How to cauterize a papilloma at home?


Papillomas are benign formations that occur on the skin, mucous membrane of the nasopharynx or genitals. Their appearance is provoked by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which infected about 60% of all people. But even in this case, far from always formations appear on the skin of a person.

The influence of certain factors leads to the activation of the virus:

  • stressful situations;
  • weakened immunity;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • severe infectious diseases.

It is impossible to completely recover from HPV. To date, various methods of cauterizing them are an effective method of combating papillomas.

In what cases is the removal of papillomatous neoplasms indicated

If papillomas appear on the skin, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist. Only an experienced doctor can determine the nature of the neoplasm, find out if they will degenerate into a malignant tumor, and prescribe the most appropriate way to remove them.Cauterization of papillomas with a pharmaceutical drug

It is necessary to burn papillomas, if they:

  • affect the aesthetic appearance;
  • are in places of friction, because of which they are constantly injured;
  • are highly oncogenic, that is, they can lead to precancerous conditions or cause cancer of the larynx or cervix;
  • located on the genitals.

Cauterization of papillomas by modern methods

Modern medicine offers several ways to burn papillomas:

  • Surgical Laser Removalwhen the neoplasm is cauterized by a laser beam. At the same time, there is a commissure of blood vessels, which virtually eliminates the possibility of a new papilloma appearing at the site of the removed one. One of the significant advantages of this method is that after cauterization, there is no scar or scar in the previously affected area;
  • Liquid nitrogen cauterization (cryodestruction), which destroys the papilloma from the inside, the liquid inside turns into ice, after which a bubble forms. After some time, the papilloma becomes hard and disappears. To remove neoplasms in this way, several procedures must be performed, which may take 5-6 weeks;
  • Electrocoagulationaimed at removing papillomatous formations by exposure to high-frequency electric currents. As a result of the manipulations, the protein located in the middle of the papilloma coagulates, after which it dies. And only then can the tumor be removed. The main advantage is the ability to conduct a histological examination of the material obtained. The disadvantages of the method include the fact that not in all cases it turns out to remove the papilloma completely. This can cause a scar to appear, which will brighten and become almost invisible over time;
  • Surgical excision, which is resorted to if a large area of ​​the skin or papilloma is affected, has a predisposition to transform into malignant.

Papilloma removal

The effectiveness of modern methods of removing papillomatous neoplasms leaves no doubt. But not everyone has the material opportunity to get rid of papillomas in one of the above ways. Therefore, special medicines or alternative methods are often used for these purposes, which in most cases help to solve the problem even at home.

Cauterization of papillomas with pharmaceutical preparations

Before going to the pharmacy, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will tell you how to burn a papilloma and which remedy is best for you. Medicines affect the neoplasm, due to its composition.

Chemical cauterization can be carried out using such means as:

  • Ammonia (10% ammonia solution), which grease existing growths. Treatment lasts about 5 days;
  • Topical medicine Verrucacid, which helps get rid of papillomas after a single use, strictly following the instructions. This method of removal is painful, the restoration of the affected area is long – more than a week;
  • Viferon ointment or Kipferon, stimulating the production of interferon;
  • The drug Cryopharma or Wartner, with the help of which cryodestruction is carried out independently – warts and papillomas are frozen using special applications;
  • Castor oil is a popular popular means for cauterizing papillomas, which is applied directly to the growths. The more often the manipulations are carried out, the faster the tumors fall away. Treatment lasts from 5 days to a month and depends on the method of using the product;
  • The drug Ferezol is effective in combating genital papillomas, dry warts and calluses. The product is rubbed into the affected area of ​​the dermis for about 40 minutes, while you should be careful not to touch the healthy skin around. 3-5 procedures help solve the problem;
  • Oxolinic ointment has an antiviral effect. If the neoplasm does not disappear completely, then in any case, new papillomas will not appear on the skin surrounding it;
  • Drugs that have the word "celandine" in their names also help get rid of warts and papillomas;
  • A lapis pencil that helps in the fight against papillomas thanks to the disinfecting effect of silver nitrates. The disadvantage of this tool is the formation of pink scars in the place of the fallen growth.

