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Onychomycosis is a contagious disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms. It makes the nail plates deform, lose their natural shine and strength. Without timely and proper therapy, the disease passes to neighboring fingers, affects the skin. You can get rid of it by folk remedies, which include simple and affordable ingredients.

The best way to treat onychomycosis at home

The average duration of treatment of onychomycosis with pharmacological drugs is from 15 to 25 days (with damage to the plate no more than 2/3). Home remedies will take longer – up to 2-3 months. To speed up the process, you need to supplement them with special antimycotics for oral administration, the selection of which is done by the doctor.Tablets

Tea mushroom

This symbiosis of yeast and bacteria has many names. It is known as sea kvass, Japanese uterus, tea jellyfish and Japanese mushroom. Literally, the original name translates as "sea kale tea." The fungal mycelium resembles a thick mucous membrane that floats on the surface of juice or sweet syrup. Since the Russo-Japanese War, an infusion of it was considered a common drink. Now it is used only in traditional medicine.

Kombucha is credited with antibacterial and antifungal properties. He fights against diplococcus and streptococcus, but does not affect the pathogens of the genus Candida. For the treatment of onychomycosis, a high concentration of infusion is required. To obtain it, the mushroom is insisted for three months, then boiled for an hour and filtered. The resulting porridge is applied to a cotton pad and smeared on a previously cleaned and steamed affected area. At the end of the procedure, the nail is treated with a solution of iodine.

According to another recipe, a slice of fresh Kombucha is kneaded with fingers and rubbed into a sore nail twice a day.

Such therapy should be discarded during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as well as with alcoholism, since the ingredient contains natural alcohol. Contraindications include HIV, AIDS and hepatitis. If the patient suffers from allergies or diabetes, additional medical advice will be required.


Iodine is a widespread and affordable antiseptic. In the form of an alcoholic solution, it has locally irritating and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, the medication has an antimicrobial and lipid-lowering effect. Although iodine is not an antifungal agent, it is used for the treatment of onychomycosis and other infectious and inflammatory pathologies of the skin and mucous membranes.Iodine and other remedies for fungus

The use of iodine against mycoses is considered effective because it provokes the coagulation of the proteins that make up the causative agents of the disease. It will not be possible to quickly cure the nail plate in this way, only if the medicine is combined with other means. In case of excessive use, iodine leads to burns, dermatitis and thyroid problems.


Use this tool is advisable only in the initial stages of onychomycosis. When the fungus is launched, it will not give any result.

The drug does not affect all types of pathogens, since it does not have antimycotic properties. People may be allergic to the composition, so before starting therapy, you should test the solution on the inside of the elbow. The patient should remember that from applying the medicine, the nails will turn yellow.

The most effective ways to treat nail fungus with iodine:

  • A 5% solution is applied in two drops to the affected area. The procedure is carried out once a day. To protect neighboring tissues from infection, they are lubricated with one drop of iodine once every two days;
  • Fungal therapy begins with two weeks of treatment with Fucorcin. The next 14 days, the nails are lubricated with iodine, and then a 9% vinegar solution is used for the same amount of time;
  • From a liter of water, 150 g of sea salt and 50 g of soda make mixtures in which the legs are steamed. Softened sore areas are removed with disposable nail files and scissors, after which the feet are treated with iodine;
  • Feet are steamed in hot water with the addition of an antiseptic for 15 minutes. The affected parts of the nails are removed and lubricated with hydrogen peroxide. For an additional effect, lotions based on antibacterial agents are applied.

The average duration of treatment for nail fungus folk remedies with a solution of potassium iodide is two months.Treatment effect

To gradually soften and remove the infected nail, a mixture is made of iodine, garlic juice, nitrofungin and a small amount of vinegar essence. The resulting medicine is left on steamed nails overnight.

Regardless of the prescription, disposable tools must be used to work with diseased and healthy plates. Otherwise, onychomycosis will recur.

Blue vitriol

Blue vitriol – blue copper sulfate pentahydrate. The substance is toxic to fish and has little toxicity to warm-blooded animals. It is used in various fields, for example, in agriculture, where vitriol acts as an antiseptic and fertilizer for plants. Since the substance is able to eliminate mold, it is used in home therapy of the fungus.

You can get rid of onychomycosis like this:

  1. A teaspoon of copper sulfate is bred in warm water;
  2. When the mixture becomes a uniform consistency, feet are placed in it for fifteen minutes;
  3. After time, the skin is dried and the plates are treated with tea tree oil.

