How to get rid of flat warts on the hands?


In the modern world, the human papillomavirus is a very common problem. It is because of it that about half of the population of our planet at least once in a lifetime suffered from wart growths on the skin.

As for the flat variety of such neoplasms, they got their name because of the shape. Visually similar tumors are similar to a nettle burn, but in some cases their color may vary. Usually flat warts on the hands appear at a young age, so they are often called youthful.

Most of all, adolescents are subject to the formation of this variety of papillomas, in the body of which hormonal changes occur.

Causes of neoplasms on the hands

Of course, treatment of flat warts may be required on other parts of the body, but the hands suffer from this misfortune very often. The fact is that the human papillomavirus that causes them penetrates the body without any difficulty even through subtle cracks in the skin, not to mention serious cuts or noticeable wounds.Many warts on hand
However, treatment for flat warts on the hands may not be required immediately. During normal functioning of the immune system, the virus will not be able to manifest itself, and will be in a "sleeping" state.

From this phase to the active pathogen can go with any serious shock to the body. For this, even constant sleep deprivation, a prolonged depressive state or severe stress caused by problems at work is enough. Like other infectious diseases, the disease in question can occur as a result of hypothermia.

At the same time, modern medications do not completely cure the ailment, and you can only talk about how to get rid of external manifestations.

It is worth noting that the human papillomavirus has dozens of different strains. Among them, there are three types (14, 15 and 27), which cause flat warts. Most other virus genotypes lead to the growth of other varieties of papillomas resembling scallops or papillae.


Today, approximately 65-70% of people suffer from HPV. However, the virus does not always manifest itself immediately after penetration into the body, since with good functioning of the immune system it can be in an inactive phase for many years.

Diagnosis: can I myself or better to a doctor?

Many people living in the territory of the former union most often have a desire to cope with the disease on their own. The reasons for this may be a huge number: someone does not trust doctors, others do not have the opportunity to go to the doctor, and still others do not want to spend much on treatment.

However, before you remove flat warts, you need to know for sure that the problem lies in them. There are a number of other diseases, the symptomatology of which is similar to infection with 14, 15 and 27 HPV strains, but the therapy for them should be completely different.

In addition, the human papillomavirus can parasitize against the background of another ailment that needs to be treated first. If you ignore this nuance, then the root cause of the problem will not disappear, and warts will hit you constantly with increased force.

Therefore, for an accurate diagnosis and choice of treatment method, it is better to seek the help of experienced specialists. Even over the past few years, medicine has taken a dramatic step forward, and you can be sure that the hospital will offer you qualified help.Warts between the fingers


For treatment, you need to know for sure that you are faced with flat warts, and not other diseases. For example, in individuals older than 40 years, such growths occur extremely rarely. Also, neoplasms of a flat shape never appear on the feet, palms and in the groin area. If you find tumors of this type in these areas, then the problem is not with HPV.

Treatment of flat warts on the hands

In some cases, flat warts on the hands do not require treatment, but disappear on their own after a few months or within six months. Nevertheless, one should not count on such a result, because patients rarely encounter such an outcome. It is especially important to provide surgical treatment if you notice the following manifestations:

  1. There is a very rapid growth of warts.
  2. New tumors appear, merging with existing ones in the group.
  3. The wart is not uniform in color.
  4. The neoplasm is ulcerating or bleeding.

Taking antiviral drugs

In order to prevent HPV from affecting other areas of the skin, appropriate medications must be taken. They are offered in several dosage forms at once, so you can choose the best option for yourself. Isoprinosine is considered the most popular remedy of this type today, and Allokin-alpha is its closest competitor.

Immunostimulating agents

Such tools will not help you get rid of flat warts, but the high-quality work of the immune system that they provide is important for good wound healing and proper recovery. They are needed, however, only with the most unfavorable prognoses, and can only be prescribed after an examination by an immunologist. Among the most popular solutions on the market are Hexavit, Pentavit, Centrum and the like.

Growth Removal Techniques

Modern medicine is very well developed, and you can remove warts with the help of surgical intervention in several ways at once. In this case, you can also use traditional surgery, but it is not as convenient and does not give the same excellent result as the following three options:Removal of the wart with liquid nitrogen

  1. Laser. Fast, effective and painless removal.
  2. Radio waves. The advantages are the same as those of the laser, including the complete absence of scars or scars after the procedure.
  3. Nitrogen. Freezing warts is also very popular today, although it should not be chosen for those who do not want to experience unpleasant sensations and observe traces from the removed growths. But the price of the operation using nitrogen is quite affordable.

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