Foot Warts: Removal, Treatments and Home Remedies

Warts on the legs not only cause a feeling of disgust, spoil the aesthetic appearance of your legs, but also cause pain when walking.

The cause of this trouble, like a wart, is the papillomavirus. Once in the general bloodstream, the virus is introduced into the DNA of epithelial cells, changes their structure and provokes rapid growth.

HPV infection occurs in the case of:

  • The presence of microcracks in the skin of the feet;
  • Failure to comply with hygienic rules;
  • Wearing shoes of different size;
  • Access to the swimming pool or sauna without rubber slates;
  • Trying on new shoes without a nylon stocking;
  • Frequent hypothermia.

Symptoms of warts on the legs

The races on the legs in most cases are round or oval. The surface of the warts located on the foot or fingertips coarsens and begins to peel off. When removing the upper layer, dark patches become visible under the scales. These are thrombosed small capillaries. Closure of blood vessels contributes to the tightening of the skin on the feet. Often the plantar growths grow, daughter formations appear, and as a result the foot is covered with a cornified “shell”.


The appearance and location of the tumor depends on the strain of HPV that struck the body. On your feet you can find the following types of growths:

  • Plain or vulgar. They are round growths covered with hard, horny layer. The average diameter of the neoplasm does not exceed five millimeters, however, due to the tendency to merge, they may visually appear larger. Deployed on the knee caps, the color coincides with the skin;
  • Flat or youthful. Slightly raised above the skin smooth growths are formed on the toes, knee caps, tibia. Have a beige, solid or pink color. The second name, youth, is due to the average age of the patients, which does not exceed 20-25 years;
  • Plantar warts or spinach. Scaled seals gray or yellowish. Localized on the heel or toes. Due to strong keratinization, the growths are first shelled and then exfoliated. This is the most painful type of neoplasm on the legs. Pain caused by compaction of the epithelium, leading to pinching of the nerve endings. If the growths are not treated, it becomes difficult for a person to walk not only in shoes, but also barefoot.

How to quickly get rid of warts on the legs

Cure papillomavirus today is not possible. It remains in the human body, but its activity decreases. Being in the “sleeping” mode, the papillomavirus does not manifest itself. The period of remission may last several years, or maybe a lifetime. But this requires complex therapy. It is best to consult a dermatologist. After examining and confirming the diagnosis, a qualified dermatologist will prescribe a course of immunomodulating and antiviral drugs.

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You can remove a wart:

  • In a medical clinic;
  • At home with the help of pharmacy tools;
  • Popular methods.

Specialized clinics successfully apply such methods of treatment:

  1. Cryodestruction. A small amount of liquid nitrogen is applied to the growth by a special applicator. Tissue warts sharply frozen, necrosis develops in them and the formation disappears;
  2. Electrocoagulation. The loop through which the high-frequency current passes is cut off. The resulting crust comes off independently a few days after the procedure;
  3. Radio wave treatment. The contactless method eliminates the risk of secondary infection;
  4. Laser destruction. Laser beam, pointwise affecting neoplasms. Vaporizes its cells;
  5. Surgical excision. The surgeon with a scalpel cuts the wart along with the root. It is used only for overgrown, prone to malignancy growths.


It is worth noting that the effectiveness of home ways of getting rid of growths on the legs is not inferior to treatment in the clinic.

Home Treatment

Conservative treatment is perfect for plantar and vulgar warts. When flat growths appear, it is recommended to contact specialists.

You can remove a wart at home quickly and efficiently using:

  • Groups of drugs immunomodulatory and antiviral effects. These include Panavir, Imiquimod, Oxolinic Ointment, Viferon. The treatment of this group of drugs prevents the reproduction of the virus, helps to remove the wart within one to four weeks, does not leave burns and scars;
  • The salicylic group of means from growths on the legs is represented by such drugs as Salicylic Ointment, Kollomac, Duofilm, Salipod. They remove the neoplasm tissue in layers. When initiating therapy with a salicylic group, the duration of treatment and the likelihood of damage to healthy skin should be considered;
  • Super Cleaner, Lekker. Drugs that contain aggressive alkali, have a cauterizing effect;
  • Necrotizing, antiseptic – a lap pencil (silver nitrate) iodine solution has an average effect and is characterized by a long period of treatment;
  • Group of phenols: Feresol, Verrukatsid. Allow to get rid of a growth for one application;
  • Means for home cryodestruction – Wartner Cryo, Cryopharma. Available in the form of aerosols. Their effect resembles liquid nitrogen;

The main condition for successful conservative treatment is compliance with the instructions for use of the drug and a continuous course of procedures.

Folk recipes for getting rid of warts

In addition to traditional methods of treatment, you can remove the wart on the leg with folk remedies. Many recipes are passed among people from generation to generation.