Papilloma ointment

What is best to burn papillomas depends on the type of neoplasm, the area of ​​damage to the skin, the individual characteristics of the human body.

The use of folk remedies

To get rid of neoplasms, not only various pharmacy preparations are used, but also folk remedies. Before using them, you need to visit a dermatologist to find out if papillomas can be cauterized in your case and the better it is.

The most common folk methods for getting rid of papillomas:

  1. Iodine is very popular. It is applied in a dotted manner to existing papillomas and condylomas. Manipulations are carried out 3-4 times a day until the papilloma is completely dry. To protect the healthy skin around the growth, it is lubricated with cream.
  2. To solve skin problems, even at home, celandine juice is also perfect. The effect is achieved due to the fact that it contains chelidonin and alkaloids. Processing the epithelial cells of the neoplasm with the juice of this plant allows you to get rid of papillomas within two to four weeks.

Mandatory Precautions:

  • prevent the product from reaching the mucous membranes;
  • exclude exposure to nearby skin, as the chemicals contained in the plant can lead to burns. To avoid this, you should anoint the healthy skin with petroleum jelly or baby cream.The use of herbs

After the growth has dried up and disappeared, the use of celandine must be stopped.

  1. To burn papillomas, you can also use garlic compresses. To do this, grind the garlic and mix it with flour until a creamy consistency is formed. The compress is fixed to the problem area at night, fixing with a band-aid or bandage. After 3-4 days, the papilloma disappears. Care should be taken when applying garlic, as it can cause irritation, an allergic reaction, or a burn.
  2. It is possible to burn out the papilloma with the help of household soap, which should rub the growth for 4-5 days before the formation of the soap layer. As soon as the skin turns red, the manipulation must be stopped.
  3. Another recipe consists of these components: iodine, boric acid, aspirin and alcohol. To prepare the product, you need to take 2 g of boric acid (powder), 3 g of crushed aspirin and 5 percent iodine. A mixture of 100 ml of alcohol is poured and mixed thoroughly. Apply the agent on neoplasms carefully, using a cotton swab. This recipe is suitable if a person is not allergic to any of the constituent components.
  4. The following recipe is suitable for those who want to know the better to process a papilloma, which has begun to grow actively. In this case, a chicken egg would be a good option. For treatment, it is necessary to use only protein, applying it to the papilloma several times a day, one layer after another, waiting for the previous to dry completely. The result will be noticeable after 5-7 days – the growth will dry up and disappear.
  5. Cauterizing effect is provided by solutions prepared on the basis of kerosene and walnut. To obtain this folk remedy, it is necessary to pick milk nuts and cut them with peel into small slices, then place in a glass container. Then pour the nuts with good quality kerosene. Put the infusion in a dark place for three weeks. After the indicated period, the mixture is filtered and used for application to problem areas. Procedures should be carried out until the disappearance of the papilloma.
  6. In addition, at home, often to burn out neoplasms, resort to the use of essential oils in combination with additional funds. For example, tea tree essential oil is mixed with vinegar in a 1: 2 ratio. The growth should be treated 2 times a day. You can also use only one essential tea tree oil, applying it until the papilloma dries.

Use of iodine against papillomas

In addition to the above methods of cauterization of neoplasms, it is recommended to use various infusions based on medicinal herbs inside. Effectively affects the use of papillomas twice a day (in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime) of freshly squeezed potato juice. You can take alcohol tinctures of rose hips and echinacea. Only 5 drops per quarter of a glass of water once a day can improve the protective functions of the body, which will help fight the virus from the inside.

Tea from medicinal herbs (plantain, horsetail, nettle leaves, dandelion roots and lemon balm) taken in crushed form in equal quantities will also help to overcome papillomas. It is simple to prepare the broth: 2 dessert spoons of the mixture pour half a liter of boiling water and insist. Take 50 ml 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment is 7 days.

The choice of which is better to cauterize a papilloma depends on the reaction of the body to active substances, the site of damage, the stage of development and growth of the neoplasm. In this case, it is necessary to carefully use the proposed funds, mainly pointwise, so that the place of a healthy skin is not burnt out.

Only a highly qualified dermatologist, with whom it is necessary to coordinate the conduct of home treatment, can correctly choose an effective method in each individual case to combat papillomas.

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