Genital Warts In Women. Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Warts are growths in various parts of the body that usually do not carry serious danger. Being formed on the female genital organs, they can cause a lot of inconvenience, including causing problems with sex life and developing complexes due to their presence.

However, knowing the reasons for which they appeared, and methods of treatment, you can get rid of them. The main thing is not to start the problem, because over time without the necessary therapy, the warts tend to multiply. And also, under favorable conditions, they can spread to other organs.

How warts look on genitals in women

Warts are growths that form on the skin and mucous membranes. Places of their localization in the genital area:

  1. On the pubis;
  2. In the vagina;
  3. On the cervix;
  4. On the clitoris;
  5. Around the anus;
  6. On the labia.

Depending on the area of ​​their location, they look different:

  • On the large genital lips and on the skin around the formation of low growths of solid or yellowish color, covered with a hard crust;
  • On the mucous membranes – genital warts are soft pink outgrowths, tapering towards the top. In place of their accumulation appears education, like a cauliflower.


Most often, growths do not cause additional symptoms. Pubic wart is easily detected. They are visually pronounced and can cause discomfort when exposed to friction on underwear or other physical effects.

Vaginal warts or condylomas may not be felt for a long time. The following signs may indicate their presence:

  1. Discomfort or pain during intercourse, as well as the introduction of a tampon;
  2. Blood-sucking from the vagina;
  3. Itching and burning when running.

However, symptoms may not appear at all. In this case, pathology can be detected during a pelvic exam. If the condylomas are located on the vagina, they are sometimes found during daily hygiene procedures.


For the timely diagnosis of any disease of the sexual sphere, you must regularly visit the gynecologist for the purpose of prevention.


The only causative agent of genital warts is the human papillomavirus (HPV). He himself may not be disturbed for years, being inactive in the body. More than half of all people on the planet are carriers of HPV, and many do not even suspect a problem.


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A wart in the vagina always talks about sexually transmitted infections, including the danger of oral-genital connections. But it is not necessary that they appear immediately after the transmission of the virus – it may take several months or years before it begins to manifest itself.

In addition, infection can occur during childbirth, if the mother is a carrier of the virus, or by using the same supplies with a patient in a household way. In these cases, a wart forms on the pubic part, hands, legs or face.

Skin and mucous galls appear when factors are favorable for activating a virus. To provoke their formation in the presence of HPV in the body can reduce immunity:

  • Infectious diseases;
  • Inflammatory processes in the reproductive system;
  • Hormonal disorders, including pregnancy.
  • Stress states;
  • Bad habits;
  • Avitaminosis;
  • Other venereal diseases.

If all these factors are excluded, the genital wart may not appear at all, and the virus will go unnoticed.

What are dangerous genital warts

The main danger of warts on the genitals is their degeneration into a cancerous tumor. Located in an intimate place, they are more prone to such changes. Under the influence of HPV, erosion and other inflammatory processes can occur in the cervix of the uterus, which, without treatment, develop into oncology.

Skin warts, if you do not take measures to eliminate them, grow over time, taking up more and more area and spreading to other organs. With mechanical damage, the wart on the genital lip begins to bleed, crack, itch and produce an unpleasant odor.

The growths localized at the entrance to the vagina can block the urethra and cause problems with outflow of urine.


Genital warts on the labia minora and inside the vagina during pregnancy are especially dangerous. If they are detected, it is imperative to consult with your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

If during pregnancy you do not give importance to the problem, it can cause such complications:

  1. Infection of the child during childbirth – leads to the proliferation of papillomas on the mucous membranes of the mouth and larynx of the newborn, in rare cases leads to his death from suffocation;
  2. Problems with delivery, up to the need for cesarean section.


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However, it should be noted that the transmission of HPV and, in particular, warts during childbirth, are quite rare. And the virus is most dangerous for a premature baby.


First of all, to confirm that the detected formations are warts or warts, a woman should contact one of the specialists:

  • Dermatovenerologist;
  • Gynecologist;
  • Proctologist.

It is necessary to choose a specialist depending on the site of localization and associated diseases.

Before treating warts, conduct the following examinations:

  1. Visual inspection by a specialist;
  2. A blood test for sexually transmitted diseases that often accompany the appearance of warts. Often, such formations accompany syphilis;
  3. Consultation of the oncologist, if necessary;
  4. Biopsy of growth by the decision of the oncologist;
  5. Colposcopy to identify possible neoplasms on the cervix;
  6. PCR analysis to determine viral DNA and its carcinogenicity;
  7. Pap test with high oncogenic HPV strain;
  8. After removal of the genital wart, it is sent for histology.

What kind of diagnostic measures are needed in each case, decides the attending physician. According to the results of the examinations, he will prescribe an individual treatment.


Therapy in the treatment of genital warts on the pubic part and in other intimate places should be comprehensive. Apply medical or hardware removal and drugs to improve immunity. It is not recommended to ignore the prescribed treatment. However, in some cases, the genital wart can withdraw itself, but it is not worth relying on such a favorable outcome. Timely treatment will not only get rid of the existing problem, but also prevent the consequences and possible relapses of the disease.

Hardware removal of condyloma and warts

Removal of warts is prescribed in cases of their overgrowth or when one of the oncogenic strains of HPV has become the cause. There are several ways to eliminate growths:

  • Cryodestruction – burning with liquid nitrogen;
  • Electrocoagulation – electric shock;
  • Radio wave method – contactless removal using radiation;
  • Laser therapy – laser burning, low-impact method without scar formation;
  • Surgical method – removal of a wart with a scalpel, requires post-operative rehabilitation, leaves scars at the cut sites.


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The best method of removal is determined by the doctor depending on the particular structure and localization of the warts.

Drug treatment

When it is possible to do without surgery, to eliminate warts on the genitals, women are treated with topical preparations. Even if they are not able to completely get rid of growths, the formation will significantly decrease when exposed to drugs.

Local remedies for warts include:

  1. Antipapillom;
  2. Condilin;
  3. Condilayn-Nycomed;
  4. Super Clean;
  5. Verrukatsid.


A drug for the removal of genital warts should appoint a doctor. Using too aggressive agents on or close to mucous membranes can damage healthy tissue.

In addition to the removal of warts, it does not matter – medicamentally or in hardware, immunostimulating preparations are necessary to strengthen the protective functions of the body in order to prevent new growths from appearing, and further relapses.

Among such funds:

  1. Viferon;
  2. Cycloferon;
  3. Immunal;
  4. Anaferon;
  5. Interferon.

Drug immunity is contraindicated in pregnancy, the presence of implants and bronchial asthma.

Folk methods

The use of folk remedies for warts on the pubic part of women and in other intimate places should be agreed with your doctor. Self-medication can aggravate the situation and cause inflammatory processes.

There are several tools that can help get rid of condyloma and warts in intimate places:

  1. Fresh celandine juice or its extract;
  2. Raw potatoes – use juice for application;
  3. Castor oil;
  4. Garlic.


After the genital wart is completely cured, there is always the possibility of reappearance. This is because the virus that causes them cannot be cured completely.

To reduce the risk of relapse, you must:

  • Eat right;
  • Strengthen immunity;
  • Regularly undergo examination by a gynecologist;
  • Eliminate promiscuous sex;
  • Observe the hygiene of the genitals;
  • Avoid contact with other people’s warts.

Any, even the smallest genital warts should not be overlooked. Early treatment is always more effective. It is not so difficult to get rid of the problem, if observed by the relevant specialists and follow their recommendations.

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