Natural yogurt for loosing of excessive weight.

Natural yogurt is an easy dairy proteinaceous product, which perfectly suitable for weight loss. It is quite sour for a taste that is pleasant to not everyone. Therefore, manufacturers add a sugar, fruit and flavoring additives to yogurt. After addition of sugar, yogurt is already useless for weight loss purposes – it turns into a regular dessert, which you should not eat when you are on a diet. So attentively look at ingredients when you will be choosing yogurt.

What shall not be an ingredient of natural yogurt?

The words “natural” and “fat-free” is not a guaranteed that product has passed proper quality assurance. As a rule, the first means only that product contains lactic bacteria. The second confirms the fact that skims milk served as a basis for a production of yogurt. However, neither the first nor the second definition not guarantees lack of the superfluous components, which slowing-down process of weight loss.

In natural yogurt shall not contain:

  • Sugar. Sucrose in combination with milk lactose formulates an “atomic cocktail”, which increasing blood glucose level nearly quicker than a classical glass of sweet tea. As a result, you eat “allegedly useful” yogurt, and it will only increase your appetite. Once you have a bite such product in the evening and close the night you will experience real hunger.
  • Starch. This carbohydrate is added to dairy products to give them an equal jellylike consistency. In addition, producers use the cheapest starch, which is acquired quickly enough and completely. In reality, fermented milk products have slightly lumpy structure, but most of the consumers find it unattractive. As a result, you pay for “beauty of yogurt” with the excess carbohydrates, which causing appetite strengthening.
  • Guar gum. It is the artificial thickener added to yogurt not only for “beauty”, but also for the economy. Therefore, the producer can dilute water to milk. Nevertheless, gum will make even make water into yogurt weight. This ingredient is considered safe for an organism; however, it hides the lack of protein.
  • Preservatives. Their availability specifies that there is nothing “live” remained in a product. Under the law, a content of a jar cannot be called yogurt as does not contain useful bacteria prebiotics. Respectively, it is easy to reveal preserved food. It is called “yogurt”, “a yogurt product” or “milk dessert”.

How to identify whether yogurt useful for losing of excessive weight?

Natural yogurt is, in fact, curdled milk. A prerequisite is the presence of fermented bacteria in the product. Yogurt cannot have fruits in the composition, because they disrupt the fermentation process, and decreases the shelf life expiration.

All dairy products are able to “live” no more than 10 days from their production date, no matter how attractive their composition and appearance might be. After all, we eat yogurt for protein and prebiotics, and exactly they have a low enough quality in long-playing products.

Where to buy natural yogurt?

Nowadays, it can be found in almost every supermarket. To find them look at the composition. Did not find anything suitable in the chain supermarket? Look for local dairies among the products. Many manufacturers make live yogurts, quite suitable for dietary nutrition.

Well, if both options do not suit you, buy low-fat milk, yogurt starter (sold in pharmacies and on the Internet), yogurt maker and prepare yogurt by yourself. To help you decide what yogurt maker to choose, recommend you to visit