Tips for Group Bike Riding

We have seen documents upon documents talking about how to ride your motorbike safely, but one aspect is usually left out – how do you stay safe when riding in a group of people? You have seen up to 30 riders on the roads moving in unison and all making it to their destination without leaving a rider behind. How do they do it?

They Know It Is Not About Socializing

One thing that a biker needs to know when riding in a group is that the road isn’t the perfect spot to socialize. Therefore, when riding with other people, you shouldn’t try to do things such as sharing a joke or passing information that isn’t relevant to the group. Your focus should be on reaching your destination safely and helping your fellow riders reach safely as well.

Avoid Large Groups

The group you ride with shouldn’t have more than five riders. Large groups make it difficult for other road users, which make it the perfect recipe for an accident. Large groups also make it hard to navigate busy streets and streetlights as well. With just five riders, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort to ride along the other riders.

Maintain a Safe Distance

When riding with other riders, you need to maintain a safe distance with the riders who are on your left and right. According to expert bikers, the best way to move is to adopt a staggering formation when moving. If you are leading the pack, stay on the left while others stay on the right few feet from you. The third rider will be on the left, the fourth on the right and so on.

Keep everyone Together

If it is your turn to lead the pack, you need to keep the other riders together, especially if you plan to make a change in a direction. Let the other riders know in advance what you are planning to do and when you plan to do it. Use agreed-upon signals to tell the other riders your intention so that they can adjust easily. If you are inexperienced, you shouldn’t play the role of the leader. These tips have helped many bikers stay safe for long


Riding as a group has its fun and downsides. You work as a unit, and you learn vital tactics that only experienced bikers know. Make sure you work according to group rules to arrive safely.