Anal Warts: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

About 80% of the population more or less experienced manifestations of the papillomavirus – warts, papillomas, condylomas on the human body as a result of the activation of HPV. New growths can be localized on the skin and mucous membranes, including the perianal area (the area near the anus).

Anal warts are the last activities of 6 and 11 HPV serotypes. After infection, the dormant virus does not immediately manifest itself – the impetus is a decrease in immunity. An infection that has penetrated into the cells provokes abnormal tissue growth (proliferation), which causes the appearance of warts in the pope.

How does the infection occur?

A person can live with HPV for a long time without even suspecting it, but at some point the immune system fails and viral DNA begins to infect healthy cells that accumulate in one place, a characteristic growth.

But in 25% of cases, active HPV, with close contact with a sick person, is transmitted in 98%. Pestobreguschie protection rules.

Remember – picking up the anal warts is most likely through unprotected sexual contact, but even if you always use condoms, this does not guarantee complete safety (pathogenic DNA is so small that it can penetrate latex). You can only protect yourself from sexual contact with a sick person. Resumption of contact is allowed only after the passage of full therapy.

In addition, viral cells remaining on personal hygiene products are viable for a long time, so you cannot use someone else’s towels, washcloths and other such things. Even an ordinary handshake can lead to infection, especially if there are microtraumas on the skin.


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Living with an infected person, the risk of infection, because the virus DNA is in all biological fluids – saliva, semen, urine.

Symptoms of the disease

Perianal genital warts (or warts on the pope) are elongated peoples with a lobular structure. New growths are solitary, but often merge together, forming a holistic conglomerate, the surface of which resembles a cauliflower.

Warts localized in the anal, can affect not only the anus, but also spread to the mucous tissues of the rectum, this requires a constant foreign body sensation.

The presence of wart areas, this is not all the symptoms. The clinical picture of perianal condilomatosis:

  • Constant itching, burning sensation, which increases with the progression of the disease;
  • Merging nations make it difficult to defecate;
  • Injuries or spontaneous cracking of tumors lead to bleeding and secondary infection, as a result of which suppuration and hyperemia often occur;
  • Constant moisture caused by heavy mucous secretions.

Without worthy treatment, the manifestations of condilomatosis are aggravated – expanding, the people are fleeing from life, hiding, hiding, hiding, hiding behind them.


The appearance of single warts on the anus is a reason for going to a doctor, because some HPV serotypes are oncogeneously dangerous (they can degenerate into cancer).

Diagnostics, therapy methods

Diagnose warts in the anus can be already a visual inspection. After that, the patient is given a sigmoidoscopy – a study of the intestinal sections. Performing tests for HIV and other STDs, PCR testing, also collect biomaterial for histology.

After diagnosis, the doctor tells how to treat the disease. Therapy involves the mechanical elimination of neoplasms, as well as taking antiviral, immunostimulating drugs.

Hardware removal of growths can be carried out through – laser, radio knife, electric current or liquid nitrogen. In rare cases, surgical excision is required (only for large-scale lesions or the malignant nature of the neoplasms).


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Hardware removal

  1. Laser destruction – the beam evaporates the condyloma, drying layers of it. The depth of exposure is monitored by a physician, while healthy tissue is not affected. Small growths are removed in 1 session, large multiple tumors require a re-fight.
  2. Radio wave removal – radio waves accumulate thermal energy, which burns the wart in a few seconds (non-contact method). The surrounding tissues do not suffer, there is no blood loss. Full recovery in 2-3 weeks.
  3. Electrocoagulation – the build-up is burned out by a current of different frequency. The procedure is painful. Small warts on the anus leave without a trace, but after the removal of large warts, noticeable scars remain.
  4. Cryotherapy – perform freezing with liquid nitrogen, as a result of which the blood flow is disturbed and the growth dies off. Scars after the procedure does not remain. The method is rarely used to remove warts in the perianal area, since it is rather difficult to control the process, there is a high risk to injure healthy tissues.

    Small growths can be removed using aggressive substances of necrotizing action – Solkoderm, Verrukatsid, Feresol, and others. Independent use is unacceptable, procedures are carried out on an outpatient basis.




    For successful recovery, you should regularly follow all the instructions of the attending physician – keep this in mind.

    Antiviral Therapy and Prevention

    Remove warts, it does not mean getting rid of the virus – to prevent recurrence, you should use antiviral agents that improve the production of its own interferon:

    • Rectal suppository Viferon, Genferon;
    • Allokin-alpha, for injection;
    • Tablets Izoprinozin, Novirin and other drugs.


    It is completely impossible to eradicate the virus, therapy is aimed at suppressing its activity and eliminating visible manifestations, then everything depends on the patient himself.

    In order to avoid relapse, prophylaxis is necessary – regularly undergo a gynecological examination, avoid stress, saturate the body with vitamins, streamline sex, use only personal hygiene products and never self-medicate.

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Human papillomavirus (HPV)
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