5 qualities of rubber and plastic conveyor belts

5 qualities of rubber and plastic conveyor belts

Modern industries demand high standard equipment with emphasis on safety, high turn around, and cost effective system. Conveyor belt manufacturers/ rubber and plastics, Inc face the challenge of producing products that meet the demand of modern production industry.

Various conveyor belts were designed over time, with the aim of servicing certain sectors, since peculiarity of each industry varies.

Innovations in the conveyor belt manufacturing sector led to the invention of rubber and plastic products for agriculture, and special linings made of rubber for fire hoses, the industry strives to meet the demand of average industry with tailor-made products that are best fit for the kind of production embarked on in the sector.

Rubber and plastic belts: the future of belting

Conveyor belts are not new in production sector; from pharmaceutical plants to car assembly plants and bottling plants, the use of conveyor belt is integral to production in virtually all production sectors.

However, rubber and plastic belts are fast taking over production lines; this may be connected to the fact that it takes care of all defects that are common in older versions of conveyor belts.

Manufactured from modules of plastics, put together by interlocking each piece and fasten them together, to form a special pattern. This arrangement gives plant operators qualities they in their production line.

Qualities of rubber and plastic belts are numerous; perhaps you need to consider some before deciding on what is best for your production line.

  • Corrosion resistance

Unlike older versions of conveyor belts, rubber and plastic conveyor belts are corrosion resistant so, you have fewer issues to worry about.

  • Low friction

One of the problems in the production line is how to reduce wear and tear; this matter is at minima when rubber or plastic belts are in use.

  • Abrasion resistant

Rubber and plastic conveyor belts are resistant to abrasion, which is good news in the production environment.


  • Additional strength

The introduction of conveyor belt system improves production in every sector known, but the invention of rubber and plastic conveyor belts puts the icing on the cake on what was available, and gives more strength and enhances output.

  • High adaptability

Of all the qualities of rubber and plastic conveyor belts, the interesting thing is the fact that it manufacturers can make it into any size; producing all sorts of desirable length and width, just to suit any form of production need.

The future of conveyor belt systems is not far away, rubber and plastic belts are the rave of the moments and the euphoria will not go away anytime soon.