Best playground games for kids

Kids deserves to get involved in lots of physical activities and the following below is a list of some the interesting games your kids can enjoy in your background.

Hide and Seek

A great amusement that is perfect to play in your backyard. This outdoor game will make kids become active physically while having some good times.

There is lots of hiding place to cover up on a playground. One of the kids will go ahead and hide while the other closes their eyes. Some seconds later, the rest will go ahead and seek for the one who went ahead to hide. whoever finds the person will be the next to hide.

King of the Mountain

This outdoor game is a sound, fun and dynamic play that most kids love. It’s best to play this on a big backyard with the goal of teaching your child the power of team work.

This game works with two team and they have to perform the same task.

A flag will be pinned on a tree and each team will have to get there and remove the flag. Whichever team that removes the flag will be announced as the winner.


Most kids sees swinging as fun, but there is more to it than fun. Swing Set Fun has great effects on the development of kids. It helps your child develop stability and body balance and this help you kid to face and explore his/her world in the safest form.

Shark and Fish

This is one of the interesting game kids love to get involved. It’s just a display of what happens in the sea; the fishes set their eyes on the shark and flee for their life.

So one of the kid will take the role of a shark and calls out to the others which represent fishes saying “Cross my ocean fishie’’, the moment they hear that, they flee to another safe place. But if caught by the shark, he / she will become a shark too. This continues like that until there is no fish left.

Blob Tag

This type of outdoor game is similar to that of the shark and fish but there is a bit difference. One of the kids will be the catcher while the rest will keep running. Anyone the catcher touches with the tag will join the catcher and go after the rest of the kids. This goes on until there is no one to run after.