Conspiracies, rites and prayers against papillomas and warts


White magic – conspiracies and prayers were used by folk healers to rid a wide variety of diseases. A variety of neoplasms on the body, today called papillomas or warts, also came together thanks to spells.

Often, the removal of growths by prayers is the only treatment that our ancestors in the outback could use, for example, residents of a village in Eastern Siberia. Often it was combined with the use of decoctions or tinctures of medicinal plants. However, the treatment was based on a conspiracy of Siberian healers.The plot of papillomas

It would seem that time and progress does not stand still. And today everyone knows that the cause of the appearance of unpleasant growths on the skin is the papillomavirus or, in scientific terms, HPV. And modern pharmacy offers a wide selection of pharmacy products to help clean up the neoplasm. And why then resort to the help of magic rituals?

It is no secret that the risk of relapse of the disease during treatment with the help of traditional medicine is quite high. While the magic of traditional medicine, subject to the sincere faith of the patient, allows you to remove warts forever. So how does it work?

Doctors of traditional medicine recognize that neoplasms respond well to treatment with hypnosis. That is, acting energetically on the growth, you can achieve their disappearance. And the best way to influence is sound. Therefore, rituals and prayers can rid the problem of unwanted neoplasms simply in a magical way.

Features of rituals from papillomas and other growths

A large number of conspiracies and rituals from papillomas, preserved by the heirs of healers or representatives of the clergy, have been preserved today. Some of them were even published. The authorship of most magical conspiracies against warts is attributed to Natalya Stepanova. Collectors of other rituals remained unknown.Rite of papillomas

You can try to get rid of adversity in the form of unwanted growths yourself at home, using the knowledge of our great-grandmothers. The only contraindication for such a ritual is the complete disbelief of the patient in the possibility of energy exposure.

In order not to get lost in the wilds of various spells, it is recommended to use a selection of the most popular of them.

The best rites from papillomas and warts

Many have read Mark Twain’s books about the adventures of two inseparable friends, Tom Sawyer and Haeckelbury Finn. And they forever remembered at the same time a funny and scary magical ritual that ordered warts to be brought to the full moon in the cemetery using a dead cat. Such a ritual is a mixture of the author’s imagination and the realities of a small American town of that time. But this is fiction.Waning moon

And according to the rules, it is better to conduct ceremonies on a waning moon over a cluster of papillomas. There are restrictions on the days of the week on which the rituals are held. Women are instructed to recite prayers on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (traditional “women’s” days), and men are instructed to pray on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


Perform the ritual as prescribed! Otherwise, there will be no result!

Sunday is considered to be a “festive” and “church” day, therefore it is strictly forbidden to perform magical rites on this day of the week.

Conspiracy of a Wart on a String

The most famous conspiracy from papillomas and other growths is carried out with the help of cotton thread in black or red. The growth is tied with a thread and tighten the knot, representing the process of drying out and disappearance of the neoplasm. If there are a lot of papillomas, there should be as many nodules on the thread as there are neoplasms.


The words of the plot are spoken aloud!

Different text options are offered, choose the one that is closest to you:

“A thread, a thread, withdraw all the strength from the wart (papilloma), let it dry up, quickly disappear”;

“The month is young, young, shines brightly at night, he will take away all my warts urgently”;

For tomorrow, the whole ritual is repeated again with the same thread. Then the used thread is buried, preferably in the yard of his house. The thread rots – the wart (papilloma) dries out.Conspiracy of warts on a thread

Additionally, after the ceremony, it is recommended to visit the Church and put a candle on St. Panteleimon the Healer.

A plot to strangle warts (papillomas) with an apple

Talking papilloma or other education on an apple is not difficult. The main thing is to conduct a ritual on a waning moon. It is better to choose an apple green, but if this does not turn out, it does not matter. It must be divided into two halves.Apple papilloma removal plot

One and then the second half of the apple (at the place of the cut) wipe warty growths, while pronouncing the text of the conspiracy:

“The power of the papilloma to the apple go away. And you, bullseye, save the name of God with all the strength of her lisha and the slave (slave) of God ”;

“The name of the bulk apple to the slave (slave) help – remove the warts. The bullseye will wither, the body will become clean ”;

“If they don’t eat apples, they dry out. So you wart (papilloma) to dry! Amen".

