How to Remove Annoying Papillomas and Warts? Effective ways to remove growths

Papillomas are a benign viral origin. They are found in 85% of the world’s population and affect the skin of both adults and children. In most cases, such pathological growths are not a health hazard and are a cosmetic defect. But under certain conditions, they are able to degenerate into a cancerous tumor, become inflamed and fester. In order to prevent the disease from turning into a neglected stage, it is necessary to make an appointment with a dermatologist in time, to take tests and to remove the newly discovered tumors.

Treatment with papillomas: all effective methods

You can delete detected papillomas in several ways:

  • hardware procedures;
  • surgical intervention;
  • pharmacological preparations;
  • ethnoscience.

Any of the proposed methods has its own peculiarities, pluses, and minuses. Therefore, before making a decision, you should learn more about each of them.

Hardware removal of outgrowths

Treatment with papillomas in the cosmetology center is called hardware destruction. In this case, special equipment has used that burns, freezes, cuts or dries out the build-up. The result of this technique is almost always 100%. An exception is some types of procedures that are conducted using a faulty instrument or involving unskilled personnel. In this case, it is impossible to say with precision how well the built-up edge will be removed. But most likely, that after a while it recurs, that is will appear on the same place again. Therefore, the choice of the clinic, where the hardware removal of papillomas will be carried out, should be approached with special attention.


Frozen nitrogen ( cryodestruction ) is a local effect on the virus outgrowth by low temperatures, which causes the intracellular fluid to turn into ice crystals and destroy it from the inside. The technique is recognized as the cheapest, but it has drawbacks:

  • Papilloma is not always blotted out completely. There is a possibility that the root of the epidermis will remain, which will lead to a relapse;
  • During a cryodestruction, healthy tissues are damaged. On the site of the removed tumor a wound is formed, which, after healing, is scarred;
  • It is impossible to freeze papillomas if they are localized in the intimate area, near the eyes, in the mouth;
  • Cosmetic surgery is painful and without anesthesia is not performed.

But, despite such a list of cons, cryodestruction is still popular, and it is recommended by many dermatologists. According to them, it is a good solution at the initial stage of pathology development, when the growths on the body are few and their size does not exceed 1 centimeter in diameter.


After cryodestruction, the blister remains on the body. It can not be opened or ripped off. So under the skin will get the infection and the wound to fester. If necessary, when the blister strongly inflates and starts to hurt, it is allowed to gently prick a new needle from the syringe and release therefrom a biological fluid.

Laser therapy

Removing papillomas with a laser beam has become an alternative to surgical intervention. In this case, the neoplasm is carefully cut off from the skin along with the root system, and the wound remaining on the site of the cosmetology operation heals quickly, without scars.

The drawbacks of laser therapy can only be attributed to its high price. Getting rid of one medium build-up will cost the patient 900 rubles. However, learning about the benefits of the procedure, many people stop to consider it expensive

The positive features of laser therapy include:

  • no relapse;
  • the speed of the operation;
  • a possibility of removal of any neoplasms, the size of which does not exceed 4 cm (except – malignant tumors);
  • there will be no scars or spots left on the site of papilloma removal;
  • In most cases, the use of anesthesia is not required;
  • a minimal list of contraindications;
  • short rehabilitation period.



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You can remove the papillomas with a laser anywhere, even on the mucous membrane of the genitals, larynx or nose. This is another plus of this technique. But before you go to the cosmetology center, you need to make sure that the build-up does not begin to transform into a cancer tumor, and you can do this only after passing through the diagnostic measures (histology, PCR, Dajzhen test).


The principle of electrocoagulation is the burning of the tumor with electric current. In this case, a complete destruction of the build-up occurs along with the root system and small areas of healthy skin that surrounds it. This makes it possible to completely remove the papilloma and prevent its re-development.

Advantages of electrocoagulation are many. Among them is the following:

  • An acceptable price (the procedure is inexpensive, about 500 rubles for one average neoplasm);
  • painlessness;
  • a speed of destruction;
  • a short period of tissue regeneration after surgery.

Minuses of the technique is a high probability of scarring of the wound and the presence of contraindications. It can not be used:

  • with a pacemaker installed;
  • pregnant women;
  • diabetics;
  • patients with a high sensitivity of the skin.

Radio wave destruction

Radio degradation – an alternative to electrocoagulation, is only more effective. Removal of the build-up occurs by exposing it to radio waves collected in a beam at the end of the guide electrode. The beam performs the function of a scalpel and neatly cuts out the papilloma without affecting uninfected cells.

