Condylomas in men: causes and treatment


Genital warts in men are skin defects that occur on the surface of mucous membranes or epithelium. Most often, such wart formations occur on the penis or around the anus. Therefore, they received the second name "anogenital growths or warts." The average age of patients experiencing the problem of intimate condylomatosis is from eighteen to thirty-five years. It should be noted that not only men, but also women suffer from condylomatosis.

Cause of disease

The main culprit in the occurrence of genital outgrowths is human papillomavirus (HPV). The causative agent of acute papillomas in the groin are the sixth, eleventh, thirteenth and eighteenth strains.Condylomas on the penis

The main route of infection with these strains of papillomavirus is through sexual or contact-household.


To transmit HPV, which causes genital warts in the anus or genitals, one unprotected sexual contact is sufficient. Outgrowths on the patient's body become the source of infection.


The first changes in epithelial cells are invisible during visual examination. However, such pathological changes can cause infection with unprotected contact.

Symptoms of the disease develop gradually. At the initial stage of condylomatosis are observed:

  • Small bubbles with fluid or dense nodules;
  • "Urticaria" around the defect;
  • Itching or burning sensation.

With the development of the disease, the clinical picture becomes more pronounced:

  • The size of the neoplasm is from one to one and a half centimeters;
  • The growth looks like an inflorescence of broccoli or a comb of a rooster;
  • Sensations of discomfort at the place of formation are amplified;
  • Next to the first nodule, new ones arise.

Dislocation of acute papillomas in men:

  • Pubic zone, inguinal region, head of the penis, foreskin;
  • Anus
  • Under the armpit;
  • Urethra, endourethral canal;
  • Mouth, cheeks, tongue.

Characteristic features of condylomatosis:

  1. The main route of infection for adult patients is sexual intercourse without protection;
  2. Contact-household infection occurs in exceptional cases. In this case, the virus can enter the body due to non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene: using a common toilet seat, taking a bath, using other people's hygiene products or kitchen utensils. HPV cell life spans a few minutes. Extend their vitality can moisture and heat. The contact-household way of infection is characteristic of young children;
  3. Using a condom during intercourse reduces the risk of infection, but does not give a hundred percent guarantee of protection against the virus. Since exposed skin can come into contact during intimacy.

Genital warts on the penis

Incubation period

Another characteristic feature of papillomavirus is a long incubation period. From sexual contact to the manifestation of the first signs of the disease, it can take from several months to a year. Therefore, it is not always possible to connect the true cause with the symptoms of neoplasms.

The impetus for the formation of growths is a malfunction in the body's immune system. This “trigger” can be an acute viral or bacterial infection, exacerbation of chronic diseases, endocrine system disorders, puberty or other hormonal jumps, chemotherapy, or prolonged use of steroid or antibacterial drugs.

Possible complications

If you do not start treatment for genital warts in men in a timely manner, such complications may occur:

  • Inflammatory process;
  • Training of the neoplasm;
  • Phimosis or paraphimosis (narrowing of the opening of the foreskin up to the impossibility of removing the head of the penis);
  • The spread of rashes.

And, of course, the worst complication is malignancy of genital warts. Her degeneration into a malignant neoplasm. HPV strains causing condylomatosis are malignant. Therefore, the risk of degeneration of such outgrowths is quite large.

Diagnosis of condylomatosis

You can try to establish a diagnosis yourself. To do this, compare the appeared defects with a photo on the Internet. Most of them resemble broccoli inflorescences or rooster scallops. Try to remember if you have had sex with a new partner in the last two to three months. Also at home, you can conduct a test with vinegar. Moisten a piece of fleece in table vinegar and attach to the growth for three to four minutes. If the defect turns white, then it is condylomas.

It is worth noting that condylomas are often deployed in a "hard-to-reach place." Therefore, it should not be convenient to properly consider a growth or moisten it with vinegar. Some patients complain that they have a growth near the anus. At the same time, they cannot report any details about the growth. In addition, rashes at an early stage of the disease can be confused with:

  • Pyoderma – the appearance of purulent acne on the genitals;
  • Acrochords – filiform warts that are localized on the inner surface of the thigh;
  • Molluscum contagiosum;
  • Pearly papules. This is not a pathology, but a variant of the norm. Such outgrowths are often found on the genitals. There is no danger. But, in order not to miss the beginning of the development of a sexually transmitted infection, it is better to consult with a venereologist.

To avoid mistakes, it is better to consult a doctor. In the arsenal of the specialist there are clinical studies. According to the results of which it is possible not only to confirm the diagnosis, but also to clarify the strain of the virus that has become their cause. This is a PCR analysis. He will establish the qualitative and quantitative indicators of HPV cells. It is also advisable to undergo research for other diseases transmitted through sexual contact. Since the appearance of genital warts is possible against the background of another infection. Repeated PCR diagnosis is carried out two to three months after the end of treatment.

How to treat condylomas in men

Specialized medical centers and clinics use an integrated approach for the treatment of condylomatosis in men. The treatment regimen includes:

Removal of genital warts

  • Growth removal;
  • Taking antiviral tablets;
  • Increasing the body's defenses.

