Is it painful to remove the papilloma?


In most cases, the only way to deal with papillomas is to remove them. There are many effective methods for this: from cryodestruction to cutting out a growth using a scalpel. But regardless of the type of cosmetic surgery, all patients are interested in the question of whether it is painful to remove the papilloma.

What do the doctor's say?

Dermatologists warn that in any case it is painful to remove papillomas, but the degree of painful sensations directly depends on the type of technique chosen and the individual pain threshold of a person. Also, the place of localization of the disease plays an important role, for example, when removing tumors in the eyelids and armpits, one should prepare for a very unpleasant procedure.Laser Removal Device

Modern cosmetologists offer their clients to use local anesthesia, which completely relieves the patient from pain. However, its use in the case of removal of small papillomas is unjustified.

The most painful method of getting rid of papillomas

Today, you can remove the neoplasm with:

The use of liquid nitrogen (cryodestruction) was also the most popular method, but despite its effectiveness, this method is the most painful of all existing cosmetic procedures for removing growths.

It feels like the process of freezing papillomas resembles touching a very cold metal object, but the intensity of the pain depends on the individual pain threshold of a person. In some cases, the patient does not notice the operation at all, and sometimes you can not do without additional pain relief.

At the initial stage, a person feels a faint tingling sensation that slowly develops into burning and cold. Burning occurs due to exposure to strong low temperatures (-190 degrees). Basically, pain is felt during the removal of large neoplasms, and treatment of small papillomas with liquid nitrogen does not bring discomfort at all.

The most painful procedure is the removal of plantar papillomas, since these neoplasms are quite extensive. In addition, they have deep roots, which is why the freezing process takes longer than usual.Preparation for surgery

Vial with liquid after cryodestruction

Often, after treating the skin with liquid nitrogen, a bubble of liquid appears at the site of the papilloma, which begins to hurt. In the event that the pain becomes unbearable, it can be pierced. This must be done with a syringe needle, but before that the skin should be treated with alcohol.

When the fluid has drained from the bubble, it is required to be liberally lubricated with Chlorhexidine. After that, a bandage is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin or a medical patch is glued.

Papilloma removal with a scalpel

Excision of the growth with a scalpel is the most effective and painless removal of papillomas. But, despite this, surgical cutting of the neoplasm is very rarely used and basically the doctor prescribes this procedure in cases of suspected malignancy of the wart.

In most cases, surgeons use local anesthetics. This is true when removing small single or group neoplasms. The ointment is applied to the skin area, after which the papilloma is excised with a scalpel, and the patient does not feel anything at this time.

General anesthesia is relevant:


General anesthesia cannot be used if a person suffers from epilepsy, has problems with the blood circulation of the brain or a violation of the heart rhythm. The presence of certain contraindications must be reported to the attending physician before the operation!

Ways to avoid pain when removing papilloma

Any patient has the right to ask a doctor or a cosmetologist to anesthetize the place of removal of the growth. For this, a specialist can use a freezing cream or an injection of an anesthetic drug.

You can also reduce pain yourself. To do this, it is necessary to start treating papilloma with salicylic ointment 3-4 days before visiting the beauty parlor. It will soften the growth and make the process of its removal virtually painless.

However, it is very important to remember that salicylic ointment cannot be used:

  • for skin treatment in children;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • with allergies to the components of the drug;
  • in the genital area (with condylomas);
  • on the face;
  • with renal failure.

Does the place of removal of the growth after the operation hurt?

The appearance of pain in the area of ​​papilloma removal depends only on the observance of recommendations for caring for damaged skin. In order to avoid pain after surgery, you should follow some tips:

  • you can not comb the place of removal of the growth;
  • it is necessary to regularly change the hygienic dressing;
  • it is forbidden to apply perfumes and cosmetics to the damaged area of ​​the epidermis;
  • you can not pick the wound and treat it with soapy water.

Wound after removal of the neoplasm

Self-hypnosis is a major pain factor

Most people who visit a cosmetology office for the first time psychologically prepare for the upcoming operation and involuntarily associate it with pain. In this case, any, even completely painless procedure, will bring discomfort to the patient.

In order to get rid of the fear of pain, psychologists recommend using several methods of distraction:

  • close your eyes and focus on something pleasant;
  • concentrate on another part of the body;
  • relax your muscles.

However, such advice does not suit everyone equally, and in some situations, with all his desire, a person can not get rid of experiences. Then, the most appropriate solution would be to take sedative pills, which will reduce the feeling of anxiety and fear, thereby relieving fear of pain during the operation.

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