Used halves of the fruit are tied with cotton thread and put on a plate. When the apple begins to dry, it must be buried under a tree.

Potato Wart Conspiracy

It’s better to start such a plot on a waning moon. For the ceremony, you need medium-sized potatoes and wooden sticks (ordinary matches or toothpicks are suitable) according to the number of growths. Matches need to be sharpened a bit. The location of the ritual is also important. You need to go to the intersection of roads (it is better if three or more roads intersect at this place).Potato Wart Conspiracy

After passing a match or a toothpick on the wart, we stick it into the potato with the words: “The first stick is the first growth”, “The second stick is the second growth”, etc. by the number of neoplasms.

When all the sticks are stuck in the root crop, you need to throw it on the road, saying:

“The road is long, the beauty is clear. Run away, take the infection! ”;

"Warts from the skin, go to the potato, the potato will rot, the wart will go away."

Do not conspire with potatoes against papillomas located on the mucous membranes of the genitals. Papillomas located in this part of the body can transform into malignant neoplasms. Having discovered such growths – immediately to the doctor!

How to speak warts on millet

To remove the papilloma on the finger, a rite conducted on millet is suitable. Choose a roomy bowl and fill it with dry millet. Pour cold water so that it completely covers the millet. We wash the finger with a wart in a bowl. We drain the water under a tree (preferably not garden), and feed the birds with groats.A plot of papillomas for millet

Prayer from warts in this case can not be read. It is enough to read mentally “Our Father” or any other prayer that you know by heart.

The second option for using millet for removing papillomas or warts is not salted millet porridge on the water. A feature of such a ritual is that the text of the conspiracy must be written on a piece of paper with one's own hand. Its text is as follows:

“I’m flying a finger on my hand, I’ll bite a wart, turn white with millet, I don’t need a sore”;

Or such:

“A wart in a grain that bakes the sun, satisfies birds by hunger, leaves skin clean.”

You need to read the plot from the sheet while applying the porridge to the affected area of ​​the skin. The used millet is poured onto a sheet with a plot and buried in the ground.

How to speak papillomas using celandine

Celandine grass is known for its healing properties. There are even pharmacy products based on this medicinal plant that help get rid of growths in a medical way. But it is better to use them after consulting a dermatologist.A plot of papillomas with celandine

Consider the method of traditional healers with the participation of celandine. It is necessary to prepare for such a ceremony in advance. Sap is squeezed out of the medicinal plant and insisted on it for up to 10 days. On the growing lunar cycle begin the ritual. All papillomas present on the body are gently lubricated with celandine juice, preventing it from reaching healthy skin areas. After that, you need to go outside and focus your eyes on the growing month, speak, turning to him:

“A month, my friend is clear. You blow in your horn. Take all the papillomas you are far away with you. I’ll go home then, it’ll become easy on my soul ”;

There is another plot option:

“A wart does not sit on the skin. In the growing month, she will decay. In the name of the Lord Almighty Creator of everything on earth. Amen".


The peculiarity of the ritual with celandine is its conduct on the growing moon, and not on the waning! This is a key element of the ceremony!

How to use a chicken leg to remove a wart on the leg

Often, older people complain of plantar warts. Their distinctive feature is frequent relapses. Elderly people do not like to go to doctors without emergency. A rite with a chicken foot is suitable for them.Withdraw chicken warts

We take the chicken leg (first you need to rinse it under running cold water) and tap it on the problematic skin of the feet, saying:

“A wart sticks to the paw-foot, if the paw disappears, the wart will go away with it”

After the ceremony, we dig a chicken leg under a tree, preferably fruit. As soon as the chicken leg rot in the ground, the wart will turn black, dry and fall off.

