How to get rid of a wart with a thread?


Warts on the body are not dangerous to humans and are just a cosmetic defect, but if they are damaged, they can cause the development of a cancerous tumor. Therefore, due attention must be paid to the removal of benign neoplasms and to prevent their transition to the advanced stage.

There are many ways to get rid of this nuisance – from medical treatment and expensive cosmetic procedures to simple tugging.

Why do warts appear?

Growths on the body are symptoms of the entry of papillomavirus into the body. Viral infection is transmitted:

  • during physical interaction with a sick person;
  • in the process of intrauterine development of the baby;
  • when breastfeeding;
  • through other people's personal hygiene items.

Large wart

Common methods for getting rid of growths

There are several ways to reduce a wart:

  • removal of tumors in a beauty parlor;
  • surgical growth;
  • treatment with tablets and topical preparations;
  • use of traditional medicine.

The most popular option for removing growths on the body was dressing with a thread. The effectiveness and safety of this method is a moot point, but meanwhile it was widely used by our ancestors and successfully disposed of tumors of any size.

How does a thread remove warts?

By tying the growth to a thread at the very base, a person deprives the wart of blood supply, which violates its protein structure, and also causes the death of infected skin cells. No papilloma can exist without the supply of oxygen entering the root system through the blood vessels.

Despite the great effectiveness of this method, there is a list of complications that may appear in case of unsuccessful removal of the growth:

  • skin inflammation;
  • suppuration;
  • the development of acute viral infection in the depths of the epidermal layers of the skin;
  • the degeneration of papillomas into a cancerous tumor.

Also, this folk method is not suitable for removing genital warts and growths localized on the eyelids or mucous membranes of the mouth.


It is possible to reduce a wart with a thread only after revealing the level of tumorigenicity of the neoplasm! Based on the results of laboratory diagnostics, a specialist will give permission for self-removal of the wart.

Recommendations before removing the wart with thread

If the doctor is allowed to tear a wart at home, then some recommendations must be followed:

  • before removing the growth, thoroughly wash the skin with soap;
  • the place of removal of the neoplasm should be treated with an antiseptic solution (alcohol, peroxide or chlorhexidine);
  • for bandaging the papilloma, it is necessary to use only silk or cotton thread, which also needs to be decontaminated first;
  • the course of treatment should not exceed 10 days.Wart dressing thread

Methods for bandaging a wart

Despite the fact that there is nothing complicated in the procedure for tying a wart, alternative medicine offers several popular ways to carry out this procedure.

The first simplest method is tightly tying the growth at its base with silk thread. After pulling the neoplasm, about seven days should pass, after which it will begin to dry out and fall off on its own. If this does not happen, then more serious treatment will be required.

The second method was the preliminary wetting of the thread in acetic acid. This will help accelerate the destruction of infected cells, as well as additionally disinfect the site of papilloma vyvyazhivaniya.

The last option for getting rid of warts was dressing with a thread and subsequent processing of the wart with 72% household or tar soap. To do this, you need to tightly tie a silk or cotton thread at the very base of the wart and lubricate the growth and the area around it with soapy water for one week.

How to speak a thread?

The use of various conspiracies refers to self-hypnosis treatment and in most cases this technique really works. This is especially suitable for those people who have warts for a psychosomatic cause.

Alternative medicine fans usually use one of three common conspiracies:

  • To consume warts, you will need to take a red thread and one small potato. The root crop needs to be cut in half and with one half rub the wart with the words:

“As potatoes fade, so let my wart fade forever.”

Further, both halves are wrapped with thread, after which the potato is buried in the ground. It is necessary to do the ceremony once a day until the growth is completely dead.

  • To get rid of group small warts, it is necessary to break off a branch of mountain ash along with leaves. Further, by the number of papillomas, the branch is wrapped with woolen thread and buried in wet ground (preferably after heavy rain). When burying a branch, you need to say:

“Like a mountain ash rot, so let my warts rot!”

  • You can remove a large wart by zagovarivanie thread, which is buried in the ground. To do this, you need to bandage the growth with dense linen thread for the night, after which it is carefully removed and buried in the garden. You need to do this with the words:

“As the thread rotes, so does the wart.”

Potatoes for conspiracy

Doctors are skeptical of all kinds of magical rites and warn that delaying with professional treatment exacerbates the situation. However, psychologists have a different opinion on this matter. They believe that the use of conspiracies and prayers can save a person with strong self-hypnosis not only from papillomas, but also from other, more serious ailments.

Reasons for stopping self-medication

If self-medication with the help of folk medicine does not bring the desired results, then stubbornness is inappropriate here. A visit to the doctor will help you find out the reason why the warts do not want to disappear, and choose the right method of dealing with growths.

Each person has his own characteristics of the body and not every treatment suits him. When removing the wart with thread, complications may appear in the form of:

  • inflammation in the area of ​​the removed growth;
  • pain when touching the skin;
  • the appearance of a purulent process under the upper layer of the epidermis;
  • changes in the size and color of the wart (transition to a cancerous tumor).

If these symptoms appear, stop self-medication immediately and go to the doctor.


It is impossible to predict the beginning of the development of oncology, and if a modification of the growth is detected, it is necessary to visit a medical institution as soon as possible. Speed ​​in this case can save a life.

The importance of drug treatment

Even if the removal of the wart with a thread solved the problem with the neoplasm, the patient must undergo a course of drug treatment. This is because the removal of the external symptoms of papillomavirus does not solve the problem with infection within the body. Only antiviral drugs in combination with vitamin complexes can relieve the disease and prevent the appearance of papillomas in other parts of the body.

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