Hanging moles under the armpits. Causes of appearance and removal at home


Usually at the word mole we provide a small dark spot to the touch that does not differ from the skin. However, in the process of life, under the influence of adverse factors, such pigments can increase, transforming into unattractive “hanging papillae”.

Most often, hanging moles are located under the armpits, in the inguinal zone or on the neck. The growths not only spoil the aesthetic appearance, they can cause physical discomfort and even oncology. It is quite simple to get rid of potentially dangerous growths today – treatment can be carried out in a medical institution or at home, using drugs and alternative recipes. But before proceeding with the manipulations, you need to visit a doctor, establish the cause and nature of the neoplasm.

Why do hanging moles appear?

People understand the meaning of the word "mole" differently – for some, this is an inborn pigment spot, consisting of melanocytes accumulated in the subcutaneous space. Others by this term mean all available epidermal growths – papillomas, condylomas, keratomas, others.Large mole under the arm

If we talk about ordinary pigmented moles, then their causes are:

  • Heredity – the number, location, color is laid in utero at the DNA level. Multiple pigmentation on the body of parents in 90% of cases is transmitted to children – the first spots may appear immediately after birth;
  • Ultraviolet – it contributes to the activation of melanocyte cells that produce the staining substance melanin. The more intense and more often UV radiation, the more active melanocytes work – moles increase in size, darken, the appearance of new pigmentation is observed. In addition, excess UV leads to a mutation of melanocytes, as a result – a mole can degenerate into melanoma (skin cancer);
  • Radioactive radiation affects the body in the same way as UV rays;
  • Endocrine, hormonal disorders can be the reason why a small mole is converted into a large hanging nevus;
  • Injuries, insect bites, dermatological ailments can trigger the growth mechanism.

Another reason is papillomavirus infection. Active HPV in the human body causes uncontrolled division of epidermal cells, as a result – pseudo-moles or papillomas appear on the skin. They have nothing to do with melanin, in fact, this is a viral skin growth.

Favorite location of papillomas is the armpit, groin, chest area, neck. Outwardly, they are very similar to moles, but the main difference is multiple seeding – in a small area of ​​the skin, you can find up to several dozen hanging processes.

The virus is transmitted by contact and domestic means, therefore, when coming to someone else's house or visiting public places, use only personal hygiene products and avoid close, prolonged, and even more sexual contact with sick people.


Moles and papillomas are prone to malignancy, so before removing them yourself, consult your doctor, go through a histological examination.

Thus, all major skin neoplasms that interfere with everyday life, it is recommended to remove and do it better in a medical facility.

When removal is shown

It does not matter what causes the appearance of hanging moles – with the production of melanocytes or the activation of HPV, being in traumatic places, all of them must be removed. The only condition is the patient's desire.

The armpit, groin, neck here is very easy to injure the growth (rub with clothing, accidentally cut with a blade, hook with jewelry). Any trauma can cause the growth of a mole, in addition, an infection can easily enter the wound, causing redness, inflammation, even suppuration of the growth. If the injured neoplasm is located in places of accumulation of sweat glands, then it heals for a rather long time.Damaged Blackened Mole

In general, calm, painless moles with a diameter of up to 6 mm, with a smooth surface and clear edges are not necessary to remove – they are safe, treatment is carried out exclusively at the request of the patient (due to aesthetic discomfort).


If the hanging mole under the arm has become inflamed and reddened, for no apparent reason, this is an alarming sign, consult a doctor immediately.

Dangerous symptoms of rebirth

For various reasons, the nevus can become inflamed, redden and even hurt (most often it is associated with an injury), but what if all these unpleasant symptoms appeared, as they say “out of the blue,” then the worst thing can be suspected – the degeneration of a mole into melanoma.

The main signs that you should pay attention to in time to recognize malignancy:

  • A small mole is growing rapidly;
  • The color of the growth changes (lightens or darkens);
  • The structure of the neoplasm has changed (it has become dense or, conversely, soft);
  • The borders are fuzzy, blurry;
  • The surface is hilly, rough;
  • Cracks appeared, excretion of exudate;
  • The main symptoms are inflammation, pain.

Even if a small hanging mole appears under the arm, but at the same time it has one or more of the above symptoms, it should be removed immediately – timely treatment increases the chances of getting rid of the cancer completely.


According to statistics, the initial stage of melanoma (without metastasis) in 90% of cases is subject to complete cure. Do not hesitate in contacting a doctor, and especially do not self-medicate – home removal in this case is prohibited.

When removal can be done at home

It is not recommended to cauterize or freeze the pigmented nevi on their own – the consequences of such manipulations can be irreversible. Visit a medical institution, where you (at choice) will undergo laser, radio wave destruction, electrocoagulation or cryotherapy. A single neoplasm is removed quickly, painlessly and without unnecessary financial costs.

Benign multiple papillomas are subject to home removal (it is possible to confirm or deny malignancy only by a diagnostic method – you need to see a doctor).

Of course, you can get rid of them with the help of hardware procedures, but you will have to pay for each individual pathological element – the amount will not be small. That is why many people prefer to carry out the removal at home, using a special medication or alternative prescription.

Medical preparations

To get rid of the hanging element, an armpit will require a necrotizing or freezing agent for home use – Superchistotel, Ferezol, Kriofarma, Wartner Krio, Lapis pencil, others.Wartner Cryo for mole removal


When applying an aggressive chemical substance, be careful not to get on healthy skin (it provokes a severe burn). It is best to use the help of a second person or to glue the nearest parts of the body with adhesive tape.

Ferezol, Superchistotel and other drugs of necrotic effect are applied pointwise – 1-2 drops of the drug are sufficient (depending on the size of the neoplasm). Cauterization is carried out 2-3 times, after which the growth becomes black, covered with a dry crust and rejected. It is impossible to scratch or peel the scab, it must fall off on its own, this usually happens on 10-14 days.

Cryopharma, Wartner Cryo, other freezing drugs are used according to the instructions – remove the protective cap, press the applicator to the growth, make 1-3 clicks. Then they wait 10 seconds and remove the applicator. The procedure is an analogue of cryotherapy.

Using a lapis pencil, it should first be moistened with water, then several times a day to treat the neoplasm, without leaving the skin healthy.

When confirming the diagnosis of papillomatosis, it is not enough just to remove the growth, you need to overcome the virus, otherwise relapse can not be avoided – antiviral, immunostimulating therapy is also prescribed.

Folk Remedies

There are many ways to remove pseudo-moles yourself, here are the most well-known remedies:

  • A home healer growing everywhere – celandine. Its juice is treated with a growth twice a day, over time it blackens and disappears. An ointment can be made from celandine (mix juice with petroleum jelly), treatment is carried out 2-3 times a day;
  • The neoplasm is lubricated with iodine until it dries. You can also make a compress and leave it overnight;
  • Rub the growth with brown laundry soap, wash off after 8-12 hours. Usually 4 procedures are enough to remove small moles;
  • They are treated with fresh juice of garlic, onions, dandelion – they simply drip onto the surface of the growth or make compresses.

Having decided on an independent removal, first go through the diagnosis and coordinate your actions with the doctor.

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