Setting up an Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium gives one the opportunity to experience and appreciate aquatic life and its beautiful diversity. Whether at home, office, restaurant or any other place, an aquarium provides a captivating and beautiful opportunity to observe and learn more about aquatic life. At home, an aquarium is a welcome addition for relaxation and entertainment for the entire household.

Additionally, setting up an aquarium offers one with the unique opportunity to take care of fish as pets. Apart from learning more about them, keeping their environment healthy and safe and the day to day interaction gives one a whole new sense of responsibility and awareness with regard to the need for conservation and preservation of life and the environment.

However, fish are delicate to take care of and they need continued care for them to thrive. Therefore, it is important for any person to learn as much as they can before they set up an aquarium. Such information can be gathered from the wide range of sites such as Come Into the Water, so as to be in a position to afford the fish and the aquarium the right care and maintenance. This article provides some important tips on how to take care of the aquarium to ensure it is safe and healthy for the fish.


Make sure the aquarium stands on a hard flat surface that can support its weight when filled up. Therefore, it is important to ensure the location chosen to place the tank is not slanted or uneven as this can crack the glass.

Adding the fish

It is better to have few healthy fish than a multitude of stressed fish. It is recommendable to start with just a few fish and gradually add more as time goes by. It is also advisable to add healthy and active fish and make sure the aquarium is not overcrowded. In addition, try to maintain the water in the aquarium at the same temperatures as the water from which the fish are sourced. This can be achieved by floating the transport container in the tank for about fifteen minutes to equalize the two temperatures. Then add small amounts of aquarium water in the transport bag at intervals of five minutes and let the fish out after fifteen minutes.


Taking proper care of the aquarium means the fish will have a healthy environment to thrive in. Unlike in the lakes, oceans or rivers where the water is filtered and cleansed naturally, the fish in the Aquarium depend on the owner to keep their habitat healthy and clean. This can be achieved by making sure the fish are not overfed or overcrowded in the tank, providing appropriate filtration, cleaning the gravel bed and also by regularly changing some of the water.  The water should be changed every two or four weeks and ensure that the water is treated first before adding it into the aquarium to avoid intoxicating the fish. It is also important to try and add water at the same temperature as the water in the aquarium to prevent the fish from being shocked.