While the feet are in solution, some feel a burning sensation, because copper sulfate is an aggressive substance. For the same reason, for baths, it is required to choose containers made of plastic, not metal. It is able to oxidize upon contact with the active substance.

The second method of treatment requires the use of 25 g of copper, which is calcined in a pan. Readiness is judged by the appearance of a whitish or gray shade. The same amount of yellow sulfur and twice as much goose fat are added to the component. The combined composition is applied to the nails at night in the form of a compress.

Since initially copper sulfate is not a medicine, its use should be careful. Contact with skin or mucous membranes is unacceptable; it must not be eaten or inhaled. Since the element is toxic, it is required to use it in strictly specified dosages. Therapy during pregnancy and breastfeeding is prohibited.


Vinegar recipes are highly aggressive, so you can only access them with good tolerance and with great care. Such methods are not suitable for people with sensitive skin. However, they are very effective, since fungi do not tolerate the acidic environment that vinegar creates. It is believed that such therapy is effective even in the later stages of the disease.Fungus Vinegar


Treatment of fungus with folk remedies based on highly concentrated vinegar is dangerous for delicate skin. They can not be used for children under 7 years old and women in position.

There are various ways to use vinegar. The easiest option is to treat the nails with a 9% solution. After that, socks made of dense and natural material are put on oiled feet.

Still from wine vinegar and iodine in equal proportions make a medicinal mixture for pouring into the bath for steaming the legs. The procedure must be performed daily.

From a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, two egg whites and a spoon of alcohol, a mixture is made in which a cotton pad is soaked. It is applied to sore nails for ten minutes. The duration of therapy will be four months. Wet cotton pads can be simply in nine percent vinegar, but adjacent healthy tissue must be protected with a patch.

On the basis of the product, it is realistic to create an antifungal ointment. In addition to 100 ml of vinegar essence and 50 ml of olive oil, you will need to purchase dimethyl phthalate and glycerin in a pharmacy. The first component is taken one tablespoon, and the second – two. All ingredients are mixed and applied to sore nails twice a day (15 minutes each). Then the nails must be washed using soap.

Tar soap

Soap is made on the basis of birch tar, which is characterized by a pronounced specific odor. It is widely used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Tar has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic and antimicrobial properties. As in the case of iodine, the substance is not aimed at eliminating the fungus, but is used for this purpose due to the disinfecting effect.Tar soap

Tar soap is used in the treatment of many skin pathologies, such as seborrhea, psoriasis, acne and papillomas. It is added to the complex therapy of viral diseases. To get rid of the fungus, you can make baths, a mixture for rubbing and lotion.

For the first option, three tablespoons of ground soap are used. The component is poured into a basin with hot water, where the legs are steamed for fifteen minutes.

150 g of ground soap in combination with 100 g of baking soda and 6 drops of juniper oil are enough for the mixture. The finished composition is rubbed into the sick nail plate at night.

Lotions are made from soap gruel. A tampon is moistened with it and fixed with a plaster in the affected areas for two to three hours.

If the patient is allergic to UV rays or is prone to excessive dryness of the skin, he will have to choose another treatment option.


Propolis is a substance produced by bees from the maxillary secretion and plant pollen. Insects use it to seal cracks in the hives, and people treat them with fungus and other infectious diseases. Propolis fights bacteria, viruses and germs, eliminates inflammation, helps metabolic processes and accelerates tissue regeneration.

For the treatment of onychomycosis, take tincture or oil. Substances are purchased in pharmacies or made independently from alcohol. In the finished solution, cotton wool is wetted, which is applied to the diseased plate. The compress should remain on the nail until it is completely dry. The procedure is carried out every day for two weeks.Propolis oil

If the treatment of toenail fungus will be carried out using propolis oil, then it is combined with any essential oil that has antiseptic properties. The mixture treats the affected areas every day. To get rid of nail fungus quickly, it is better to leave the drug all night.


Propolis is contraindicated in people who are allergic to honey and pollen.

Soda and ammonia

Due to its disinfecting properties, baking soda is used against various types of fungal infections, including onychomycosis. Sodium carbonate dries the skin and softens the keratin layer. Medical paste or baths are made from it. In the first case, you need to mix the ingredient with water until a thick consistency. Additionally, lemon juice is dripped into the mixture, and then it is applied to the nail plates. After ten minutes, the product is washed off, and the legs are dried.

To create a therapeutic bath, soda and a small amount of soap are added to warm water. Two liters of liquid take a tablespoon of sodium carbonate. In the resulting solution, it is necessary to steam the legs for twenty minutes. Another treatment bath recipe includes ammonia, soda and hydrogen peroxide. Together, they interfere with the further development of fungal spores.

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