A lot of papillomas on the body. What does this mean and how to remove them?


The human papilloma virus, although it is almost the most common disease on the planet, doctors still can not find a reliable way to treat this ailment. Also, not everyone is ready to explain why the growths called papillomas appear and disappear on the skin on their own.

This is especially true of cases when at the same time a lot of papillomas form on the body, which brings a lot of inconvenience to their carrier. What is the reason for the mass appearance of neoplasms and how to deal with it?

Varieties of papillomas

Due to the fact that HPV has different strains, and can also progress with varying intensity in the body, depending on its protective capabilities, specialists distribute papillomas into different species. The main classification makes it possible to recognize papillomas by their shape, and if we take all their possible varieties, it looks like this:Papilloma in the eye

  • The simplest papillomas. Very many people face this HPV strain, since these growths often appear on the back of the hand, they are dense and hard, quite large in size and can grow together. Their appearance is caused by a 2 strain of human papillomavirus, and the location, in addition to the hands, for such growths is characteristic of almost all parts of the body;
  • Plantar Papillomas. These growths appear due to 1, 2, as well as the 4th strain of the virus. Such papillomas are often mistaken for corns. They affect a certain area of ​​the skin on the feet, initially representing a small bump. After this, the formation grows, and in parallel with it, growths in the form of bubbles can also appear;
  • Flat. These neoplasms are caused by the 3rd strain of HPV, they have a color, like that of the skin, while their shape can be oval or polygonal. The main symptoms that such a growth causes are pain and itching at the site of its appearance;
  • Threadlike. These papillomas can appear on the neck, near the eyes, in the groin and under the armpits. Often their presence is already observed in older people. They do not bear any serious threat, therefore, it is worth considering for their removal those who feel severe discomfort from the fact of their presence;
  • Genital warts. These growths are dangerous in that they appear exclusively on the mucous membranes of the genitals and if you do not treat them, you should expect the growths of growths to become malignant;
  • Breast Papilloma (intraductal). This type of papilloma is dangerous in that it is extremely simply injured, and therefore it is worthwhile to consult a doctor as soon as possible in order to avoid trouble;
  • Papillomas in the oral cavity. They are characteristic of people of different ages, and require compulsory treatment. They can grow, interfere with breathing and many other processes, plus they are easily injured.

Any of the above types of papillomas can manifest itself in the body, which is weakened and not ready to inhibit the virus in it. On top of that, sometimes a recurrence of HPV occurs, and then a lot of papillomas appear on the body simultaneously.


In such cases, you must definitely contact a specialist and try not to use independent treatment methods, since a large number of neoplasms indicate a poor condition of the body.

Reasons for the onset of the active HPV phase

Any multiple papillomas on the body are a direct signal that the body is extremely weak. Very often this is due to the fact that other diseases begin to develop in it, but it also happens that the outbreak of the virus’s activity has already become a consequence of another disease that could be chronic or accumulate its strength for a long time.

There can be many reasons, because if a lot of papillomas appear on the skin, this may indicate the following malfunctions and problems in the body:

  • Various acute diseases, including chronic, of internal organs;
  • Infectious diseases
  • Excessive effect of ultraviolet radiation on the skin (here not only natural sunlight is taken into account, but also probable visits to the solarium);
  • Many metabolic diseases can also cause massive papillomas;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Unbalanced diet, bad habits and a wrong lifestyle in general;
  • Age features;
  • Congenital immunodeficiency;
  • HIV
  • Prolonged stress and other shocks.

Statistics show that neoplasms can appear on the skin not only because of diseases, but also because of an improper lifestyle, excessive constant physical exertion and stress. Having dealt with why papillomas appear on the body in large numbers, questions arise about how to treat all this.

Of course, it is impossible to manage only with pills or operations, because an integrated approach is important here, so you should better understand the issue of measures to restore the body's immune forces.

Diagnosis of the diseaseDiagnosis of the disease

If a lot of papillomas suddenly appear on the body, then you need to visit a dermatologist, who, depending on the location of the neoplasms and the sex of the person, will be able to refer him, if necessary, to another specialist. The human papillomavirus itself is diagnosed quite simply and for this you need to pass a few tests:

  • A smear and scraping is done, depending on where the papilloma is located (this may be the mucous membrane);
  • A visual inspection of all affected areas is mandatory;
  • If there is a need, the doctor prescribes a biopsy.

With papillomatosis, several specialists can consult with a patient, because you will need to not only discuss the issue of removing formations, but also deal with immunity and disease prevention.

Removal of multiple papillomas

After it was determined which papillomas appeared on the body, treatment is prescribed, with a definition of how to remove the formations, if necessary.

At the moment, you can use the following methods of removing growths:

  • Standard Surgical Removal. This method is very productive if simple papillomas appear on the body. They are removed with a scalpel;
  • Electrocoagulation. Against the growths, a large current is used, which destroys their structure;
  • Radiosurgery. This method is good because after it, new papillomas almost never appear again. As the main tool use a radio knife;
  • Cryotherapy. An ideal method to permanently remove several types of papillomas using liquid nitrogen;
  • Laser removal. This method allows you to remove papillomas that deeply affected the skin. But the minus is that healing after surgery will last about a month.Removal of papillomas on the neck

Adjunctive therapy

After the surgical intervention has been successfully carried out, the time has come for therapy, which will increase immunity. In this case, this means that the patient is prescribed drugs, as well as diets and other methods of strengthening the immune system, namely:

  • Recommendations on proper nutrition are given;
  • Instructions are given on the required number of physical activities and walks;
  • Doctors recommend tempering;
  • The administration of immunomodulating drugs is prescribed;
  • Vitamin therapy is carried out;
  • Additionally, antiviral drugs are prescribed.

And, of course, what else needs to be done is to abandon bad habits, try to protect yourself from stress, overload and other moments that can weaken the body.

It will not be possible to completely eliminate the virus, at the moment it is impossible, however, you can keep the body's defense mechanisms at a level where some viruses, like HPV, simply do not have enough strength to manifest themselves throughout the life of the infected person.


Due to the fact that the reasons for the simultaneous formation of a large number of papillomas are different, but it all boils down to the fact that the body is weakened due to an acute or chronic disease, or an incorrect lifestyle, we can conclude that HPV can never enter the active phase of development if you just monitor your health.

You should not expect that after the appearance of neoplasms, they themselves will disappear, it is better to consult a doctor and, using an integrated approach to treatment, solve this issue once and for all. Only in this way can a person ever again suffer from the appearance of new papillomas.

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