5 Useful Buying Tips For Panini Presses

Panini is an all-time favourite with many individuals, be it in breakfast, take away lunches or barbeques. However, when it comes to buying the perfect Panini press for self-use, people often get confused, thanks to numerous brands in the market. There are various models with different features, which often leave one digging up useful facts for Panini presses on the internet. Here are 5 useful buying tips for the perfect Panini press that serves your purpose.

  • One of the important features to look for in an electric Panini press is whether it has a floating hinge. A floating hinge makes your grill close at varying heights. Therefore, whether you want to make a baguette or a small grill sandwich, this press will accommodate both. This hinge also allows you to grill an open-face Panini, by just letting the top plate hover over the sandwich without touching it.
  • Another feature to look for in a Panini press is that of an adjustable thermostat. This feature is usually available in high-end presses. An adjustable thermostat is useful when you are making a lot of different kind of foods in your press. You might make burgers, grilled chicken etc. Here you can control the temperature of grilling your chicken or burger. It may cost you few extra bucks, but it will definitely add versatility to your press.
  • The surface area of the grill is an important factor when you want to make lot of Panini at one go. Though you might like to get a smaller press due to space constraint, a larger grill plate will allow you to make more Panini or a variety of grilled dishes at once. Usually, a higher end Panini press will have a larger grill space. One a larger grill plate, you can simultaneously grill vegetables and Panini rather than waiting for each item to grill to place the second.
  • However, not a must-have but a convenient feature is a press with removable plates. Often, Panini fillings ooze out onto the grill plates, thus making cleaning a task. If the press has removable plates, it is quite easier to remove them, stick them in dishwasher and once they are clean, attach them again to the press. You can find this feature on little expensive ones.

These are the most basic yet some of the best features of a Panini press that you can look for when purchasing one for yourself.