There is another way to get rid of unwanted formations on the legs with the help of a chicken foot. In this case, not only the foot, but simply chicken bone is suitable. Old books suggest using a bone found on the road for this purpose. However, given the current realities of the city, this is quite difficult to do. Moreover, it is unhygienic.Conspiracies, rites and prayers against papillomas and warts

Therefore, it is best to take the "home" bone from the chicken leg, which you or your family members recently feasted on, and saying:

“Where it was found, there it remained, where it came from, it fell through there”

Touch a bone to each wart. After that, it is prescribed to return the bone to the place where it was found. In the modern case of the rite, the garbage container can become its “refuge”. Just do not throw a bone in the bin to the rest of the food and dust.

Wrap it in a napkin and take it to a trash can in the yard. Warts will follow the bone and leave their master forever.

The rituals of the Siberian healer Natalya Stepanova

The rituals offered by this famous medicine from distant Siberia are not only tested on her personal experience, but are also easy to use. They do not need a “unicorn horn” or “feather of a mythical firebird”. You can conduct them yourself at home.

Conspiracy for meat

For the first ritual proposed by Natalya Stepanova, you need a small piece of raw meat. It is necessary to conduct the ceremony necessarily on a dark moonless night. We take the cooked piece of meat (it is important that the meat is fresh, not frozen) and leave the house.

We rub the growths thoroughly with raw meat, reading the plot:

“The raw meat will rot, all the warts will be taken away”

The used piece of meat in the morning should be buried under a tree. Warts are attached to meat with such a ritual. Through time, the process of its decay begins in the earth. Warts also dry up and fall away.

Getting rid of growths with wood and water

We take clean water (preferably from the well, but if there is none, tap water from the tap is suitable) and we insist on it for eleven days.The plot of papillomas on the water

The ceremony must be carried out on a waning moon. We take the infused water and find the nearest birch. We water the affected areas of the skin, as if washing off the warts, so that the water draining from the hands falls under the tree.

At the same time we pronounce a conspiracy:

“Water removes dirt, removes warts. Warts, like water, flow away forever. ”

Repeat the plot 9 times. Calculate the amount of water for nine repetitions. Over the course of a month, growths will begin to gradually disappear.

Clean Thursday removes warts

The magical properties of “pure” Thursday or “Holy Week” are known to all. Both believers and atheists. On this day, Orthodox believers paint eggs and bring them to the Church to sanctify.Conspiracies, rites and prayers against papillomas and warts

It is such a painted testicle that will be needed for the ritual. We baptize each tumor with a testicle, saying:

“Leave the warts on the skin and body of the slave / servant of God (name). Go away into the forests, fields and distant seas. Protect the Lord of the slave / servant of God (name), intercede for him and protect him from sorrows, cruel intentions and deep warts. And now, and pristine, and forever. Amen (three times) "

Applying this rite on themselves, note its high efficiency and speed of obtaining a positive result. We can say that "warts disappear before our eyes."

Such a prayer from warts can be read any day without a testicle.

Papillom Bread Rite

The best rite that reduces growths from the skin when others are ineffective, according to the Siberian medicine, is a ritual with bread.Rite of papillomas on bread

Of course, it’s best to bake the bread yourself. But, if this is not possible, you can buy it. The main thing is to do it in an odd number. Be sure to choose a loaf of wheat flour. Try to give the bill without change or leave the change to the seller.

It is necessary to start the ritual at exactly midnight and on a moonless night, it is good if stars are not visible in the sky. Cloudy weather is good – such a night will be the darkest.

We break the loaf of bread into four pieces and lay them in the corners of the room. At the same time, we pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

“With the blessing of the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit, Jesus washed himself, then communed, then sat at the table, ate our bread. And he ate and bequeathed: “dividing the bread into four parts, you will be saved from adversity. Any attack from it will fall and fall on the bun. God's servant (name) will be cleansed and healthy. So be it forever. Amen (three times) "

We leave pieces of bread in the corners of the room all night, in the morning we collect using a broom and a scoop and take it out to the street. We lay out under the trees. Each piece has its own tree.

Birds will definitely want to enjoy a treat. Pecking bread, they will bring down growths from your body.

We spoke of unwanted neoplasms even our ancestors, using folk magic. The effect of any conspiracy on a particular person is very individual and it is impossible to predict it. Everyone helps what he believes.

The main advantage of such alternative therapy is its complete harmlessness. But do not tighten. If the papillomas do not come down within a month, consult a doctor.

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