Compared with the removal of papillomas by electric current, radio wave destruction:

  • is allowed to people with an established heart stimulant;
  • Has no bad consequences, does not leave scars on the body;
  • cuts out the build-up, but does not destroy it, due to which particles of pathological tissues can be sent to a histology;
  • suitable for women in the situation.

Also, many will like the cost of the procedure. The price of one papilloma removal is 250 rubles. If the build-up is too large, then the operation can cost a little more than 400 rubles. (without consulting a local dermatologist).

Excision of a pathological neoplasm with a scalpel

Removal of papilloma by the surgical method is prescribed in the following cases:

  • for large dimensions of the built-up edge (more than 5 cm in diameter);
  • when the neoplasm is located in a remote location;
  • if a cancer onset is suspected;
  • If you can not use any hardware method.

In the process of excision of the built-up edge, an acute scalpel is used. The surgeon neatly cuts it out with the stem and removes nearby healthy tissue. Further, the particles of viral neoplasm are sent to the laboratory to determine the strain of the pathogen and the degree of its oncogenicity.

Features of surgical intervention

Scalpel excision is an obsolete, but effective way to combat papillomas of different shapes, sizes, and locations of localization. However, it is rarely used due to a large number of shortcomings:

  • the need for local or general anesthesia;
  • at the site of removal of the built-up edge there is a scar, sometimes quite noticeable;
  • The rehabilitation period lasts for several weeks;
  • there is a possibility of suppuration of the postoperative suture;
  • After cutting the papilloma, there is often a swelling of the tissues, inflammation.

Therefore, this technique is prescribed exclusively as a last resort. Often, doctors refer a patient to a surgeon only when he develops a cancerous tumor. Benign growths not exceeding 5 centimeters are removed by hardware or by medication.

Failure to excise with a scalpel

Many patients do not want to lie down on the surgical table and therefore refuse surgery. In this case, they have two options:

  • Do treatment at home and fail;
  • accept and continue to live with their problem.

Dermatologists categorically disapprove of the rejection of surgical intervention, since this can lead to serious problems, even to death. Therefore, if the doctor has appointed or nominated excision of a papilloma a scalpel, it is necessary to listen to it or him.


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How to remove papilloma medication

The pharmacological industry has developed dozens of effective remedies for pathological growths. On sale you can find:

  • anti-papilloma ointments, gels, creams;
  • patches on a salicylic basis;
  • preparations for cryotherapy at home (freezing aerosols);
  • solutions for chemotherapy.

The choice of the desired drug is based on the size of the build-up, where it is localized and whether the patient has contraindications. The dermatologist or inflationist will help to decide on the medicine. Independently to acquire a means for deducing papillomas it is possible, but how much it will be effective, it is impossible to foresee.

Gels, creams, and ointments from viral outgrowths

Creams, gels, and ointments belong to the sparing methods of fighting with papillomas. They gently affect infected tissues and cause their death. After the death of infected cells, the build-up is rejected from the skin and disappears together with the root system. In parallel with this, activation of local immunity occurs. The protective functions of the body accelerate the restoration of the epidermis, and also hinder the development of the inflammatory process and prevent relapse.

The list of popular sparing drugs from papillomas included the following:

  • Amazon link

Cure growths by any of these means will be obtained within three to four weeks. In a particularly neglected case, therapy is prolonged to 40-45 days. If no change has occurred during this period, then probably, it is necessary to change the way of treatment.

Salicylic patches

Plasters based on salicylic acid are less effective than ointments, creams or gels. They are used only when the papilloma is small. If the outgrowth is obsolete, then it is unlikely to get rid of it in this way.

Plasters from pathological growths are of three types:

  • Salipod;
  • Dr. House;
  • Wonder Patch.

The difference between them is only in the concentration of the active substance. Salipod contains the largest amount of salicylic acid and in Dr. House its less than twice.

Anti-papilloma patches are practically harmless and the only prohibition to their use has been an allergy to the active ingredient, pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding. Children are also not recommended to remove growths based on salicylic acid, but if there is such a need, it is better to choose the drugs with its lowest concentration.


In addition to getting rid of papillomas, salicylic patches will help to part with calluses and corns.

Freezing aerosols

The freezing of outgrowths in the home is a good alternative to the cryodestruction offered by beauty salons. In this case, preparations are used in the form of aerosol cans containing a refrigerant (not liquid nitrogen). They are bundled with several attachments of different sizes.

