Genital Warts in Man: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments

The appearance of warts on the penis is not something extraordinary. The explanation for this is quite simple – the man was infected with a certain strain of HPV. It is possible that the infection occurred a long time ago, just the virus was in an inactive state up to this point.

Often, the first symptoms appear only years after the virus enters the body. Contributes to this process depression of the immune system.

Naturally, the wart on the penis causes anxiety, discomfort and even pain. Such tumors require urgent treatment. Moreover, the man is a carrier of the infection and is able to transmit the virus to his partner during sexual intercourse.

Why do warts appear on the penis?

The primary cause of the growth of the genital area is infection with the human papillomavirus. Appear precisely on these sites warts in medicine are classified as genital warts. Their appearance is characteristic of several strains of HPV (6, 11, 13, 16, 18, 31, 33 and 35).

For quite a long period, the virus may be in the body in a latent state, and its carrier does not even suspect that it is infected. The following factors contribute to the fact that the virus enters the active phase:

  • Concomitant infectious diseases of an intimate nature;
  • Neglect of contraception;
  • Microtrauma in the genital area;
  • Promiscuous sex life;
  • Oral sex;
  • Inhibition of the immune system;
  • Avitaminosis;
  • Exposure to severe stress;
  • Sex life started at an immature age;
  • Failure to follow basic rules of hygiene.

For the same, to determine the cause of the disease and conduct a full diagnosis, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Characteristic symptoms

It is not enough just to figure out why the warts appeared on the testicles or on the male organ, it is also necessary to make sure that these are genital warts.

Their main features are:

  • Flesh or pinkish color shade;
  • Small growths in diameter of about 1 mm, but with growth they can reach about 3 cm;
  • In the absence of proper treatment, the wart on the scrotum becomes visually similar to cauliflower;
  • Burning and itching appears;
  • Redness of the skin;
  • Highlight white;
  • Painful sensations during intercourse.


Not in all cases, a man may notice the appearance of genital warts. For accurate diagnosis, it is necessary for him to seek help from a doctor when the first symptoms of the disease appear.

Removal of warts on the penis by clinical methods

Warts on the pubis and other parts of the intimate areas can be removed in medical institutions. There are several safe and effective methods:

  • Radio wave method. Removal is carried out under the influence of radio waves, and there is no contact with the growths themselves;
  • Method of cryodestruction. Pubic warts are frozen with liquid nitrogen. The procedure is quite fast and takes less than a minute. After this, a reddening growth is observed, the formation of a bubble, which soon disappears;
  • Excision with a scalpel. This method is used only in cases where the tumor has reached a huge size. At the same time relapses are not excluded;
  • Electrocoagulation method. The wart on the penis is destroyed by current. It penetrates inside the growth and removes it from the root. At this place a crust forms, which quickly disappears on its own;
  • Laser therapy. The acupressure effect of a laser beam contributes to the fact that healthy areas of the skin are intact. The risk of scarring tissue is reduced to a minimum.


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Due to the fact that the removal of any of the existing methods, with the exception of only cryodestruction, is carried out under local anesthesia, the operation is considered painless, even with excision of the pubic growth.

How to remove warts on the head with medication

Genital pubic warts can also be removed with the help of pharmaceutical preparations. Often, the attending physician immediately prescribes those funds that are aimed at preventing the further spread of the virus. Among the most effective of them is Izoprinozin. The use of the drug is not highly recommended for urolithiasis, gout and renal failure. Take this tool is recommended for a pair of tablets three times during the day. Therapy lasts about two weeks.

Treatment of warts on the pubic part in men can be done with the help of such pharmaceutical preparations:

  • Salicylic ointment. Pubic warts are treated with this tool twice a day. To achieve maximum efficiency, the affected area is covered with a bandage. Therapy lasts a whole month. The drug is strictly forbidden to take patients with individual intolerance to its components. Sometimes, with prolonged use, damage to the nervous system has been noted;
  • Oxolinic ointment. This tool can be applied directly to the warts on the testicles, and mucous membranes. Initially, healthy areas of the epithelium are treated, and only the edges of genital warts. Only after that proceed to the processing of their central parts. Therapy lasts about three months, subject to the treatment of lesions up to three times during the day;
  • Viferon. The ointment has anti-inflammatory effect, also contributes to the regeneration of the skin. The wart on the penis is smeared up to four times a day. The course of treatment can last from seven days to a whole month;
  • Ryodoxol. Lesions are treated with this ointment a maximum of three times a day. The course of treatment depends on the severity of the disease and can vary from one week to a whole month. It is not recommended to use this tool in patients who suffer from vasodilatation, especially small vessels. In rare cases, the drug can cause mild redness and itching;
  • Panavir. The most popular among all pharmaceutical drugs, with antiviral effect. Warts on eggs in men are lubricated with this agent no more than twice a day. The duration of therapy directly depends on the state of the patient’s body and ends only when the desired result is achieved. This local drug is currently the only one that can improve the functioning of the immune system. At the slightest manifestations of allergy, its use must be stopped.