Ways to get rid of formations

The easiest way is to contact a specialized medical institution, where a qualified doctor will quickly and painlessly remove the growth. Today there is a wide selection of methods of destructive effects on education:

  • Cryodestruction. Using a special wooden stick (applicator), chilled liquid nitrogen is precisely applied to the wart. Thanks to cold exposure, a necrotic process develops in the tissues of the formation. It gets dark and after a few days falls away. Inexpensive and quick way will remove the outgrowth;
  • Laser destruction. One of the modern, low-traumatic methods of dealing with neoplasms. The laser beam, penetrating into the formation, evaporates it at the cellular level layer by layer. On the damaged area, a crust of dried blood and lymph forms, under which healthy skin forms;
  • Electrocoagulation A high-frequency current, closed in a loop, cuts off the growth, like a scalpel. The edges of the wound are coagulated (cauterized) using current. Manipulation is performed under local anesthesia. A scar or scar may remain;
  • Radio wave removal. A special device Surgitron emits multi-frequency radio waves. They destroy the wart at the cellular level. Contactless painless method for eliminating skin defects. However, its price is quite high;
  • Surgical excision. The traditional method is popular earlier. Now it is used only for old overgrown growths, as well as for suspected malignancy of a defect. Under local anesthesia, the surgeon cuts the formation and adjacent tissues with a scalpel. A lengthy recovery process is required. There is always a noticeable scar;
  • Candylia burning with medications. A chemical burn of the neoplasm is due to the aggressive properties of the acid or alkali that is part of the product. To do this, use drugs such as:
  1. Superchistotel. It consists of two alkalis. It is used against conventional warts. Use for genital growths is not recommended;
  2. Verrucacid, Ferezol. The active substance is phenol and metacresol. They are used to burn out growths in the groin. With proper use, you can cure condylomas and not get scars;
  3. Collomac. The ointment allows you to carefully remove the neoplasms, but it will take a lot of time;
  4. Solcoderm. The medicine is based on sour (acetic, oxalic, nitric). Usually one application is enough. The drug is applied with an applicator to the entire surface of the growth, avoiding contact with healthy areas. If the growth did not come down within seven to ten days, the manipulation is repeated;
  5. Kondilin (podophylline). The active ingredient is podophyllotoxin. It interferes with the multiplication of HPV cells, leading to their death. Apply the drug twice a day and allow to dry for five minutes. The course of treatment is three days. Then you need a break for four days. If the condyloma remains, the treatment is repeated.

A drug

When using medication for burning out growths, one should strictly follow the instructions and avoid contact of the drug with intact skin. Otherwise, complications in the form of burns and scars are possible. It is better to carry out such therapy under the supervision of specialists.

Antiviral drugs

It is impossible to completely cure papillomavirus. But taking antiviral drugs allows you to translate it into an inactive phase. HPV can stay in “sleep mode” for decades, without disturbing a person. For systemic therapy of papillomavirus is prescribed:

  • Isoprinosine. Usually prescribed two tablets three times a day. The course of treatment is from two weeks to a month;
  • Allokin alpha. Sold in the form of ampoules with powder. It is bred with one milliliter of 0.9% sodium chloride. Do subcutaneous injections every two days. Six injections are enough;
  • Epigen. Spray for the intimate area. Treat them with damaged areas at least four times a day throughout the course of therapy.

Means for strengthening the immune defense

Simultaneously with systemic antiviral therapy, removal of neoplasms, immunomodulators are prescribed. These include:

  • Immune. Take one capsule three to four times a day for one to two months;
  • Reaferon. The powder of one bottle is diluted with water (half a teaspoon) and drunk half an hour before a meal. The course of admission is ten days;
  • Polyoxidonium. Rectal suppositories. Set for the night in a day one or two weeks.



Combined therapy of condylomatosis – gives the best results and reduces the risk of recurrence of the disease.

Alternative methods of therapy

Many people distrust traditional therapy. They do not want to contact a venereologist with such a delicate problem as genital outgrowths. You can try to cope with genital warts at home. However, if there is no improvement over ten to fourteen days, you should stop home therapy and consult a doctor.

Iodine solution.

This antiseptic agent has proven itself in the home therapy of vulgar and flat warts. But if you decide to treat them with condylomas, be careful. The iodine applied to the growth gradually dries its tissue. After which the education disappears. However, in the treatment of defects in the mucous membranes, iodine can cause burns and scars.


Freshly picked grass juice is applied directly to the defect. But its healing effect is limited by the flowering period – from early May to late June. Effective such a method will be only relatively new growths of small size.

Relapse prevention

In order not to encounter genital defects, you again need to:

  • Streamline sexual intercourse;
  • Adhere to hygiene standards;
  • Take multivitamins;
  • Enrich your menu with fruits and vegetables;
  • Get vaccinated against oncogenic HPV strains.

Treatment Reviews

Valentina, 25 years old, Saratov:

We have been married for two years with my husband. Confident of him, as in himself. Where this infection came from, I don’t know! But on the penis of the spouse appeared small bubbles. Gradually began to grow. We went to the doctor. He diagnosed with condylomatosis. Suggested to remove with liquid nitrogen. The husband was terribly worried. But it turned out in vain. Absolutely painless, inexpensive and quick procedure. Immediately after freezing, the growths darkened, and on the fourth day fell away. The doctor advised to reduce the consumption of strong alcohol, smoke less, eat more vegetables. And most importantly, eliminate stressful situations. Already a year has passed, there was no relapse.

Nikita, 32 years old, Togliatti:

Condillin is an excellent remedy against genital outgrowths. Only finding it in a pharmacy is difficult. I ordered on the Internet. He was treated for ten days and forgot about condylomas, as about a nightmare. I advise everyone!

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