges on my foot, I had 4 of them. I could hardly walk anymore – my leg hurt so much. Turned to the clinic. They offered to remove my warts with a laser, and I agreed. They did everything quickly and efficiently. And why did I suffer for so long, because the procedure is simple, inexpensive, and the effect is amazing.

Elvira, 27 years old, Krasnodar

Do not hesitate to remove the tongue. Discomfort, pain, growth of growths worsen the quality of life. It is best to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible, and remove the wart as soon as possible.

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