Ghost Followers and How to Handle Them

Ghost followers are those Instagram users who are following you but don’t engage with you in any way. In short, they are inactive. The reason behind having ghost followers is that the accounts that followed you were fake in the first place, so the users that opened the accounts have stopped using them.

Either way, if you aim to grow your Instagram following, then you need to identify and get rid of ghost followers that are making your profile look dull.

What Are They

Ghost followers are inactive followers. They don’t interact with any post that you put up in any way. These ghost followers are a problem to your exposure and make it hard for your normal users to get the experience they need.

If you have ever bought followers from a service that deals with fake followers, then this is the results you get. This is why it is better to work with a service that offers genuine Instagram followers such as Spire.

Should You Do Away of Ghost Followers?

To your followers and users, ghost followers might not be an issue. Though they aren’t engaging with your content, Instagram still sees them as followers, but you aren’t gaining a lot from their presence on your profile.

If you are only interested in the numbers, then you can retain the ghost followers, but if, on the other hand, you are interested in building credibility and making your account more trustworthy, you need to try and wipe them off.

To get the benefits of more active followers, you need to get the right ones from an authentic provider. Such followers take time to engage with your account the right way and make sure you get the results you need. Spire discusses this aspect and offers the best solution.

You can detect these followers easily. The accounts themselves aren’t active, and you will realize this when you never see any activity from them. For marketing purposes, it is better to have 2,000 active members than to have 3,000 inactive ones.

The Harmful Effect of Ghost Followers

The likes that you receive from genuine followers might be dampened by ghost followers. The followers that are on your account need to be active to make you more appealing to other followers. An account with a high engagement rate is more attractive to Instagram users as compared to an account with a low level of engagement. Make sure you only buy the right kind of followers to take the visibility of the account further.