Can papillomas disappear on their own?


The human papillomavirus has long been under the close supervision of scientists and today, modern medicine can easily detect an infection in the human body and can easily cure it.

But, despite this, HPV remains the most common and contagious disease, which, according to statistics, infected more than 15% of the world’s population.

Why does papillomavirus appear?

Can papillomas disappear on their own?

The main reasons for the appearance of papillomas were:

  • non-observance of personal hygiene;
  • infection in the body through damaged skin;
  • weakening of the immune system;
  • transmission of infection from a carrier to a healthy person through bodily contact;
  • unprotected intercourse with the patient.

Often, when a virus enters the body of a person with strong immunity, the patient does not manifest external signs of this disease. This is because the infection is in a latent (hidden) state and may not make itself felt for a long time.

At the same time, the infected person carries the disease and continues to transmit the infection to other people.


The primary sign of HPV was the appearance of neoplasms on the body – papillomas. These growths do not bring discomfort, but if they are damaged, you can get oncology. Some patients have additional symptoms:

  • headaches;
  • irritability;
  • itching and burning in the area of ​​foci of infection.


HPV is a serious disease that can cause skin cancer. If group or single growths are found, you need to contact a medical institution.

Can papillomas disappear on their own?

In medical practice, cases have been noticed when the growths disappeared themselves. This is because patients who got rid of the infection without treatment had a strong immune system. Statistics show that almost 90% of patients with strong protective functions of the body did not need treatment, and the disease itself went away.A lot of papillomas in the eye

Such observations are based on laboratory analysis data. People who were diagnosed with papillomavirus after being diagnosed refused the course of treatment and after some time, with a second study, the tests did not establish the presence of infection in the body. Miracle or diagnostic error?

The disappearance of HPV is not a surprising fact. Such data are confirmed by many scientists who have studied hundreds of cases of self-elimination of the virus. Their verdict is one: the main reason for eliminating the disease without treatment is a strong human immune system.

Papillomas and pregnancy

The main risk group for papilloma infection is primarily pregnant women. A high probability of infection during gestation is due to a deterioration in the protective functions of the body, which leads to the appearance of various diseases, including HPV.Can papillomas disappear on their own?

When diagnosing papillomavirus in pregnant women, the dermatologist often does not prescribe any treatment, since after birth the neoplasms usually disappear on their own. In some cases, with the appearance of a growth on the face, neck or other open area of ​​the body, a woman may be recommended to use ointments that will help remove the papilloma from the problem area.

Valid ointments during pregnancy are:

  • Aldara;
  • Stefalin
  • Oxolinic ointment.

These measures are not mandatory, and the need for removal of papillomas is determined only by the patient. However, it is worth knowing that the independent use of drugs during pregnancy can harm the health of both the expectant mother and the baby. Therefore, it is impossible to engage in self-medication and before using medicines, it is worth listening to the advice of a specialist.

Papillomas do not disappear after pregnancy

In the event that after childbirth papillomas do not go away on their own, you need to sign up for a diagnostic course that will identify the cause of the virus. After diagnosis, the woman will be prescribed appropriate medication.Can papillomas disappear on their own?

With large foci of infection, it may be necessary to use other more effective methods that will help to quickly get rid of large papillomas and extensive group growths.

Professional methods for combating HPV include:

  • electrocoagulation;
  • radio destruction;
  • cryocoagulation.

Wait or heal?

In view of the danger of the development of oncology, it is not necessary to hope that the growths will pass by themselves. Putting the disease on its own can only exacerbate the situation. But sometimes it happens that a person categorically does not want to visit a doctor and hopes for self-healing of HPV.Papilloma on the finger

In this case, you need to know that there are some factors that increase the chances of self-elimination of the infection:

  • lack of chronic diseases;
  • good skin condition;
  • lack of concomitant infections in the body;
  • taking antiviral drugs;
  • the use of vitamins and fresh vegetables or fruits.


Despite the fact that papillomas can pass by themselves, there is a high probability of their reappearance. This is due to the fact that often only visible signs of the presence of papillomavirus disappear, and the body is still infected with the disease.

In order to avoid relapse of the disease, doctors advise to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • timely treat and heal skin lesions (abrasions, scratches, etc.);
  • observe personal hygiene;
  • maintain immunity with the help of pharmacy, folk or homeopathic medicines.

It is also advisable in every way to fight growths on the skin, because they stimulate the activity of the virus in the body. Quick removal of papillomas will help to avoid the appearance of other foci of infection throughout the body and for a long time will relieve the HPV problem.


This method is not a cardinal way to combat papillomavirus, and it brings a temporary effect. After the virus has cured itself, the infection is still inside the body and can occur at any time. Only a doctor can tell you a reliable and correct method of treatment.

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