Hidden Secrets To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2018

Hey hey hey, we’ve written extensively about Instagram on this site but perhaps you are bored to death with Instagram, with their short stories and still images. I get it, you are a Youtube fan, a so-called vlogger (video blogger for the noobs among us), so let’s dive into Youtube a little bit to see if we can teach you one or two things about it!

I understand your budget is tight or that you don’t want to spend any money on this at all but perhaps you have to rethink about that as there are some very easy ways to gain real subscribers, views, and other signals and it’s all explained right here at TrustAdvisor.io so at least do me a favor and have a quick look.

Did you check it out but still decided you’re a freestyler? No problem, just keep on reading:

  • Upload videos at least once a week, people subscribe for a reason so if you don’t feed them anything they could just as well not be subscribed. You could come up with something like happy Friday and only post on that way of the week, leading people to their weekend, now that would be fun.
  • Share the love on Facebook, obviously include a CTA to let your fans know that this is not your only video and literally tell them to subscribe to your channel, a perfect way to utilize your existing audience.
  • Keep those videos short, I’m so tired of watching videos with 3-minute introductions that reveals nothing and then another 30 minutes blah blah, sorry mate you just lost me, I have more time to do, so be straight and to the point without unnecessary nonsense.
  • Keyword research is the golden goose, did you know there are millions of long-tail keywords that you can put in the title of your video, and in the description as well, I’m not saying every phrase will result in hundreds of searches but sometimes you get lucky and rank for a lot more.
  • Embed videos on your website, it’s insane how few people actually do this as this is a sure way to get your videos ranked, that is if your blog has some authority of course, if not it’s probably a waste of time as no one is visiting your website anyway but they might in the future.

Alright, we’ve already reached the end of our post, I hope you found these five techniques helpful. Next time I will cover another five tactics as I have plenty of ideas left. Till next time!