Know About Security Pass Cards And Proximity Cards – Why Are They So Important?

These days, most of the companies and the corporations do not want to allow other company’s employees into their building. This is done to keep the access of the building limited to company’s employees so that others do not intervene. However, for this, these companies usually get proximity cards or security passwords. These cards are distributed among the employees so that they have a distinctive identity. In this article, we will be talking about the working or functioning of such cards and why are they so important these days?

What is so great about proximity cards?

Proximity cards are slightly different from the original Identification cards. This is because, they have various layers under which a passive chip is usually hidden. This chip will contain all the information, so that verifying the employee’s identity becomes easier. Here are some facts about their functioning –

  • There are two kinds of proximity cards, one is the hi-tech ones and the others are the simple, non-powered ones. The hi-tech proximity cards are functioned with the help of a resonant energy along with the passive chip. However, the non-powered ones are usually the chip stored inside the card.
  • The technology used in these proximity cards is likely to that used in car keys. The user of the card will emit some wireless radio frequency into the card, which helps it to function.
  • These cards have a certain circuit, which is often embedded in the cards, and information is stored in them.

You will find all you need to know about the proximity cards online. There are various sellers of such cards who will guide you better.

Why are security passcards so important for a company?

In a company, there will be many restricted areas, in which only the selected employees are allowed to enter. To ensure that nobody else is illegally entering that area, the employers go for the security passcards. Here is some information about them –

  • These cards usually appear like credit or debit cards. This is because, just like them, they also have a magnetic strip on them.
  • In order to make this card function, you are required to connect South Pole of the card to the south and North Pole to the north.
  • By doing this, magnetic waves are emitted which ultimately results in the functioning of the card.
  • They are of three types including swipe reader, proximity reader and insert reader.

Getting such cards for your company will definitely help you a lot. They will act as a differentiator among the various employees of the company.