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How to remove a wart on a member of folk remedies

The fact that warts on the foreskin in men is well known to folk healers. There is no one way to treat these tumors without the use of drugs. The most effective of them are the following:

  • Tea tree oil. Warts in the genital area of ​​the warts in men are daily lubricated with this agent. Before applying to the lesion, the oil is mixed in equal proportions with water or conventional vegetable oil. If a pure substance is applied, a strong burning sensation is not excluded;
  • A solution of iodine and tea tree oil. This tool can cauterize single warts on the testicles, but the procedure should be carried out with maximum caution. It is important to prevent such a potent solution from reaching healthy areas of the epithelium. After a short time, the pubis and other intimate areas will start to dry out and disappear on their own;
  • Broth celandine. This tool is considered more benign than the fresh juice of this plant. For its preparation is enough of a whole pair of spoons of freshly squeezed juice, which must be diluted with a glass of boiling water. The wart on the penis is gently lubricated with this agent only twice during the day. During inflammation and strong burning sensation, baths are made from this agent;
  • Baths with chamomile and hunters. Just a spoonful of the mixture of these plants is filled with a liter of water. After a short infusion, the liquid is additionally mixed with warm water. You must take a fifteen minute bath every day.


Do not completely rely on traditional methods of treatment. If after at least a couple of weeks no result has been achieved, even on the contrary, the condition has worsened, then it is necessary to ask for the help of a specialist for the troubles of delay. Warts on the head of the penis are too dangerous to self-heal.

As soon as the first wart on the penis appeared, the man is obliged to warn his sexual partner about it and immediately contact a specialist for help. In this case, the treatment will need to immediately carry out together. In the same case, if the partner in the body does not have the human papillomavirus, intimacy during the entire therapeutic course will need to be excluded.

Preventive measures

Where better not to think about how to treat warts on the penis, but simply to avoid their appearance. Moreover, today a special vaccine has been developed (Gardasil and Cervarix), which can prevent infection of the most dangerous of all varieties of the papillomavirus that can cause cancer of the genital organ in men.


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Vaccination is done for men not only for adult men, but also for teenagers. The vaccine has a number of contraindications and restrictions, due to which only a doctor can prescribe it, and only after conducting a number of studies. The disadvantage of this preventive measure is that the vaccine is able to protect the body only from damage by certain strains of HPV, while others, although less dangerous, can easily get into the body.

For the same to avoid getting the virus into the body, you must comply with a number of preventive measures. In this case, it is quite possible the wart on the head of the penis does not appear at all. The main preventive measures are the following:

  • The choice of sexual partners should be approached with the utmost seriousness. Ideally, there should be only one, regular partner;
  • Do not neglect the use of contraceptives, in particular condoms. With their help, you can avoid infection with HPV;
  • Strengthen the immune system. Treatment of warts with depressed immunity is a meaningless undertaking. In addition, if the body is strong, able to resist the virus, the wart on the penis may not appear at all;
  • You must carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Do not under any circumstances use other people’s hygiene products and underwear;
  • You should lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, play sports and completely give up bad habits;
  • Enough time should be allocated for proper rest and sleep.


It should be remembered that only a strong, healthy body is able to resist the papillomavirus. For many years, the virus may be in a latent state and does not manifest itself. To do this, just need to monitor their own health.

Wart on the scrotum can appear absolutely in any man. No one is immune from this. At the first changes on the skin in the genital area, you should seek help from a specialist. He will not only tell you how to get rid of warts in the intimate area, but also help to avoid relapse.

After all, HPV is a disease that is simply impossible to get rid of forever. All the doctors came to the same conclusion that the only possible way to deactivate it is to constantly strengthen the immune system. Independently, without medical assistance to cope with this task is very difficult to cope.

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