Is it possible to dress the papilloma with a thread?


The appearance of papillomas on the body is always very unpleasant. The quality of everyday life in a person is violated due to constant discomfort, and if the growth has also formed in a conspicuous place, like a face or neck, then problems with appearance are also added to this. Of course, I want to get rid of such problems as quickly as possible, for which medical products are the best choice.

However, sometimes due to reasons it is impossible to use them, and then folk methods come to the rescue. For example, a very common solution to the problem is bandaging warts and papillomas with thread. Is it possible to do this and what consequences await a person who decides to remove the neoplasm from the skin in this way, you will learn in this material.

What is the human papillomavirus?

You need to start parsing a problem with what causes it. HPV is a very dangerous infection, leading to the development of benign lesions on the skin. Warts, papillomas and condylomas can appear on different parts of the body, but the following areas are most often affected:

  • face (especially eyelids and eye area) and neck;
  • axillary region and chest;
  • genitals and perineum.Papilloma in the eye

It should be understood that the papilloma virus has a huge number of strains. Among them, the most common are 16 and 18, which, as a rule, cause the development of cancerous tumors. To find out exactly which genotype struck your body, you need to contact a qualified doctor. There is always a chance that you will need to remove the papilloma with the help of surgical intervention, and not alternative methods.


Diagnostics at the hospital will also let you know about the presence of other diseases. If the formation of papillomas was preceded by some kind of ailment, then first you need to remove it, and only then it will be possible to fight with neoplasms on the skin.

How does papillomavirus infection occur

The most common cause of infection is sexual contact with the carrier of the virus. The genitals of both men and women are very sensitive, so almost any irritant can easily harm them. Most often, representatives of the fair half of humanity suffer from HPV infection, because the mucous membrane of the vagina can be damaged even by insignificant physical effects.

For the virus to enter the body, a small crack on the skin will be enough, which is why household contact with a person with HPV is also very dangerous. In this case, you can become infected not only from the person himself, but also from objects or surfaces that he just touched. Another thing is that it is not always clear which of your friends is ill with this ailment.

For this reason, the time of HPV infection is almost impossible to track. Sometimes the causative agent of infection can even be detected by examination, which a person conducts for completely different purposes.

When the virus begins to manifest itself

In most cases, HPV exists in the body without going to the active phase for about 4 months. After this, papillomas can form in different parts of the body and even inside the human body. However, this result is not necessary, since with a sufficiently strong immunity, the virus can remain in the dormant phase for several years and even longer.

Can I protect myself from HPV?

Yes, that’s quite real. First of all, you need to remember the importance of contraception, because, as noted above, it is unprotected sex that is the most common cause of transmission of a viral infection. You should abandon intimate relationships with unfamiliar partners who may be carriers of HPV. It is also forbidden to use common household items with the carrier of the virus, because it can be transmitted without problems through them.

In most cases, of course, HPV dies very quickly in the external environment, and if you use the item a few hours after the person, then it most likely will not harm you. But few people think about what will happen if you share bath accessories with each other. The fact is that this virus is very fond of a moist and warm environment, which is often present in the bathroom. Using one washcloth, toothbrush, pumice stone and other products can lead to infection.

Is it possible to bandage papilloma with hair or thread?

This issue is incredibly relevant, and therefore there are many disputes in the medical field because of it. True, the possibility of dressing the resulting papillomas with a thread is favored mainly by traditional medicine. The expediency of such an action by pulling the growth is explained, because of which it loses its blood supply and trace elements important to it. As a result, pathological cells lose the opportunity to develop and die quickly.Silk thread for papillomas

Physicians, in turn, call the removal of papillomas a thread an incredibly dangerous activity that can cause serious problems. It is alleged that if the growth is ligated, the area under it can quickly become inflamed. As a result, an infection will occur in the epithelial cells, contributing to the development of various pathologies and even cancerous tumors.

Is it possible to bandage the papilloma on the mucous membranes?

This is strictly prohibited! Thus, you can’t remove the tumor, but you can provoke the development of cancer without any problems. Tumors on the mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals carry the greatest oncological danger. If papillomatosis is caused by HPV strains with medium or high oncogenic risk, then treatment at home for the patient is completely contraindicated. You will definitely need to contact the clinic to remove the papillomas in one of the following ways:

  1. Cryogenic. Liquid nitrogen is used to cause not the most pleasant sensations, and without traces it is impossible to get rid of the growth.
  2. Radio wave. One of the best modern methods that does not cause any pain, no scars or scars on the skin.
  3. Laser Advantages are similar to the previous type, but not laser waves are used, but a laser.
  4. Chemical. It can not be used for mucous membranes, but if the growth has formed on the skin in the inguinal zone, then special solutions can contribute to its independent removal.
  5. Surgical. Local anesthesia and a normal scalpel are used.
  6. Electric. Also quite a painful way, which can also leave pigment spots. It can not be used for sensitive areas of the skin, like the chemical method.Clean skin after removal of papillomas

Removal Instructions

If you nevertheless decided on such an approach and are aware of all the possible risks, then all operations must be performed according to a strictly verified algorithm and with maximum caution. Only this will help you minimize the likelihood of exacerbating the course of the disease. You can divide the procedure into 3 stages:

  1. Treatment. First you need to lubricate the area in which you want to bind the papilloma with a high-quality antiseptic (in its absence, you can use small amounts of alcohol).
  2. The choice of thread. Removal can only be done with cotton or silk threads. They must first be moistened well in alcohol.
  3. Removal. Then you need to drag the papilloma as close as possible to a healthy area of ​​the skin.

To achieve the effect of passing in this form, you will need about a week.

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