How much does the removal of papillomas cost?


The appearance of papillomas and warts on the body is a common problem. Many mistakenly believe that this is only a cosmetic defect. In fact, everything is much more complicated. Neoplasms are a sign that the human papillomavirus has settled or activated in the body.

Often, growths increase, cause itching and even bleed. The risk of degeneration into a malignant formation at the same time increases significantly. That is why experts strongly recommend removing papillomas. There are a lot of technologies to get rid of growths today.

How much does it cost to remove a papilloma with a laser

Laser therapy is a quick, almost painless procedure. It includes only two stages: excision of the growth and sealing of blood vessels. Due to this, it is possible to avoid a number of complications.Laser papilloma removal

After excising growths of small diameter on the skin there is no trace. When removing larger papillomas, a white spot may remain, which will soon disappear. Tissues completely heal in a week.

Among the main advantages of this method, the following are noted:

  • Nearby tissue is not damaged;
  • Depth of exposure is controlled by a specialist;
  • The disinfecting effect, due to which the postoperative period is reduced as much as possible;
  • There is no risk of bleeding;
  • It is possible to remove many small growths in one procedure.

There are also disadvantages to laser therapy. The occurrence of side effects is not excluded, redness appears on the body. This phenomenon is considered normal and does not pose any threat.

The price of such a procedure varies from 500 to 1500 rubles, depending on the size of the growth and the selected clinic.


After excision, the treated area is strictly forbidden to treat with iodine or hydrogen peroxide. You just need to wait until it is covered with a crust of crust, which after a while will fall away naturally.

How much is the removal of papillomas by electrocoagulation

The method of electrocoagulation is also considered effective in the fight against papillomas. A neoplasm is destroyed by exposure to electric current. High frequency or direct current is used.

Among the advantages of this method are:

  • The possibility of further histological examination. The growth is separated from the skin, and not completely burned out;
  • There is no risk of infection;
  • Bleeding is prevented.

At the same time, scarring of tissues and even the reappearance of a growth in the same place is not excluded. Due to which they resort to this method of removing papillomas less and less.

The procedure is quite inexpensive. The price varies from 250 to 1000 rubles. In many ways, it depends on the size and number of papillomas.

The cost of removing papillomas with cryodestruction

Quite often, papillomas are removed precisely by exposure to them with liquid nitrogen, but despite this, it can not be called the most effective. This procedure is far from painless, and also requires a lot of time.

This process involves several steps:

  • Tissues are frozen;
  • Their paralysis and subsequent swelling occur;
  • Blisters form;
  • Tissues are torn away.

Cryo papilloma removal

In order for the papilloma to disappear, and the scar is overgrown, it takes about six months. The cost of the procedure is not so small, considering that the neoplasm may soon appear again. It varies from 200 to 700 rubles.

Rules for preparing for the procedure

Regardless of which method of removal of papillomas was chosen, you need to prepare for the procedure in advance. For two weeks before surgery, you must avoid:

  • The effects of sunlight on the skin;
  • Contacts with household chemicals;
  • Therapeutic baths.

Only following these recommendations will you be able to avoid all kinds of complications in the postoperative period. After removal of the neoplasm, these recommendations should also be followed until the skin is completely healed.

Removal of papillomas is a necessary measure. Most experts argue that getting rid of these growths is a must. This radical method prevents the degeneration of tumors into malignant. Indications for this procedure are damage, bleeding, an increase in the size of papillomas.

Patients with these symptoms are at increased risk. Since the excision procedure is relatively inexpensive, carrying out it will not be a problem for anyone. Moreover, such services are offered by many private and public medical institutions.

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