How to Remove a Large Wart?

Neoplasms on the skin of a person are of different shapes, types and sizes. The most common are warts. It is a growth on the skin that causes discomfort and spoils the appearance. In this regard, warts are to be removed. There are many ways to get rid of them. Since it is more difficult to remove a large wart, this process requires more attention than in the case of a small neoplasm.

In the medical office

The most effective and safe way to remove tumors is to visit a dermatologist in a specialized clinic. After determining the type of growth, the patient is offered a choice of several ways to get rid of it.

  • Cryodestruction is the treatment of a wart with liquid nitrogen. The method is used more often than others are, as it has a good effect and is painless. A large wart is removed in several stages, between which the doctor examines the place of treatment and assesses how many cauterization will be required.
  • Laser cautery – destruction of the wart under the action of the laser beam. The procedure is painful, anesthesia is required to remove large warts. It should be carried out by a professional who feels the instrument and the depth of impact. With too deep cauterization there is a risk of burns to the deeper layers of the skin, there are contraindications. However, the laser acts not only on the growth, it destroys the infected HPV cells, preventing the development of the disease and the re-growth of warts.
  • Electric shock – a painless and bloodless procedure for removing tumors with heat and current. The dead part of the wart is cut off immediately after the procedure with a metal loop.
  • Radio wave excision – a contactless procedure for removing tumors, prevents the spread of infection through the blood. For this purpose, the modern apparatus Surgitron is used.

Medical procedures for removing warts require special equipment and a specialist with appropriate skills. The advantage of these methods is that they allow you to get rid of tumors guaranteed and pass under the supervision of a physician. This prevents the development of complications and minimizes the effects of the procedure.


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Home removal

If the procedure in a specialized center is postponed due to the inability to get into it, the doctor will advise you to remove the wart with what you can buy at the pharmacy. Getting rid of tumors with drugs at home means more risk than going to the clinic, but is also considered effective.


Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to soften the wart. This will enhance the effect of the drug and help it deeper influence on the neoplasm.

Salicylic ointment is used for this. It is applied on the wart, covered with food film, and fastened with a plaster on top. The compress is left for a few minutes, then removed and steamed the treatment site in hot water with the addition of soap and soda until softened. At the end of the preparatory stage, the cornified layer is carefully cut off with nail scissors.

Preparations for removing warts are extremely dangerous for the skin, so the area around the tumor should be smeared with a thick cream or ointment with zinc, and the procedure itself should be worn with gloves. This will help protect hands and healthy skin from burns. After the procedure, the skin around the site of cauterization is wiped with a gauze pad or cotton pad.


Disposal of neoplasms with the help of pharmacies is widespread among the population. The following drugs are used to remove warts:

  • Verrukacid – contains metacresol and phenol. Dotted onto the head of the wart. Large tumors must be processed from 7 to 10 times, taking breaks of 4-5 minutes. At the site of application a crust forms, which disappears as it heals. Repeat the procedure allowed one week after the wound has healed. If the wart continues to disturb after 5 procedures, it is necessary to visit a doctor or change the drug.
  • SuperPistotel – is considered the most effective and popular tool at an affordable price. Contains a solution of alkali – hydroxides of potassium and sodium. 1 drop of the drug is applied to the tumor and give time to soak. The course of treatment is 3 days.
  • Mountain celandine – a drug with a natural composition (celandine juice, cocoa, gentian, rhododendron). Destroys a neoplasm and cells infected with a virus, preventing the recurrence of warts. A small amount of the drug is applied to the growth and left for 7-12 minutes. Treatment course – 3 days.
  • Cryopharma is a homemade version of cryotherapy. Available in the form of a spray with refrigerant, the temperature of which is -57ºС. The applicator is brought to the growth, spray is sprayed. The skin at the site of treatment becomes white, there is a slight burning sensation. After some time, there is redness of the skin, then a blister occurs. It must be treated with an antiseptic solution for 7 days.
  • Solkoderm – contains a mixture of acids (acetic, nitric, lactic, oxalic). The tool is used under the supervision of a dermatologist. The drug is applied dotted on the head of the growth and slightly pressed into the skin. After 5 minutes, the wart should discolor, and then become grayish or yellowish. If this does not happen, the processing is repeated. The procedure is terminated after the occurrence of a change in the color of the site of exposure. A few days after treatment, the growth will change color to black and dry. In the absence of effect, the procedure is repeated. The crust formed at the place of processing cannot be cut or torn, it disappears on its own.
  • Allomedin – has antiviral effect, is produced in the form of a gel. Dotted onto the growths 2 times a day. The course of treatment is 21 days.


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In choosing a method of getting rid of warts, you must adhere to the recommendations of a specialist. This will ensure a good result and help avoid the consequences of the procedure.

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