Before the procedure for removing the papilloma, the body is washed out with laundry soap and wiped with a towel. After the balloon is shaken. It is necessary that the deposited contents of the vial are mixed. Then put on the nozzle and presses against the virus outgrowth. The button on the lid of the can is pressed and the coolant is sent to the location of the papilloma. After 15-20 seconds, the nozzle is removed and the frozen infected tissues are gently removed. In some cases, the procedure is carried out twice.

For cryotherapy at home, the following drugs are used:

  • Amazon or cpa offer

All of them have the same principle of action. The difference between them is in the type of freezing agent and cost. One bottle of an aerosol is enough to remove 12 medium papillomas.

Chemotherapy (burning with papillomas caustic solutions)

The use of drugs with a content of caustic chemical components is especially popular among those who prefer to fight pathological outgrowths on their own.

For this purpose special solutions are purchased in the pharmacy:

  • offer

They are based on the combination of alkalis and acids, burning out papillomas along with the root and nearby healthy areas of the skin. To the procedure of chemical destruction of the build-up has passed safely and has not left after itself burns of tissues, a new growth is greased around a fat cream, vaseline or butter.

After several treatments of the zone of localization of viral cells, they begin to die, change their color and fall off the body. In their place remains a small depression, covered with a crust. It cannot be ripped off. When the wound heals, the crust will disappear on its own.

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If the skin after the chemotherapy has turned red, started to hurt, fester or inflamed, then you should immediately go to the clinic. There, the wound will be cleaned, treated with an antiseptic and put on a sterile bandage.

Traditional medicine against papillomas

Cured of outgrowths of viral origin “grandmother” means you can, but this is especially true when the disease is at an early stage of development. When the form is started, it is not advisable to use methods of alternative medicine, since there can be no result.

You can remove papillomas in the following ways:

  • Juice of celandine. You need to take a fresh plant, pass it through a meat grinder and squeeze it. The resulting orange liquid is spread on a neoplasm 3 times a day with a cotton swab. To treat the build-up it is necessary before its complete withering away. You can also just take the stalk of celandine and anoint the papilloma with juice, which was made on his scrap. But this is not practical, as each time you have to go out and look for grass. It is easier to prepare the medicine for future use. If a person has a clean allergy, then the juice of garlic;
  • Acetic essence. It is used according to the same scheme as the celandine juice. Apple cider vinegar is smeared with a match or cotton bud on the papilloma, avoiding it getting on a healthy skin. It is best to apply 40% of the essence for this. If the method is used to treat a child, then take 9% vinegar and dilute it with water or herbal decoction in a ratio of 1: 2. Pregnant and nursing mothers this method of burning outgrowths is contraindicated;
  • Compresses from potatoes. One tuber is washed and ground in a blender to a mushy condition. Then the mush is wrapped in gauze and attached to the site of papilloma localization with tissue adhesive tape. Make compresses at night and early in the morning. You can shoot them in 40 minutes;
  • Acetic and onion ointment. For this recipe, take a teaspoon of 40% of the essence, half a bulb, and flour. All components are mixed in a non-metallic container to a creamy mass. It should be spread on the papilloma twice a day. You can add a few drops of castor oil to the ointment or a pinch of soda. It is impossible to cure papillomas with this prescription for future mothers, small children, and women who are breastfeeding a baby.

All these methods of fighting with papillomas are not too encouraging doctors. Doctors consider them useless and even dangerous. Therefore, you need to think carefully before using them. If you misuse recipes, you can not only not reduce build-up, but also get chemical skin burns or allergies.


Before using any recipe for traditional medicine, you should make sure that the patient does not have an individual intolerance to his ingredients. It is also advisable to consult a dermatologist and make sure that the neoplasm does not degenerate into cancer.

Complex treatment of papillomavirus

Provocative of the appearance of benign neoplasms was the human papillomavirus (HPV). It penetrates through the skin, affects the internal organs and causes the tissues of the epithelium and the epidermis to pathologically change. So on the body, there are papillomas.

Removal of viral outgrowths is a cure for the symptoms of the disease. Next, you need to remove the root cause of papilloma formation. To do this, you need to strengthen the immune system, which will keep the papillomatosis in a latent state, because it is not treated forever. Without maintaining protective functions, the disease recurs, and all the therapy will come to naught.

Increase immunity in several ways:

  • taking antiviral and immunomodulating tablets;
  • eating fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Observance of personal hygiene rules.

All this – a pledge of good health and retention of papillomavirus infection in a latent form.

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