Copper sulfate: application against fungus


For a long time, copper sulfate was used only for agricultural purposes. Plants were treated with this agent to protect against harmful insects. Later it began to be used to destroy mold in warehouses. However, in India, from ancient times, vitriol is considered a medicine that is safe for humans in the right dosage. Copper sulfate treats eyes and sore wounds there. Not so long ago, traditional healers and doctors came to the conclusion that he is able to remove the fungus. Moreover, scientists have found that vitriol can help even in the treatment of certain types of cancer.

Description of the drug and its principle of action

The chemical formula of copper sulfate is CuSO4. This substance consists of several elements: oxygen, sulfur and copper. Therefore, it is often called copper sulfate. The powder is similar to small crystals, does not smell at all and is very easily diluted in liquids. Painted in blue.Crystals of copper sulfate

Copper sulfate in the treatment of fungus gives the following effects:

  • reduces pain;
  • makes itching less intense;
  • disinfects;
  • boosts immunity;
  • prevents infection from getting into wounds and cracks;
  • destroys pathogenic microorganisms and almost all representatives of pathogenic microflora.


Copper sulfate is also often used in the prevention of mycosis. Its solution can be used to treat the room and shoes of a person who has recovered from nail fungus or skin. Without sterilization of the floors, plumbing, slippers or sneakers, the likelihood of a relapse of infection is high.

Restrictions on use against fungus and side effects

Contraindication to treatment with copper sulfate is:

  • pregnancy;
  • children under 12 years old;
  • lactation.

Symptoms of a substance intolerance or signs of copper sulfate poisoning are:

  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • headache;
  • problems with urination;
  • yellowness of the skin (impaired liver function).

Rules and methods of using copper sulfate

CuSO4 crystals are a very toxic substance. Only 3-4 grams of vitriol, trapped in the digestive system and blood, can cause human death. For this reason, use it with caution.

Work with copper sulfate is permitted only in a medical mask. The dressing will protect against accidental inhalation of the evaporation of the crystal solution. On hands should be rubber gloves.Blue vitriol with water

At the time of working with vitriol, children and animals should be removed from the premises. All utensils and devices that are used to prepare medicines from copper sulfate are thrown away after fulfilling their purpose.

In order for the treatment to benefit, not harm, you need to purchase only fresh vitriol. It is important to check the expiration date. The powder is protected from sunlight. Under the influence of ultraviolet crystals lose their useful properties. The container in which the substance is located is tightly closed with a lid and stored away from children.

All funds are prepared only once, otherwise the result from their use may be zero. For reusable use, only CuSO4 concentrate is suitable.

Sulphate baths

Treatment of nail and skin fungus with copper sulfate is not complete without a steaming procedure. In hot water, the tissues become softer, so that the medicine can penetrate deep into their structure. Elevated water temperatures have beneficial effects on the crystals themselves. Under the influence of boiling water, the beneficial properties of sulfate are enhanced.

The baths do this: a teaspoon of powder is poured into 1.5 liters of hot water, after which the liquid is stirred until it turns blue. The foot is immersed in the solution for 20 minutes. Then it is necessary to remove exfoliating pieces of coarsened skin and nail.

Such regular therapy kills germs, fungi and strengthens the nail plate. The course of daily use of the baths lasts until complete recovery.

For a better result after the procedure, the nails and skin should be treated with an antifungal spray, ointment or cream.

Some experts advise not using dry powder, but sulfate concentrate for the preparation of the bath. This tool is easy to cook at home. In a liter of boiled but cooled water, 3 teaspoons of CuSO4 are diluted. The liquid is stored in a cold place, away from light. In the baths, add 1 teaspoon of concentrate (3 liters). The tool will help etch all kinds of fungi that are on the skin or nails.

Vitriol Ointment

The treatment of tissues affected by the fungus with local preparations with antimycotic properties gives a greater effect than the use of baths alone, since the useful components in this penetrate the structure of the foci of infection and remain there for a long time. You can buy them at the pharmacy or make them yourself.Ointment

In folk medicine, a copper sulfate ointment is popular. The tool has a fungicidal effect, it is prepared quickly and simply. It will take 2 tablespoons of soft butter or any animal fat. A few crystals of vitriol are added to the base. Everything is mixed up. A properly prepared medicine will have a pale blue color.


The ointment is prepared several minutes before use, excess is discarded. Only diseased areas are smeared with it; the product should not get onto healthy skin and plates. If this happens, wash the medicine off with soap and water.

The treated nail or soft tissue is covered with a film or sealed with medical tape. The bandage is not removed for 3 hours.

Treatment of nail fungus with copper sulfate in the form of an ointment lasts from 2 weeks to 4 months, skin – about 10 days.

Sulfur sulfate cream for nail fungus

Nail mycosis will be easier to cure if other effective substances are added to vitriol. Yellow sulfur will do.

In a pan with a thick bottom, a teaspoon of copper sulfate is heated. Add vegetable or butter is not necessary. What is needed is dry frying. After heat treatment, the sulfate will turn either white or gray. At this time, a teaspoon of yellow sulfur is added to it. The components are calcined and mixed with goose fat in equal proportions.

Before each use, the product must be warmed to room temperature and only then applied to the nail. Such a cream will kill harmful microorganisms within 4-5 hours from the time of processing the plate. This process may be accompanied by burning and pinching.


Sulphate concentrate is used in the preparation of solutions intended for wetting tissue. In a glass of water, 2 teaspoons of the active substance should be dissolved. Garlic pulp or onion juice (1 tbsp. L.) Is added to the finished liquid. A bandage or gauze is impregnated with it, which is wound on a finger or the entire foot and covered with polyethyleneFinger compress with vitriol

Compress from nail fungus and skin mycosis is applied for 12 hours. After the feet rinse and the procedure is repeated, and so on until complete recovery.

Blue vitriol and lime

The combination of copper sulfate and slaked lime is used in gardening. Fruiting plants are treated with this composition to prevent infection by pests.

This mixture can also be used as a solution for the foot bath. 40 g of each component should be diluted in boiling water per 3 liters. Only affected feet soar in it. The procedure is carried out every other day. If burning appears, then you need to add more warm water or reduce the concentration of vitriol and lime.

Reviews of those who helped copper sulfate from the fungus

Julia, 25 years old.

Prepared a solution of copper sulfate, diluted in hot water and steamed legs. This simple recipe got rid of nail mycosis in 2 weeks, hopefully forever. I heard that such a method helps so quickly only in the initial stages of the disease. My fungus just appeared recently.

Anna, 34 years old.

I tried to get rid of the fungus only with copper sulfate. It didn’t help me. Immediately make a reservation that mycosis was neglected. Then I bought antifungal pills in a pharmacy, and began to be treated. I drank the medicine for about two weeks and all this time I used home remedies based on copper sulfate. A month later, healing came. Now the legs are beautiful nails and healthy skin.

Yana, 37 years old.

Mom advised to treat mycosis with vitriol. Thought she was joking. Previously, always with this tool the plants in the garden were processed. As a result, I went to a forum for the treatment of fungus, found the necessary reviews and decided to try. The fight against mycosis with this drug lasted 4 weeks. He defeated vitriol. Nails and skin got rid of the infection and began to look better.

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