Garlic has long been used as a disinfectant and cold medicine. The antiviral, bactericidal effect of garlic is caused by the phytoncides and sulfur compounds that it contains. As a means of growths used such recipes with garlic:

  • A thin plate of garlic is applied to the neoplasm and fixed with a patch. Change garlic plate need every two hours. Continue treatment until the growth is completely eliminated;
  • Freshly squeezed garlic juice rubbed into a wart. Repeat the procedure three times a day until the growth does not disappear;
  • Grind two or three cloves with a knife or garlic press. Mix the resulting gruel with a tablespoon of honey. Leave for two days to infuse. Heated on a steam bath, apply the mixture to the defect, wrap it with a bandage on top. A compress made of honey with garlic is left overnight. The course of treatment is 14 days;
  • Mix the water with alcohol in a 1: 1 ratio and pour the crushed two or three cloves of garlic so that the liquid completely covers the garlic. Leave for five days in a cool dark place. The resulting garlic tincture is used for compresses. Saturate the cotton wool or bandage with tincture, attach to the growth, fix the compress with a bandage or plaster. It is necessary to carry out the procedure every ten days. The wart dries out, decreases in size, and then disappears.

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Celandine traditional medicine is used to treat many skin problems, such as dermatitis, urticaria, unwanted tumors. In the people, the weed celandine was nicknamed the warthog, because in the absence of traditional medicine with the help of celandine, growths on any parts of the body were successfully treated. Therapy celandine has several advantages:

  • Removal of warts with celandine is a practically painless method of treatment;
  • Treatment with a medicinal plant at home involves the use of only natural remedies;
  • The wide distribution of celandine makes it possible to carry out treatment completely free of charge.

The disadvantages of this treatment include:

  • The possibility of allergic reactions;
  • Limiting plant use. It is used only during the flowering period: from May to June. At other times, celandine is not effective;
  • Duration of treatment.

You can remove warts with celandine using the sap of a plant or an ointment, of which it will act as a component.

  • In the flowering period, you can squeeze the juice from the stalk. Treat the growth of the juice of celandine should be three to four times a day. The course of therapy varies from two weeks to a month, depending on the size of the tumor;
  • To make a celandine ointment, you will need its juice and glycerin. In addition to the long shelf life, the advantage of this ointment is the ease of application.

Celandine juice can be prepared for future use. To do this, we dig up the weed with the root, thoroughly wash it, dry it. For chopping celandine, a meat grinder or blender is suitable. The resulting mass is squeezed through gauze. The resulting juice is poured into an opaque bottle, tightly corked. On the seventh day, the juice begins to ferment. Therefore, for seven to ten days, you will have to open the bottle daily to release the gas. At the end of the fermentation process, the juice of celandine can be stored in the refrigerator.


In addition to medicinal plants for the removal of warts, you can use a household tool such as vinegar.

Simple recipe

The affected area should be carefully steamed, remove the stratum corneum. Then, using a pipette, apply two or three drops of table vinegar directly to the defect. Repeat daily until full recovery. To enhance the effect, you can mix vinegar with golden mustache juice.


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For the second recipe using vinegar you will need:

  1. Water at room temperature;
  2. Laundry soap;
  3. Bactericidal plaster;
  4. Towel;
  5. Vata;
  6. Vinegar;
  7. Sterile bandage.

The affected area should be thoroughly washed in warm water with soap, and dried thoroughly. Moisten a small piece of cotton wool in vinegar, put it on the wart. Fix the acetic compress with a bactericidal plaster, wrap with a bandage on top. Leave a compress until the morning. Repeat daily. The course of treatment is seven to ten days.

Acetic Pastry Recipe

Mix wheat flour with a small amount of vinegar, knead elastic dough. Healthy skin around the formation to close the bactericidal plaster, leaving only the growth. Apply vinegar on the wart, leave to dry. Then fix the cake on the growth with a sterile bandage. Change the cake should be every twelve hours. Two or three procedures are usually enough to completely get rid of unwanted growths.

Sparing recipe

For a milder effect, apply the tincture of apple cider vinegar and onions. To prepare the tincture, chopped onion should be filled with vinegar, leave in a dark cool place for two weeks. The resulting tincture to combat warts is used for compresses.


Many traditional healers offer a magical ritual to get rid of unwanted tumors. The plot on the potato – the most popular type of magical treatment of warts.

You need to take one raw root vegetable, cut it into two halves, each of which should be rubbed in turn all the available warts, saying: “Wart on potatoes. As the potatoes rot, the wart disappears! ”

After that, the halves of the potatoes are joined together, tied with a red wool thread and instilled. You can bury the used root crop under a tree, near the house or in a flower pot. The main thing is to begin the process of decay. As soon as the potatoes are completely rotted, the wart will disappear.

Relapse prevention

To avoid the recurrence of warts on the lower limbs, you should:

  • Use only your towel, soap, washcloth;
  • Do not wear other people’s shoes;
  • Wear rubber slates when visiting baths, saunas, swimming pools;
  • Try on shoes with nylon stocking only;
  • Monitor foot hygiene.

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